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Blogger Embraces Change, Makes BlogSpot Beautiful Again (Themes And Design)

After offering users the same stale templates for months on end (if not years), it looks like Google has finally added some decent themes for blogspot fans, as well as making it easier for non-geeks to redesign the layout of their blogs.

(Blogger Buzz) We’re thrilled to announce that the Blogger Template Designer has launched toBlogger in Draft, our experimental playground where users can try out Blogger’s latest features. The Template Designer brings a new level of customization to your blog. […]

We worked with iStockphoto, the leading microstock image marketplace, to put together a great collection of beautiful images and patterns to use as backgrounds on your blogs. The photos are stunning, and are free to use on your Blogger blog.

Google is also teaming up with the Blogger theme designers in order to have their creations featured within the new theme store, which should help make BlogSpot blogs slightly more attractive (as not everyone is gifted in web design).

But what is really impressive is the fact that Google is introducing advanced customization tools that enable blogspot fans to easily change the layout of their blogs without touching one line of code.

Previously if users wanted to create a blog with multiple columns, they had to dig deep into the HTML and CSS of their site in order to manually adjust the appearance.

Now lovers of Blogger can (with one click) select whether they want to their blog to have two, three or even four columns (or even none at all) which will help save blogspot fans time and frustration with layout design.

In order to access these features, blogspot fans will have to visit Blogger’s eternal beta site at, although if you are still using Internet Explorer 6, these features will not work properly (as Google is no longer supporting that dead browser, and neither should you).

Google is promising to release more features for Blogger, which should help them maintain their lead as the world’s most popular blogging platform.

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  1. TXCHLInstructor ) says: 3/12/2010

    I strongly prefer to keep my blog on a host that I control. If, for *any* reason, the uber-liberal folks at Google decide they don’t like your blog, it’s toast. And there won’t be anything you can do about it. So it doesn’t really matter how pretty they make Blogger/Blogspot.


    • Darnell Clayton ) says: 3/12/2010

      Good point, but one could easily make the same argument for any host (as they can kill your blog just as quickly).


      • TXCHLInstructor ) says: 3/12/2010

        Since I run my own host, that is not an issue. Even if the folks that I partner with decided they didn’t want my business, I could be on a new host in a matter of hours, since I keep my own backups. Seriously, running your own hosting service is not terribly expensive, and you can actually make back some or all of the cost by reselling (mine is — it’s not really cost-competitive, unless you want 100% uptime and no overselling). Most of my income from that source comes from websites that I do for other folks, and sell as a package. And, being of a Libertarian frame of mind, I am not inclined to shut down somebody because they are “politically incorrect”, although I don’t host sexually-oriented sites (you can get hosting for that in plenty of other places).


  2. Tia ) says: 3/14/2010

    When was BlogSpot beautiful?

    Just kidding! This is great stuff. I personally use WP but I occasionally launch a blog on blogspot for various short term reasons and this is good to know. Prior to this, though, I have found free blogspot templates that are pretty sophisticated, but like you said, they require some technical expertise or at least a certain comfort level with code.

    Still, if they haven’t made a change to add pages, and have better control over navigation, this change isn’t going to help all that much. It’s not just about pretty layouts. Users need to be able to control the anatomy of the blog as well.
    This is cool news. Thanks.


  3. Adriana says: 2/25/2012

    thanks for share!