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  1. sasastro

    Am now following you, looks like a book worth reading.

  2. Maclord

    PHP basics : themes and plugins section sounds especially interesting as well as wordpress sitemaps

  3. Bryce


    Thanks! I re-tweeted it.

  4. Rick Seymour

    All done.. RT for you :)

  5. Kristi Stephens

    Following you!

  6. Hans

    Already following – hoping to win!

  7. swanpr

    definitely a book I could use, thanks for the review! following and RT :)

  8. Ruth Maude

    I love WordPress and I would be happy to have a copy of the book!

  9. Rachel Houghton

    I created a WordPress site earlier this year, but I could still use a lot more help. I’d love to have this book!

  10. Heather S
  11. Aaron

    Looking into WordPress, some help would be great!

  12. allgeektout

    Free book on WordPress? Sign me up!

  13. Gaston

    Looks like a nice book.

  14. Antoony

    Hi, I am now following you. But it seems that it’s too late for me for winning this book.

    Before this I have never found a real book or ebook about WordPress with so many content like this book. Watch, Part I: Getting Started with Your Blog has reached 81 pages? Well, it seems quite comprehensive. Then see Part IV: Building Your Own WordPress Installation, reached 120 pages, well actually it seems complete. But I do not know exactly before I buy it, right?

  15. Andy Lie

    By considering a glance through the screenshots of the contents, I estimate this real book is quite good for beginners. I really appreciate your suggestion that this book is not for people who are already familiar with operating WP but this book remains quite feasible to be used as a collection or to be lent to others. I used to visit and indeed I got many good points there.

  16. Ann Krebber

    It’s much better to learn WP by yourself by learning from WP book like this one than to ask for help from your Technical Blog Consultant to setup your WP blog. It’s much cheaper and also will improve your skill on WP.

    • Franky Branckaute


      I could not agree more and every decent ‘consultant’ will have started the same way.

      Actually, we (AKA Splashpress Media) will soon also offer ‘consulting services’ but they will be at a reasonable rate and won’t hurt anyone. If we go as far as taking over updates and similar services, they will be based on the actual amount of work these services cause and not on the consultant title most love to carry in their email signature… carry for very little real work/service.

  17. Gclub

    thanks for the review!this real book is quite good for beginners.

  18. joey

    Thanks for information, i need this book, Buy it now

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