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Why You Should Choose a Blogging Mantra

Aum.. Aum.. Aum..

For many people, the word mantra often conjures up the image of a yogi in the lotus position sitting beside a bodhi tree humming some sort of senseless gibberish.  But a mantra can be so much more if you allow it to be.  It can even help you become a better blogger.

What is a mantra?

For the purpose of this post, we will define a mantra as a syllable, sound or word that is repeated to aid in concentration and raise awareness.  Normally an integral part of spiritual movements, I would like to humbly suggest that you try incorporating a mantra into your blogging practice.

Why choose a blogging mantra?

A blogging mantra allows you to take a word/sound and make it symbolize something.  For example, the mantra I’ve used for years is “Sila.”  It’s a word with origins in Sanskrit that means ethics, honesty, and rightness.  By repeating this word in my head while writing, I am constantly reminding myself that the words I write have power; the power to heal, help or hurt – the choice is mine.  I also use “Sila” as a reminder to breathe.  Even though our bodies automagically know how to regulate the level of Oxygen we need to be taking in, I often find myself mucking up a perfectly good process.  I use my mantra as a reminder to inhale and exhale.  This keeps my mind clear and fresh, in turn, helping my writing.

How to find a blogging mantra.

For me, this was a trial and error process.  I tried several different words and phrases. Months later, I found myself naturally coming back to “Sila.”  There’s something beautiful about the way it flows in my mind and off the tongue.  I encourage you to try your own.  Search for a word that means something to you.  Feel free to borrow my mantra, I just ask that you  leave it on the stoop for others to use.

Using your blogging mantra in practice.

I can write dozens of blog posts without ever “leaning” on my mantra.  During other stretches of time, I’ll find myself repeating the mantra dozens of times during a single post.  I use the mantra to help me get past short bouts of writer’s block.  I’ll also use it to question myself on content.  Do these words represent the person I am?  Will they bring harm to others?  It’s amazing how four simple letters can mean so much.

Your mileage might vary.  Personally, I’ve gotten far more out of “Sila” than I ever could have imagined. I hope you’ll consider giving it a try.  Choose your mantra, live with it for a few weeks and then come back and let us know how it worked out.  I’ll be here ready to help in any way I can.

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