Sunday Morning SEO: Link Building With the Cold Call Guest Post Method

I’ve argued before that writing guest posts is the best SEO strategy for bloggers. But how can you implement a guest posting campaign that’s both efficient and effective?

In this post, I’ll share my favorite method of guest posting that’s given me a lot of link building success. I call it the “Cold Call Guest Post Method”.

It’s probably not the best name since cold calling has bad connotations. But the method has worked very well for me and the bloggers I targeted have been very happy with my guest posts.

Guest Posting Made Simple

Basically, you find a blog with good stats. Next, read their last couple of posts to get an overview of their type of writing and their audience.

Then, send the blogger a guest post that fits their blog and their audience. If they use images, find good images. If they write in a scholarly formal tone, use the same tone. Of course, do not stray from the blog’s topic.

That’s all there is to it. You don’t have to make guest posting complicated to be successful.

Some people advise on building a relationship first before sending a guest post. This advice is great because networking does yield many benefits. But if you just want to build many quality links as quickly as possible, I would skip the networking stage and just send them your guest post.

I call it the cold call method because you’ll be targeting total strangers. This tactic may not seem like it would work, but bloggers love free content as long as it’s well-written and relevant to their blog.

Again, the key is relevance. Obviously, you want to write a high quality post. But you’ll really catch the blogger’s attention if your post fits their blog and is valuable to their audience. One way to do this is to include relevant links in your guest post to old posts on their blog.

A great example of this is on Copyblogger. If you look at the guest posts there, you’ll see that they link back to old Copyblogger posts.

Rejection Just Means a New Opportunity

What happens if you get rejected or don’t receive a response? Well, I’m glad you asked.

It defintely doesn’t mean you wasted your time. You have a great post you can publish on your blog. Or you can find another similar blog and send it to them.

Over to You

Have you ever sent a guest post to a total stranger? If you have, how did it work out for you?

Author: Dee Barizo

Dee Barizo is the resident SEO geek. He used to work full-time for Sea Waves as a search marketer. He currently does freelance SEO work.

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  1. I would never consider sending a cold call guest post. Like most cold calling techniques, it’s pretty much a waste of time. The yield from a cold call approach is so small compared to a “warm” or “hot” relationship approach that it borders on being worthless.

    Why waste your team sending out hundreds of cold call guest posts when you could build a relationship for mutual guest posting with key players in your segment?

    If I received a guest post from an unknown player in my niche, I would delete it almost as if it were spam.

    My energy is better spent focusing on long-term relationship strategies as opposed to a few links.

    Barry Deutsch
    IMPACT Hiring Solutions

    • If I received a guest post from an unknown player in my niche

      The real challenge is to spot those unknown players and launch them, guest posts are really valuable for these ends. I have launched more than one unknown blogger thanks with guest posts and if the first 20″ ring in the cover email, I will definitely also read the ‘cold call’ guest post.

      In the end I save lots of time if there’s not first 17 emails both ways needed and depending on the quality of the cold call post, I’ll then start working with that author. I don’t like the ‘big players’ echo chamber.

    • Barry, I understand your point but disagree with your comments on the yield being small for the cold call approach.

      Like I said in the post, if you’re looking to build a relationship, then cold calling is not the best thing to do (even though I have made great connections with cold calling). But if your goal is getting a couple quality links in a short amount of time, then cold calling works well as long as your posts are high quality and relevant.

      Also, you’re definitely not like most bloggers in my experience. The vast majority of bloggers I cold called were very happy to receive free quality relevant content even it was from a stranger. I used this strategy to rank for a lucrative two word phrase with over 100,000,000 results on Google.

  2. I think that the cold calling guest post method is a very effective way of presenting quality posts and perhaps establishing “future relationships.” I’ve done “cold calling” with several award-winning Blogs and found the hosts to be very receptive and great to work with. I’d definitely recommend it.

  3. Its quite unusual technique, I would rather try networking first, build reputation as an expert and then ask about guest blogging opportunity. Writing post first and than counting on abit of luck is not really efficient; but from the other hand if post is really valuable there should be no problems in getting some exposure

  4. This is a good way to get yourself out there if your starting up your own blog. It is not so different from offering to write articles for websites to get links.

  5. Many Blogs have Guest Post Guidelines appearing on their sites which would indicate that it’s totally acceptable to submit an article without a “networking” component.

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  8. I allow ‘selected’ guests to post on my blog. saves the same old content flow and structure that I create, plus provides great content for all to read. I provide guidlines to my selected guests to make sure that my site is gaining value aswell.

  9. Guest posting is very effective. I ran a local videography site a few yrs ago that ranked #1 because of guest posting. As the posts aged, so did the PR. It still works well to this today. Greast post.

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  11. Interesting post and tactic, and one that i suspect works bettere in some markets than others. I’m interested in the views on quality versus quantity here? I’m interested in any (ethical) link building techniques. building

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