Who Actually Leaves Blog Comments?

Aside from traffic, one metric that makes bloggers really feel accomplished is the volume of comments they are able to attract.  A blog that generates intelligent conversation between visitors is more likely to get “sticky” visitors who will return in the future.

But all comments are not created equal.

While I am thankful to everyone who takes the time to leave a comment (well except for those annoying Russian spammers), I do think each blog commenter can be categorized into general groups.

  1. The Correctors.
    They point out typos and factual errors. Look how smart I am.  They get off on getting you with your pants down.
  2. The Congratulators.
    A pat on the back is nice, but after awhile, it’s not worth much coming from the same person over and over again.  Some people think they can brown nose their way to success. This person sees something in you (yes, you should be flattered) and wants to ride your coattails to success.
  3. The Virgins.
    For this crew, it’s all about doing it first.  The want to devirginize your blog post by leaving the initial comment.
  4. The Traffic Seekers.
    They know leaving comments will drive traffic back to their site, so they latch onto your blog hoping for some clicks.  If one of their comments generates some traffic for their Web properties, they’ll come back for more.
  5. The Contest Sluts.
    Driving your exit rate numbers sky high, these are one-time visitors who have stopped by to see what they can leach off of you.
  6. The Scum.
    This group if sub-humans includes spammers, link baiters and cyber-criminal types.  They’ll often leave comments in other languages or post short/generic notes that they hope will get past your human filter.

What circumstance is most likely to get you to leave a comment on a blog?

Author: Andrew G. Rosen

After working for FOX News and MTV Networks, Andrew G. Rosen founded Jobacle.com, a career advice and employment news blog. He is also the author of The Exit Guide: How to Leave a Job the Right Way.

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  1. What’s likely to make me leave a comment on a blog? A great, insightful post like this one. Engaging and colorful, with good examples and a little wit within.

    And forgive me for being opportunistic, but for the record…I’m an “equal opportunity” comment seeker. As a blogger, (professionally and personally) I enjoy feedback from all of the above groups on most days. With the exception of the last group. 🙂
    I really enjoyed reading this to start my day. 🙂 Good work.

    • This was a very interesting post. I actually agree with your comments on the different types of people who leave comments….although I have been known to do it from time to time and don’t fit into one of the categories. Thank you for the insight. Good post

  2. I have come across all the above..lol My fav has to be the Corrector..lol Fact that can read a good post of 250 words or more and leave a comment ONLY about 2 spelling mistakes is awesome..lol

  3. I’m totally a Congratulator

  4. Charlie Ahern says:

    The last comment that I left on a blog required 15-30 minutes of research (calculating unemployment rates from raw data as part of a comparison between two MSAs). The blogger had asked a question about comparing his location to other locations. He didn’t provide data, but I like numbers, so I did some research to help make my point.

    I’d be interested to know if you have data on how many commenters fall into the groups that you describe. My rule of thumb is a modified 80-20 rule: in any group of people 80% have no noticeable positive or negative affect, 10% are good to have in the group, and 10% are problem generators.

  5. I don’t really see myself as fitting into any of your categories. Did I miss something? Don’t sincerity and just being social count? I guess this is another example of greed and selfishness in the world tainting our perception of others. Sad. So should my takeaway be that everyone who leaves comments only does it for purely selfish reasons?

  6. I to have seen all of the above but mostly the scum… I make comments mostly to confirm something or to thank the poster when what they posted helped me with something. If I’m stuck on a website issue or have a HTML question I will thank a poster and let them know that they helped me. I like when people make those comments because it validates what I do.

    I think you missed a type of poster though (me being a corrector, not really). The thank you posters as I do above. I believe if someone posts something that helps you that you should say thanks and do a clicky click to let them know they have helped you. The clicky click also supports them to keep posting.

  7. 🙂 hey, are you saying there never are commenters who just like what you’ve written and whose only purpose is to say something back? something interesting or kind? or correcting – if needed? hm, i think such people exist. and they’re not that little part of all the commenters.

  8. I think the answer to the last question, “what circumstances will lead to the you leaving a comment” is when I want to join the conversation, and think I have something to add that the original post didn’t address! So how about “conversationalists” as an eighth category?

  9. you kinda leave off the real commenters. I have done correcting on blogs in the past but generally topical corrections. I’m not gonna comment just to point out that you spelled something wrong. (though I have @replied for that purpose)

    ugh. I just remembered I actually did leave a comment on a hip hop blog for using the phrase “fourth-coming” album from Ice Cube and since it’s actually his 6-7th album.. obviously there was some errors, but I think that was my first time doing that.

    but usually I comment with something to say. Sometimes it’s agreement sometimes it’s not.

  10. Wow. All of those categories kinda stink; talk about giving someone a complex about leaving a comment on anything you write from now on! lol

    What circumstances get me to leave comments? I leave comments when I have something to say. I really don’t like comment clubs; they defeat the purpose of community. And I especially do not like contests for comments. lol Those are the worst.

    So the circumstance that got me to leave this comment was to answer the question that you asked.

  11. I clearly forgot a category. Let’s call it The Awesomes. These are folks like you who read the post and left intelligent feedback…no strings attached! It’s greatly appreciated!

  12. Hi Andrew
    Looks like I’m a congratulator… but I do add to the conversation.
    I read the post looking for interesting bits so that my comment is relevant.
    I try and add my own take on whatever the subject is and if possible add a bit of humour.

    If the post is good I thank the blogger and congratulate them.

  13. j davis says:

    I wrote content for one blog that received 2, 500 comments in one weekend, all in Russian! I translated some and they were for some pretty vile porn sites. I hate Russian spammers with a psaaion. Personally I think Russia should be denied all internet services until the government can round these people up and put them in the Gulag where they belong.

  14. How cynical to say that anyone who is a consistent supporter of a blog or blogger is intent on “riding … coattails to success”. As a regular reader of numerous blogs and sites, I’m not denying that some may have that agenda, but you’re just as likely to find people who are being supportive just to, y’know… show some support.

    Also, I hate to be a ‘Corrector’, but surely calling people who are looking to deflower your comment thread “virgins” is like calling a stamp collector a “stamp”?

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  20. How cynical to say that anyone who is a consistent supporter of a blog or blogger is intent on “riding … coattails to success”. As a regular reader of numerous blogs and sites, I’m not denying that some may have that agenda, but you’re just as likely to find people who are being supportive just to, y’know… show some support.

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  25. LOL! I think some of the very folks your post talked about found their way to your comment thread. I guess that proves your point, but I agree with several of the above comments that there are still honest readers with good intentions just looking to interact with others in the blogging world.

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