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  1. Andrine

    Hey Robyn,

    Nice post here. Your idea is a blast and I agree with you that every company should indeed host a blog on their site. I think this is most definitely a good way to build a rapport with your customers, whether you provide goods or services. Even though you may have a niche and think you know all what your customers need, your perception could be wrong and drive you out of the market. So this will help you to curtail what is necessary in your line of business.

    I think all web developers out there should read this post and use it as a bench mark to encourage companies out there to get a in the blogging era (as I call it).

    I also like the fact that you mention WordPress in conjunction with SEO. I think they are actually two peas in a pod, complementing each other.

    Again, well done Robyn and your post is very informative.


    • Robyn from Sam’s Web Guide

      Thanks for taking the time to comment Andrine :)

      I think company blogging allows businesses to connect with their prospects and customers on a much deeper level than traditional methods. Big companies who make use of blogging no longer seem like just “corporations” but more like businesses with real human beings behind them.

      It’s definitely a strategy that web developers need to promote since they are in the position to give expert advice to their clients.

      Thanks again for reading Andrine.

  2. Jennifer Brown Banks


    Great, timely informative post for businesses seeking to take their products, services and skills to the next level! In fact, I had a vision to write on this topic too. Great minds think alike.;-)

    • Robyn from Sam’s Web Guide

      Thanks for commenting Jennifer :)

      Great minds do think alive. Or maybe I was peeking inside your brilliant mind :)

  3. Advance Web

    Thanks for the article. i really agree with your post. Nowadays, the most effective way to advertise is via online. By making BLOG, you’ll be creating faster and easier ways for your customers to reach you.

    • Robyn from Sam’s Web Guide

      Thanks for reading.

      Its all about closing the gap between customer and supplier :)

  4. Maclord

    I have the fear that Google ignores more and more the oldest posts on a blog, unless some readers / followers are still posting comments on ancient posts and links to those comments appear on the first page of the blog.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but being just “dynamic” makes no sense in this context unless driven by an active community supporting the site.

    • Robyn from Sam’s Web Guide

      Hey Maclord, thanks for reading.

      Having an active and vibrant community supporting the site would be the whole point of having a company blog. Actually that’s best thing that could happen online for the company since it allows for a more engaged relationship with customers and prospects.

      Using tools like twitter and facebook to continuously promote old posts is a great way to attract new readers. Also, an excellent strategy is to have lots of internal links that point to older posts if the topics of newer posts are related. This will help to keep those pages somewhat “active” in google’s eyes. So, there’s nothing to worry about here, its important to have a solid strategy.

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