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Sell Commission-Free Banner Ads With AdTaily

Major blogs like Techcrunch, Mashable and BloggingPro (yes, we’re a top site!) sell advertising directly. This cuts out the middle man and keeps every last cent into the publishers pocket. The downside is that you can find yourself stuck in a time-consuming administrative role. A new Website, AdTaily, wants to help you sell banner ads and give you ALL of the proceeds.

With no marketplace, AdTaily is designed to convert readers in to advertisers. A JavaScript widget is placed on your blog and advertisers can place their banners ad without leaving your Website. Simply input the destination URL, upload a photo and tell the system how long you’d like the ad to run for. Choices vary from one day to two months and payments are made via Paypal.

What’s the catch? There IS no catch, but there is a downside.

First, the newly-launched AdTaily only accepts 125 x 125px ads. Second, only static ads are accepted. From a reader’s perspective, I appreciate the that they are attempting to keep the focus on the content. However, they are removing a potential money-maker from the blog owner’s arsenal.

If you have Google Analytics installed on your blog you can import stats to give potential advertisers an idea of your site’s success. AdTaily will use this data to recommend how much you should charge for an ad, but this advice can be (and probably should be) over-ridden. If you don’t have Google Analytics (shame on you!), the widget can also gather stats.

Ad moderation is optional but recommended.

I like that the widget auto-fits to the section of your blog in which you place it.

I’ve yet to sell an ad in the few days I’ve had the AdTaily widget installed, but I like the concept of turning readers into advertisers. You’ll probably never get rich, but you give folks a seamless way to leverage your brand for days or months without ever leaving your site.

If you decide to give AdTaily a spin, please use this space to let your fellow blog owners know how it’s working out. I still believe that selling directly, without the involvement of a third-party, is the way to go. But if you’re pressed for time and want to “set it and forget it,” AdTaily might be for you.

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  1. Marcin Grodzicki ) says: 4/28/2010

    Hello Andrew, thanks for the good words.

    There are three reasons for our format limitations. 1 – it’s probably one of the most widespread formats, especially in the blogging community. 2 – advertisers can use a single creation on all sites in our network. 3 – static ads, because of lower intrusion level, but also this way the ad always works (which sometimes is not the case with flash).

    Thanks again for the post :)


  2. Cyndi L ) says: 5/19/2010

    I went and set up an account, thrilled by the idea. I’m still having trouble with it, however. I emailed and reported that the area where you can set your own rates was not working properly: the original prices that they set refused to disappear, so I was getting a drop-down menu with all kinds of prices that I didn’t want. I received a reply that it was being worked on, but weeks later it is still not fixed. I am really looking forward to using this widget, so I hope that will be fixed soon.


  3. Marcin Grodzicki ) says: 5/19/2010

    Hi Cyndi,
    everything should work ok – could you get in touch with me at grodzicki on gmail?


  4. Cyndi L ) says: 5/19/2010

    Sure, I’ll email you.


  5. Cyndi L ) says: 5/19/2010


  6. bullabulla ) says: 10/1/2010

    I have adtaily installed but no advertisers coming to setup an Ad. I take 0.15usd a day, I have 50-200 impressions a day. how do i get advertisers?


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