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Sunday Morning SEO: 3 Great SEO Articles For Beginners

I came across 3 great articles about SEO that are especially helpful if you’re new to the field.

Also, these articles are great if you’re confused about SEO. The search industry can be a confusing one because there are many spammers spouting off misinformation to get more sales. But the articles are solid and contain useful advice.

Another reason I like them is because they’re written by Brian Clark, who I consider to be one of the best writers in the blogging field. Brian has a lot of experience as a copywriter both offline and online. He’s able to take complex topics and explain them so that they’re easy to understand.

So, free up some time, grab a cup of coffee, and check out the following articles if you want to know the fundamentals of SEO including why it still matters.

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Why Blackberry’s Native Twitter App Will Hurt (Instead Of Help) Their App Store

If you have been following the drama over in the Blackberry App World, you probably know by now that the company is planning on developing a corporate app for Twitter and releasing it for free (hat tip: Mashable)

(Inside Blackberry) The Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones application has been designed to take advantage of the BlackBerry platform to create a user experience that will be familiar to both Twitter and BlackBerry smartphone users. Some of the areas that we have focused on are:

  • Push technology and Message List integration to notify you of your direct messages as soon as they arrive.
  • Send/Share BlackBerry menu integration along with URL shortening so that you can share your favorite BlackBerry App Worldâ„¢ applications, interesting websites or a random picture from your camera with your Twitter followers.

From the initial screenshots the Blackberry Twitter app (thus far) looks impressive, although its entrance within the BB App World could signal the death of excellent mobile apps in the not so distant future. Read More

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WordPress Creating An Official Nokia App, But None For Palm Pre?

After releasing official apps for Blackberry and Android phones (not to mention updating their iPhone app), it looks like WordPress will be releasing an official Nokia app in the not so distant future.

(Official WordPress Blog) We are very excited to share with all of you that in the coming weeks we’ll be opening up a beta test for the official Open Source WordPress for Nokia app. For developers who are interested in getting involved, we just opened-up a dev blogwith details, links to the source code and trac tickets, and an early alpha build. We’ll be leveraging the Qt framework which means will be able to support both the S60 and Maemo platforms.

WordPress has already created an official blog for Nokia, although right now it is currently protected. Read More

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Family Feud: WordPress Vs WordPress (On The Blackberry, iPhone And Android)

After initially releasing WordPress 1.0 upon the iPhone many moons ago, Automattic seems to be spreading the love by creating WordPress Apps for Android lovers and Blackberry fans.

Although I am grateful for their latest update for the iPhone, it became apparent that not all WordPress Apps were created equal, with some mobile platforms receiving extra attention in the “feature department” than one notable other.

Whether this has to do with the nature of the app stores themselves (i.e. Apple’s aristocracy vs Google libertarianism) is unknown, although here is a brief chart comparing the apps against each other, which may make a few geeks “iJealous.” Read More

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WordPress Updates iPhone App (Makes A Million Spammers Cry)

Right on the heels of the launch of their Blackberry and Android brethren, it looks like iLovers have finally received several updates to the WordPress app–all of them dealing with comment moderation.

(WordPress for iPhone) I’m very excited about this new version which is focused on improved comment moderation including:

  • Reply to Comments
  • Edit Comments
  • Highlighting the new items in the comment list

We hope this release will make the comment experience on the go much more enjoyable and useful.

These latest features should make it easier for bloggers to not only weed out the trolls, flamers and spammers who make a living harassing others, but also help them engage with their vocal audience (which is a good idea if you want to maintain a loyal following). Read More

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Movable Type Monday: MT-Notifier 5, Melody, Sorting Entries, and More

Happy Monday, folks! From time to time we talk about Melody, a fork of Movable Type that was started by several top developers in the Movable Type community. Serdar Yegulalp has written a solid introduction to Melody for those that want a better understanding of what the project is and where it stands.

Just yesterday I found out about a new MT blog that I expect to be linking to a lot here in the future. Nick at MTJ is bringing Japanese MT development to the English-speaking world. There’s a lot of great MT work being done in Japan, and with Nick’s help we’ll finally be able to showcase some of it here. For example, Nick has recently written about a few new plugins:

  • Escape Code and Action Streams — Escape Code makes it easier to display sample code in your entries. And this release of Action Streams brings that plugin to MT5.
  • Bypass Dashboard — Let’s you bypass the dashboard when you log in. Particularly useful for people that only have access to one blog.
  • AssetArchives — Create a set of archives for your assets. Could be the easiest way yet to create a photo gallery.
  • Crypt — Let’s you encrypted the published file.
  • System Menu — Gives you a menu for accessing system-level admin pages in MT5. A handy shortcut for those of us that got used to that menu in MT4.

Also, be sure to check out Nick’s coverage of the MT Developers & Designers Conference held recently in Tokyo. Read More

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Sunday Morning SEO: 3 Golden Rules of Guest Posting

From the early days of the blogosphere, savvy bloggers realized they could get traffic and links by offering free posts to other bloggers. The bloggers receiving the posts were happy to get free content. It was a classic win-win situation.

This strategy of guest posting is not only effective for SEO and referral traffic, but it also builds your reputation, brand, and credibility.

If you want to have a successful guest posting campaign, consider these 3 rules.
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ProBlogging On The Cheap (For Under $25 A Year)

With millions out of work throughout the world, many people (with extra time on their hands) are looking for extra ways to generate income by pursuing hobbies that they love.

For some that includes blogging, which might explain many of the “how do I start a blog” questions that I  receive, as well as all the costs associated with starting one (at least for those who choose to self host their own content).

While there are many excellent blog platforms out there that do not require a person to have a server, for some the price range might be beyond their budget (especially those with monthly plans).

After scouring the internet for more hours than I care to admit, here are four blogging platforms for aspiring probloggers that cost less than $25 a year. Read More

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WordPress For Blackberry 1.0 Launches, Puts The iPhone App To Shame

Right after WordPress launched their Android app, the WP crew finished the final touches on their Blackberry app that rivals the one they built upon Google’s mobile OS.

Somewhere in the dark my iPhone cries out in jealousy. Read More

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WordPress Android App Will Support Video Uploading (Native Stats Too)

After stumbling upon signs that WordPress was creating an Android app earlier this year, Mashable broke the news that the app has officially entered Google’s playground, thanks in part to Dan (from wpToGo).

While the WordPress team has created a video highlighting many impressive features (note: reply to comments within the app?! Dude!), what’s really interesting is WordPress’s plans to add video support and native stats within the app itself. Read More

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