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Would You Pay Twitter To Keep Your Stream Ad Free?

Earlier today Mashable linked to a story upon GigaOM announcing that Twitter–a social network loved by numerous bloggers, is about to embrace tweet advertising.

(GigaOM) According to one source in the media industry, Twitter may launch its new advertising platform at the South by Southwest conference, which starts March 12. The social network is apparently working with several major partners for the launch, including “new and traditional media,” the source said.

Although I do recognize that Twitter can not keep providing a free service and keep the lights on indefinitely, there are probably many bloggers (like me) who have no desire to pollute our tweet streams with random ads sponsoring everything from socks to music.

In order to avoid the masses leaving Twitter for Facebook (or even Google Buzz), they may have to provide a premium option disabling ads altogether–a move which may not please users (especially those already short on cash due to the recession).

Twitter could make premium accounts inexpensive (say between $1-$3 per month) which would be a fair trade off for keeping our streams ad free.

However if they decide to charge more (say between $5-$10 per month) users may end up abandoning Twitter for Facebook, or demanding more features (i.e. verified accounts, higher API limits, etc.) from the popular startup.

While this author is not too pleased with the idea of ads inserted within streams, hopefully Twitter will provide an inexpensive way to opt out of ads as not everyone wants to put their entire life on Google and Facebook’s servers.

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  1. zayıflama says: 2/27/2010

    Twitter become more popular than facebook.


  2. zayıflama says: 2/27/2010

    It seems twitter cannot keep on its service for free.


  3. Gina ) says: 3/12/2010

    I don’t want the ad thing. A lot of people use Twitter for business, and their backgrounds advertise their business. I’d rather Twitter charge a yearly fee than a monthly fee. Those who are serious about paying will stay.

    If they do decide to do ads, what are they going to do? Insert an add randomly into people’s tweets? Once every 1000 tweets? Maybe that’s the way to go.

    I think they should poll their Twitter followers first.


  4. zayıflama says: 10/1/2010

    popular facebook….


  5. proje haber says: 12/11/2010

    Gina I agree with you say is very true


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  7. Epilasyon says: 2/1/2011

    I agree that would be cool and if it could remember which ones I dont want to see Twitter results for as well.


  8. Rap müzik says: 5/19/2011

    Thanks ;)