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Fighting Blogging Addiction

No longer neatly confined to psychoactive substances, addiction ranges from everything from sex to blogging. That’s right, blogging.

Feeling guilty for missing a blog post? Losing sleep over that comment someone left about a typo you made? You could have a problem. We’re not going to make you stand up, say your name, and admit that you are addicted to blogging. But we are going to encourage you to take a long, hard look in the mirror, because it’s going to be up to you to help yourself. Bloggers won’t be getting their own reality show helmed by Dr. Drew anytime soon.

A few tell-tale signs you might have a problem:

– You’re choosing to blog instead of having sex.
– You cancel/avoid plans or stay indoors on a gorgeous day.
– You never feel satisfied. Not in the quality of your posts or the amount of traffic your blog receives.

Here are three action items to help get the problem under control…

Schedule your time WITH FLEXIBILITY:
While it’s tried and true advice that setting up a blogging schedule can help improve your writing productivity, you can’t be rigid about it. If you are slotted to blog for two hours on Saturday and the day turns out to be sunny and 80 degrees, then you mustn’t be afraid to reschedule yourself for tomorrow’s rainy Sunday.

Limit your research:
Coming up with interesting blog topics that haven’t been beaten to death is time consuming work. At some point, you just have to write! Monitor how long you are spending time on research and scale yourself back if the task is eating into other parts of your day.

Watch out for growing tentacles: Blogging no longer tethers you to a computer; mobile devices make it way to easy to make updates. Writing compelling content is not enough. Part of a blogger’s daily work includes promoting themselves on social networks and the like. Between all of those Tweets, Facebook Wall updates, and FourSquare check-ins, a simple blog post can grow into a monster – a scary one that eats up all of your time.

Blogging addiction can reduce the quality of “real” life and put a strain on in-person, human relationships. If you have the compulsive need to write/read blogs, it’s time to take a step back. Go outside and get some sun. Remember the sun? It’s that hot, bright rock up in the sky. And it misses you.

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  1. Tia - BizChickBlogs ) says: 4/18/2010

    At first I thought this post was going to be funny until I realized it was actually pretty serious. :)

    I agree, if anyone is displaying those signs, they have an issue with addiction and should probably seek some help. Perhaps a little distraction might go a long way. The signs you’re talking about are no different than those of a workaholic. It’s just unhealthy.

    Of course, as I write this it’s nearly 2 AM but I contribute that to being a single mom of a toddler, and my quiet time happens to be in the middle of the night. :)

    Cheers and thanks for the insight.


  2. Chet Payne ) says: 5/28/2010

    Great post and an excellent reminder. Thank you for writing this! :)