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3 Reasons Why WordPress Should NOT Make An iPad App

Often on the forefront of mobile blogging, WordPress has been able to spread the “WP love” upon multiple devices (specifically for the Blackberry, iPhone and Android smartphones), with plans  to create a Nokia app as well.

While bloggers will probably swallow the iPill and buy the iPad, it may not be in WordPress’s best interest (or even its rivals like Typepad and Squarespace) to create an iPad app due it its present limitations.

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Dude, Where’s My Camera?!

No matter how you see it (pun intended), the lack of a camera will make the iPad app look “big and dumb” compared to its smartphone cousins.

With Automattic on the verge of integrating VideoPress within the WordPress iPhone app, the lack of a camera means that WP fans will be unable to upload original videos to their blogs (something professional bloggers do quite frequently).

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What The Flash?

Even if the mighty iPad had a camera (as some rumors keep hinting that one will emerge), Steve Jobs “greatest creation” would be unable to view VideoPress videos due to his war against all things flash.

As high priest of the HTML5 faith, Steve Jobs refusal to embrace flash (something every netbook can view by the way) will make video blogging less fun for WordPress fans, forcing them to use alternatives like BlogPress (which heavily embraces YouTube).

A Virtual Keyboard For An Avatar?

After the magic wore off from Apple’s keynote address, a few bloggers were complaining about the iPad’s keyboard.

(Gizmodo) Typing in portrait is better than anticipated but still quite a stretch for our average-sized hands, which means that letters like F G and H will take a moderate conditioning for some. What about in landscape mode, sitting flat on the table? Well this is problematic too, as the iPad sort of wobbles. The back is not perfectly flat, meaning your typing surface is never perfectly flat, so the virtual keyboard becomes that much more difficult to use.

With the keyboard too big for comfortably typing on one hand and too small for two hands, the virtual keyboard seems to be designed for a 3 meter Na’vi from Avatar (perhaps as a super sized iPod Touch?) than for a human blogger.

Although WordPress fans could simply purchase the physical keyboard to accompany the large iDevice, this would make it less mobile (than say a “handy dandy”  netbook (since carrying around the keyboard will be kind of awkward).

So will WordPress create an iPad app?

I would not be surprised if they did, especially if Squarespace and Typepad created an app for their users.

While the iPad will probably be an awesome tool for researching information online, when it comes to blogging on the go, I think I will stick to my iPhone (and I predict that most WP fans will too).

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  1. Melody ) says: 3/2/2010

    Very true..without a camera how else are bloggers supposed to get their photos/vids onto the post, if anything they may be able to do a rough draft or something and then edit and publish the post at home..I wont be surprised if they make one up anyway..


    • Dave says: 10/17/2010

      I guess you guys all look stupid now.

      Biggest selling electronic device of all time…



  2. redwall_hp ) says: 3/3/2010

    What does this have to do with WordPress? It’s just the same recycled iPad trashing. I honestly don’t see how any of the post’s points pertain to WordPress at all.

    All the iHate is really immature.


  3. That Guy John ) says: 3/3/2010

    In the initial presentation of the iPad it was stated that all current iPhone apps are compatible with the iPad. That is of course unless I am mistaking.. it wouldn’t be the first time.


    • Matt Graham ) says: 3/3/2010

      You are correct. An iPhone app will work out of the box in either original size or double mode (which is more like triple or quadruple mode). So it will work like the iPod Touch, only bigger (the touch doesn’t have a camera, and I’m betting there are bloggers that use the touch to blog). So there already is an app for the iPad. The would only really need to update it to use variable size rather than the fixed size – the way most current apps are built previous to the iPad announcement.


  4. Sky says: 3/30/2010

    I’m not an iPad fanboi (yet) but think the author may be missing the mark.

    As a blogger and consultant, I see the iPad as an ideal mobile engine for WordPress – good initially and bound to improve. Even without a dedicated WordPress app, I predict both new iAdmin themes for writers and iFrontend themes for readers which could render this moot.

    While an integral forward or dual-facing camera would definitely be a plus for interviews, the iPad is not an ideal form-factor for general photography / videography nor is any laptop. I would carry a small digital camera + eye-fi card regardless; plus optionally for larger projects, a small-format bluetooth keyboard and even an Airport Express if I absolutely need a local network. This newsroom-in-a-box would be much more flexible than any single laptop device and still fit in a travel-friendly case.

    As for dedicated apps, there’s no reason an iWeb-style app cannot generate DIV-based layouts that export easily into WordPress posts and pages. Having watched the iWork videos, I think Apple’s multitouch interface will more than compensate for QWERTY, especially given the option of a small bluetooth keyboard.

    iPad V1 is not without its flaws and Apple could err in how it chooses to open the platform to developers. For example, it would be fantastic for Apple to enable peer-to-peer wifi thus eliminating the need for an Airport, but to date they have not done this for the iPhone. Also, a built-in camera would be convenient for certain applications. But in my opinion V1 is a good start and sure to improve as app developers do some innovative heavy lifting.


  5. Stevo ) says: 4/24/2010

    This has got to be the most ridiculous article I ever read. It’s so one sided. And how does this point as to why WordPress should NOT Make An iPad App?

    So what if there’s no camera? How does that make blogging difficult? We just write stuff and upload.

    What the flash? – Again, does wordpress use flash? Heck no!

    So what about the keyboard? I don’t mind, at least I can type outdoors without bringing a heavy laptop nor an extra keyboard. Plus you can use a bluetooth keyboard to type so you don’t have to buy a dock with a keyboard attached.

    I think you should be the one to do more research before writing an article.


  6. Translation Los Angeles says: 4/28/2010

    i agree with your 3 reasons. I wont be buying the ipad anytime soon anyways, waiting for them to discover all the bugs and also lower the price :)


  7. Aydin says: 5/25/2010

    Ipad soon as i was too late now to get noticed.


  8. Sky says: 5/25/2010

    I may actually prefer the iPad virtual keyboard to the Macbook Pro. To me, reaching over the big trackpad to type is pretty clumsy. I suppose that a separate bluetooth keyboard with the iPad would be a better option for heavy typing though.


  9. S s nanda says: 9/14/2010

    Is there a underscore sign in the iPad virtual keypad?


  10. Denizli says: 10/12/2010

    Even without a dedicated WordPress app, I predict both new iAdmin themes for writers and iFrontend themes for readers which could render this moot.


  11. Denizli haberleri says: 10/12/2010

    What the flash? – Again, does wordpress use flash? Heck no!


  12. Adriana says: 2/25/2012

    thanks for share!


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