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Movable Type Monday: Twitter, Google Buzz, Unpublishing, and More

Happy Monday, folks! I want to start by mentioning a couple of items I missed last week. First, Rob Kenny announced a new version of his HashTag plugin. HashTag posts an update to Twitter when you publish a new entry. In the latest version it works with scheduled entries and pages.

Also last week, Mike released a Google Buzz Action Stream plugin. If you haven’t used Google Buzz, it’s, well, a lot like Action Stream, really: It creates a feed of your activity on multiple social sites. Additionally, you can follow other people’s feeds and comment on items.

This week, Nick from MT-J posted some Twitter tools to tell you about. Motokazu Sekine has written a PostToTwitter plugin similar to HashTag. Also, SKYARC System Co., Ltd created GetTweet, which creates blog entries from your Twitter posts.

Nick also lets us know about the Period plugin from Taku. It lets you set a date when a post should be unpublished.

Besides plugins, we’ve also got a few Movable Type tips for you. Maarten Schenk published the following this week:

Finally, Yujiro Araki explains how to display a list of entries grouped by tag.

What have you done with MT lately? Let us know in the comments.

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