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Buzzie Adds Push Notification, Still Lacks Image Uploading (Google Buzz)

Buzzie, one of the two iPhone apps supporting Google Buzz (a micro blogging service that is slowly gaining popularity) has just launched push notification support for their app.

Similar to how other micro blogging apps like Echofon and SimplyTweet function, Buzzie will send a user an alert whenever they receive a new comment or “buzz” (the latter which I do not recommend if one has over a hundred followers).

While this addition makes the app much more useful than the Google Buzz web app, Buzzie is still lacking in image support, a feature its rival Buzzr has (thanks in part to TwitPic).

Hopefully Buzzie continues to launch new features for this app, as it has the potential of helping bloggers on Google Buzz reach a different type of audience than other types of micro blogging platforms (like Twitter and Tumblr).

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  1. Jimvesting ) says: 3/12/2010

    Man I personally can’t STAND Buzz. Are people actually using it enough to push new iPhone Apps and such? I’ve seen the thing as a dud and feel like the last thing we need is to prolong Buzz by making new technology to try and ease it into the flow of other social media websites.