How To Resurrect Your Blogging Career

We’ve all made mistakes when it comes to our blogging careers. No one is perfect. Mistakes are natural. Some of us leave our blogs to rot on the vine, after inspiring so much greatness. It’s tantamount to meeting an amazing girl at the bar only to find out she’s a prude. It’s a terrible heartache. Others of us have Post Blog Sale Depression Disorder.

Then there are some of us who just plain fall off the face of the planet. No worries, it happens to the best of us. There is hope however. A few years ago I fell off the face of the planet ended up in a podunk town in Mexico, with a cervecia in one hand, and a cuban cigar in another. Picking up the ashes of a cumulative stretch of poor decisions. There is a path to get back into the swing of things. There is a path to redemption. It takes hard work. Just like any bad habit can be beat so can beating your bad habits around your blogging career. The relationships might never be able to be restored, but new relationships can be kindled, and consistency and trust can be earned again.

A few years ago I built an amazing website, 901am, it was my pride and joy. I had an amazing staff. But I crashed and burned. Many relationships were ruined as a result of pushing myself way to hard, falling on my ass, and not being able to admit I needed help. Remember blogging as a career is hard, and I can’t tell you how high the rate of burnout is. You have to take care of yourself first. Otherwise how can you take care of your site, and your fellow bloggers ? Here’s how to resurrect your blogging career.

1. Network On Twitter
Twitter is a great place to get started back on the right path. Share, retweet, and to figure out your focus again.

2. Guest Blog with Consistency
Find a few great blogs to guest post on with consistency. Do this for a few months before you decide to really pour energy back into your own projects. Guest blogging is like going to someone else’s house to pain before you decide to paint your own house. The practice is essential in order to get back into the swing of things. The consistency is the important part. Breaking out of rusty old bad habits is what will bring you back from the dead.

3. Engage Your Facebook Friends
Engage your Facebook friends in interesting links, discussion, and guest posts related to what you are passionate about. More than likely they are your biggest fans, and the base from which you will eventually grow your own blog from.

In conclusion, Don’t be afraid to admit you were wrong. Then move onward and upward. Don’t let your past hold you back from what lies ahead. Your future.

Author: David Krug

I am a kick ass content strategist who works with small to medium size companies focused on growing their business through smart use of content strategies that engage new customers, and fans.

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  1. Great, useful tips for those who may suffer from Blog burnout.

  2. perfect timing for someone like myself trying to resurrect TWO sites

  3. God luck Tim it’s hard work but well worth it.

  4. Good post, honestly, I guest post a lot for one I can see what others are doing and I am providing valuable content to their readers, which if done correctly will help me out too. It helps to subscribe to a couple motivation rss feeds to keep you in the right track on your resurrection. 😉 Motivation is everything when trying to better your own blog 😉

  5. I agree, however I subscribe to nothing and barely read other blogs. Inspiration for me comes from within.

  6. Great read! I’ve been blogging for several years and with a bit of success. I would like to push and resurrect a blog that i started a few years ago as well. It’s been hard, but consistency is key.

  7. Absolutely Joel the key thing is showing up every single day and giving it your best even if it isnt always pretty. Keep up the good work man.

  8. Thanks for the inspirtation and transparency; I think it’s safe to say that blogging, like other forms of communication, will have highs and lows. Tough to maintain any high level of productivity without some form of reflection.

  9. Great advice. Persistence is important for any blogger.

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