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Do You Need Absolute Privacy?

rusted lockYou would think that the owner of every single WordPress site out there would want as many visitors as possible, but you’d be wrong. Not everyone needs Sunday Morning SEO.
There are plenty of reasons why you would want to keep a blog as private as possible. Perhaps you’re using it as an project site in conjunction with the awesome P2 theme and you only want the project members seeing the posts and responding or perhaps you have just set up a site for you newly born and you want to share those early updates with just your family.

Whatever the reason may be, the solution needs to be more than just going to Settings, Privacy and select I would like to block search engines, but allow normal visitors.

The Absolute Privacy plugin by John Kolbert does exactly what it the title suggests; it turns your blog into the ultimate private blog and it’s not shy in features too:

  • Prevent subscribers from viewing admin pages (like their profile page and the dashboard)
  • Complete customization of notification emails
  • Redirect non-logged in visitors to either the login page or a custom post/page!
  • Allow access to specific posts or pages for non-logged in users
  • Full RSS privacy control! Disable completely, enable completely, limit to headlines only, or limit to a specific number of characters

John recently added the Full RSS privacy control and that really makes this plugin a must-have for any WordPress site you want to keep hidden from the general public. To get a good grasp of what this plug-in can do for you can watch the following video review:

Now, the next time you want to use a public domain to discuss your plans for the upcoming weekend with your friends, but don’t want everybody listening in, use Absolute Privacy.

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  1. Nicholas Z. Cardot ) says: 3/30/2010

    That’s a cool idea. I’ve designed websites before using this private mode with the Joomla content management system. It allows the client and the designer to view it without making it public yet. I think that it’s really great to have a plugin like this. It would also be great if you’re taking the site down for an hour or two to overhaul the theme.


  2. Anonymous says: 8/12/2011

    There is no such thing as ‘absolute.’ We may have freedom and privacy but they are not at all absolute because there are certain situations wherein they have to be controlled or restricted. Like that of safeguarding one’s private information ( which is a precautionary measure to prevent getting victimized by fraud and yet when the government asks your banking or loan records, you have to submit them for the sole purpose of checking if you are paying your dues. How I wish that there could be absolute freedom for us but not everyone respects each others’ privacy and this causes a problem. I do believe in setting limitations in order to maintain order and fairness.


  3. Adriana says: 2/26/2012

    thanks for share!