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4 Ways to Increase Your Blogging I.Q.

Knowledge is power.

Whether it’s culled from classroom experience, lessons of love, or street savvy; the more you know the further you’ll go.

And blogging is no different.

There’s so much to discover and decipher about this relatively new phenomenon. There are so many paths to explore.

It almost seems that new developments are hitting the scene daily on software applications, Plugins, monetization methods, emerging resources, and key players with keen insight to model from.

So where does one start for the best end results?

If you’re up to the challenge, here are 4 ways to boost your blogging I.Q. and your “bottom line” potential.

  1. Admit that you don’t know everything.
    I don’t care what kind of hot shot you deem yourself to be, it’s possible to grow more and to hone your skills. Only you know in your heart of heart what those developmental areas might be. Acknowledge them, then address them.
  2. Study the Bloggers that are super stars in your particular niche.
    I personally dig the power presence and eloquence of Nicholas Cardot and Robyn-Dale Samuda. I admire Ann Smarty and her SEO smarts and her strategic ability. I find Brian Clark to be brilliantly funny. Who are your favorites? What can you learn from their approach to blogging? Their style? Their voice? Keep a watchful eye on what works for the ones you admire and the needs of your targeted audience.
  3. Become active in blogging communities.
    There are so many different blogs devoted to different interests, industries, age groups, regions, etc. For example, Midlife Bloggers addresses issues of the baby boomer generation, SHEWRITES is a group of bloggers that tackles topics and concerns of the female population worldwide. Connect with these like-minded individuals. Learn the lingo. Follow the trends. Network to get to the next level.
  4. Sign up for the many free newsletters and ezines on blogging.
    There’s a wealth of information contained within these freebies. You’ll find everything from insider’s tips, to technical how-tos, to insightful reviews.

Follow these four tips and you’ll increase your smarts and move to the head of the class in no time.

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  1. BizChickBlogs ) says: 4/8/2010

    Thanks, Jennifer! I would add that you should set up an RSS reader, like Google Reader, and fill it with blogs in your niche and the super star bloggers. I scan mine every day. It’s a great way to keep up with what’s going on in the blogosphere.


    • Jennifer Brown Banks ) says: 4/8/2010

      Thanks, Tia.

      That’s something I had not considered. It’s good to hear from you here. :-)


  2. Nikola Hartmann ) says: 4/8/2010

    Hi Jennifer,
    Another great post with more excellent tips. No. 1, I’ve got under control, but really could do a lot better with the other three. Participating in free webinars about blogging has also been very helpful.


  3. Jennifer Brown Banks ) says: 4/8/2010


    Rest assured that blogging is “a work in progress” for many of us. Every step you make will benefit you and increase your knowledge base. I’m certainly appreciative that you’re part of our blogging community at Blogging Pro.
    As such, you’re working on having # 3 “under control” as well. :-) Thanks for your thoughts.


  4. Ann Smarty ) says: 4/8/2010

    Jennifer, thanks a lot for the mention. I am honored.

    #1 is my favorite one! Actually, the more we learn, the clearer we understand how little we know!


  5. Jennifer Brown Banks ) says: 4/8/2010


    You’re most welcome. Also worth noting…the more you learn, the more you earn!
    I appreciate your feedback.


  6. Ian Thomas ) says: 4/8/2010

    I had to smile when reading your post. I had a meeting with a client who is using my SEO services. They are very clued up on email marketing and as a result the web as well.

    My opening to the board included the line, “we’re both going to have to let our egos rest a while when working together to get the best out of our combined knowledge.”
    I agree completely with the above post. Put your ego in your pocket and contribute to the community, its the best way forward!


  7. Jennifer Brown Banks ) says: 4/8/2010

    “Houston we have a problem.” I’m not sure what you’re saying here.
    But, thanks for stopping by.:-)


    • Jennifer Brown Banks ) says: 4/8/2010

      I meant in reference to the Twitter link.


      • Franky Branckaute ) says: 4/8/2010

        I deleted the second comment as the Twitter link was updated in both. :)


  8. Jennifer Brown Banks ) says: 4/8/2010

    I gotcha. Now it makes sense. Thanks much!


  9. Robyn from Sam's Web Guide ) says: 4/8/2010

    Thanks for the mention Jennifer :) You never stop making me feel so special :)

    For me, the best tip is to always try to remain humble in the quest towards blogging success and never think that you know it all. Humility will attract many great opportunities and other bloggers will be more willing to open doors for you.

    Keep up the good work Jennifer.


  10. Jennifer Brown Banks ) says: 4/8/2010


    You are special. :-) And you bring value to the blogging community. When the air clears, look for me to do a guest post at your place soon. If you’re receptive. :-)
    Thanks for dropping in and leaving your thoughts.


  11. Upzat says: 11/7/2010


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