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How to Land a Blogging Job

Last week was pretty sweet.
I had been contacted by a marketing firm as a result of a call for bloggers that I responded to. I had made the initial cut.
You better believe I was pretty geeked to hear from them within 48 hours of applying.
Though I dig blogging about many themes and things, this assignment was “music to my ears.”

The 4-1-1?
I was to pen a piece (500 words or more) on one of several recording artists for a jazz blog. Can you believe it?
So there I was, in my home office, kicked back, with a glass of sweet herbal tea and some chocolate, (too early for a glass of Chablis), reviewing some hot tracks from CDS by musician Boney James! Thinking to myself… it doesn’t get much better than this.

I grooved, whistled while I worked, did some online research, then wrapped it up and invoiced the firm for thirty bucks.
When I later mentioned this gig to a fellow writer, she said, “You get paid for blogging?”
Apparently she didn’t get the memo: Bloggers can earn pay for their say. And you can too.

But, be forewarned – not everyone can make the cut.
Blogging is fun, but it’s hard work. Not to mention, it’s becoming increasingly competitive. The good news is there are a few things that you can do to increase the odds in your favor.

Here, for the first time in print, I’ll share them with Blogging Pro readers.

  1. Get off your $%* – It’s all about the hustle. You can’t even get “passive income” by being passive. Hello?! Network. Work the bulletin boards. Tap into Twitter and the various social media forums to connect with individuals that are in- the-know.
  2. Be strategic – Much like the corporate arena, blogging jobs require some related experience. Guest post on other Blogs, and also create your own online presence to showcase your skills and strut your stuff.
  3. Have a “casual tone” not a casual attitude. The best way to earn cash is to hone your craft. Blogging is a business. Produce quality work for quality results.
  4. Know that all blogs are not created equally – It’s certainly fair to say that most blogs have some value and are worthy of readership. But trust this. If you expect to be paid, better set your sites on the “bourgeois” blogs first. By this I mean the ones that have a reputation for excellence, (like this one), and those with large readerships and various awards by industry peers. It’s not just about visibility it’s about credibility.
  5. Let go your ego! Know what your strengths are and play to them. For instance, I write many things well, but I don’t write everything well. I don’t kid myself and you shouldn’t either.
  6. So if you’re seeking your first blogging gig or additional opportunities in the future, “work” these five tips and you’ll have more gigs than you can handle!

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  1. Steve ) says: 3/22/2010

    Good one again, Jennifer.

    I’m saving this in my “Favorites” column!

    Step # 5 is extremely important. I don’t thnk you shouyld attempt to write for a blog that doesn’t interest you. Write something that you know and enjoy? Sound about right?



  2. Jennifer Brown Banks ) says: 3/22/2010


    Thanks for your thoughts. #5 is a personal favorite of mine as well. Yes, it’s important to match your strengths with the right topics and Blog themes. It makes it a win-win situation for everybody!


  3. Nikola ) says: 3/22/2010

    Congrats and good for you Jennifer!

    Tip #3 is a tough one for me; my normal writing tends to be a bit “stiff”. In my blog, I try to write as if I’m talking with a good friend – hopefully with some success!
    – Nikola


    • Jennifer Brown Banks ) says: 3/22/2010


      I don’t know about your “normal” writing, but your blog definitely rocks!
      Thanks for your input here.


  4. Pamela ) says: 3/23/2010

    Great advice, Jennifer! Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start in such a huge blog universe.


    • Jennifer Brown Banks ) says: 3/23/2010


      With your skills I’m sure you won’t have a problem. Thanks for your input.


  5. Adriana says: 2/25/2012

    thanks for share!