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The 3 Ps of Successful Bloggers

This is a guest post by Marcie Hill.

With the explosion of blogs over the past few years, have you ever wondered why some blogs survive and others don’t? What special “ingredients” do the owners of the top 100 blogs on Technorati offer their audiences that are unknown to other bloggers? Following are the 3 Ps of successful bloggers that establishes why their blogs “thrive” when others can’t survive.


“When work, commitment, and pleasure all become one and you reach that deep well where passion lives, nothing is impossible.” ~ Unknown

All successful bloggers MUST have a passion for the topics on which they are blogging. Even if you enjoy the art of blogging, your love for your topic will give you a boost of energy that will keep you and your blog going through dry spells. It will also give you a unique voice that will attract and keep an audience.

Some people blog for fun; others for profit. Whatever your reason for blogging, your passion for your topic will secure your spot in the blog world slowly but surely.


“He that can have patience, can have what he will.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

Patience is the foundation of blog success. This is needed to maintain and grow your blog, as well as make money from your efforts. Just check out the top 10 blogs on Technorati. Most of those sites have been going for at least three years. It may take up to a year for people to know your blog exists and another year to draw an audience. If you’re lucky, you’ll actually see growth by your second year. Very few bloggers start big unless they have dynamic topics that are totally captivating.

If you have ever worked for anything, you know that success does not happen overnight. In fact, it usually takes years to reach your goals. Patient bloggers experience the sweet taste of victory in the form of new readers, returning readers, high Technorati ratings, and sometimes moolah.


“Never give up.” ~ Nancy Kerrigan

There will be times in your blogging career when your blog will have few or no readers even after you market it. You will feel like your efforts are in vain. Just keep on going. You may have to stop to reconsider your topic or audience; to rejuvenate your energy; or to re-visit your marketing plan. That’s fine as long as you do not stop blogging entirely. For those who persevere, blogging success awaits you.
As stated above, passion, patience and persistence are three Ps bloggers must possess to be successful. Master them, and you’re very likely to achieve the 4th P of blogging: PAY!

Marcie Hill is a journalist, blogger and social media strategist, find her blog at The Write Design Company.

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  1. John Paul Aguiar ) says: 4/9/2010

    You nailed it… you need all 3 to make it all work. I would say PAPP lol Passion ACTION Patience Persistance.

    Great post.


  2. Jennifer Brown Banks ) says: 4/9/2010

    I would agree. And ample amounts of all three!


  3. Shevonne ) says: 4/9/2010

    This can be used for any type of area in life


  4. Marcie Hill ) says: 4/10/2010

    How could I forget action?? That is crucial. Passion without action is totally useless. Most people have been stuck in an “I’m going to mode” for so long that they have forgotten what they were going to do.


    • Franky Branckaute ) says: 4/10/2010

      Marcie, you are so right in that. I know this young guy who posts even less than I do and he has so much potential. Almost a waste.

      Sorry, Mark. ;)


  5. clara ) says: 4/11/2010

    Marcie- just found your post! You’ve right on point with the 3Ps,plus passion &purpose. This post is very motivating…



  6. John Kitsco says: 4/12/2010

    Hi Marcie:
    I write fairly consistently for a blog site called and really
    enjoy being able to express various opinions about various subjects. Still,
    the requirements are the same as a paid blog in a sense that you need the
    passion, patience and persistence.


  7. Corve DaCosta ) says: 4/14/2010

    Great three Ps