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The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Blogging Brand – Blog Like A Pro!

build-your-brandCurrently, there are approximately over 150 Million blogs worldwide with a large majority of them talking about the same things, in same boring way. Millions of them look the same, many bloggers express themselves the same way and even more are blogging without passion, authority, concrete goals and without having a respectable brand. Many of us fail to realize that while we blog expecting to achieve success, we are also responsible for our personal brand.

Successful professional blogging is no longer for the average Joe with average goals. It is for the prudent who will approach their audience seriously and strive to build their company, and more so, personal brand. Read More

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Things to Consider Before Writing a Multi-Part Blog Post

375 words. That’s all most people want to read on a blog – max. I realize that’s a generalization, and the topic, author and reader can all move that number in either direction. A good blogger already knows there’s no such thing as word count, as long as you make your point. I’ve seen it done in 50 words. The problem is posts of this length will not always perform well on an SEO level. So you’ll find many bloggers settling into the 250 – 600 word range.

Last year I wrote a six-part series titled The Best $50 I Ever Spent on My Blog, a group of posts that shared the lessons I learned while seeking for a freelance blogger to work for me.

Overall, I was disappointed in the series’ results. Not only did it fail to get any traction, I made several errors in the execution of the mini-project. Bad news for me, good news for you (you get to learn from my mistakes!).

Here are several things to consider before tackling a multi-part blog post: Read More

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How to Create the Most Flexible Widget Areas in Your Sidebars

WordPress WidgetsThis is not going to be one of those posts about how to widgetize your sidebar because frankly, if by now you still are not using a theme with widgetized aeras you need start looking for one. This post is about how to use those widget area’s in the smartest way possible.

When I say sidebars, I don’t necessarily mean sidebars. Widget areas are of course not limited to the visual sidebars in a theme. Most themes have one or two sidebars and a matching 1 or two widget areas, but some themes have just two sidebars, but a total of 13 widget area’s.

The problem, even with two sidebars, is that you have very little control over which widget goes on what page or post.. or category or archive even. Read More

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Sell Commission-Free Banner Ads With AdTaily

Major blogs like Techcrunch, Mashable and BloggingPro (yes, we’re a top site!) sell advertising directly. This cuts out the middle man and keeps every last cent into the publishers pocket. The downside is that you can find yourself stuck in a time-consuming administrative role. A new Website, AdTaily, wants to help you sell banner ads and give you ALL of the proceeds. Read More

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How to Handle a Career in Blogging Without it Handling You!

When it comes to having a career on the Net, I consider myself the “go-to-guru”.
I’ve been many places and seen many things. Both good and bad.
In fact, over the years, I have served in more capacities and with more clients than you’d probably care to read about.
But, let’s just say that along the way, I’ve garnered enough “frequent flyer” miles to help you navigate a successful career, without a lot of “turbulence”.

With the introduction of Blogging Pro’s new job board, no doubt many of you will search through and respond to the various great blogging opportunities.
And you should.
Blogging is bodacious!
It’s a great medium to express yourself, influence the masses and earn extra cash.
But be forewarned. All that glitters is not gold.
Read More

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4 Ways To Kill Off Human Comment Spam

Blogosphere, we have a problem.

Our spamming foes are switching tactics on us, and are now using humans to market their “enhancement” products, as their mechanical minions are unable to reach their spam quota (thanks in part to awesome anti-spam technology).

Unless we can find a way to thwart these evil beings, we will have to surrender our beloved comment section–or worse–join the various blog cults out there that only allow a select few to comment, while restricting access to the rest of the world.

Since I’d rather downgrade my blogging platform than surrender hearing opinions from my readers, here are a four methods that can help kill off these annoying pests without threatening our thriving communities. Read More

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WordPress 3.0 Beta Rounds Are Here

Almost three weeks ago WordPress released WordPress 3.0 beta1. At the time of that release the estimated release date for WordPress 3.0 was set at May 1st. Unfortunately that date was not a set as we’d hoped it to be. There’s been a lot of discussion about the the new WordPress 3.0 menu functionality over on the WordPress development blog. Even Matt Mullenweg posted an entry on the blog stating:

Deadlines are not arbitrary, they’re a promise we make to ourselves and our users that helps us rein in the endless possibilities of things that could be a part of every release.

Unfortunately Matt was implying that the new menu function might not make it to the final release if nobody could find the time to improve whatever needed to be improved. Luckily two days later the necessary work was done and by the looks of it now the new menu function will be included as we expected. I must say, I know a lot of people were depending on that feature to be implemented, so the prospect of having that feature excluded even after a feature freeze seems odd to me. Read More

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Are You Hitting The Mark? 4 Ways to Measure Blogging Success

How can we not be obsessed with numbers?
Though blogging “gurus” assure us that statistics are not the only barometer to measure success, they do indeed tell a story.

After all, to not be “stoked” about stats contradicts our very way of life.
Numbers have always had significance in our culture and society.

Think about it.
Everybody knows that a woman who’s rated a “10” is considered pretty hot stuff.
While Friday the “13th” is considered unlucky.
When we want to keep people in the know, we give them the “4-1-1.”

I.Q. numbers are said to reflect our intellect,and we have 9-digit S.S. #s
to uniquely identify us.

Even the number of “tweets” now defines the elite.
Let’s not kid ourselves; numbers count. Read More

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5 Powerful Reasons Your Company Needs a Blog

How can I increase traffic to my company’s
site? How can I win more loyal customers? When will I ever hit the number one mark in Google search results? Surely these are questions asked by many business owners who have decided to expand their boundaries online. It all seems like a daunting task to establish and maintain a successful online corporate presence especially when it comes to driving traffic; but the decision to launch and maintain a company blog can be one of the most rewarding choices you could make for your business online.

Here are 5 solid reasons your company will flourish through maintaining a blog. Read More

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5 Exercises to Sculpt Your Blogging Success

I’m sure I can safely say that its the average person’s dream to be successful in life and achieve all possible things to their heart’s content. We go about our daily lives planning and executing with precision to ensure that we secure that special client, we work to get our kids into that top-notch university and, as blogger’s, dream and work towards living the internet lifestyle.

However, is there a surefire way to achieve blogging success and live the internet lifestyle? I can certainly shout, “Yes There Is!” Forget about those proven systems and get rich affiliate networks that marketers are always trying to sell you. Without the right principles, practices and focus, true success will ultimately elude you, even after being “spoon fed.” Read More

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