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Typepad ‘Receives’ Facebook Like Button, WordPress Has a Plugin Only Some Hours Later

Yesterday at Facebook’s developer conference (aka f8 conference), CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg revealed to the world the glorious “like button.”

Zuckerberg claims that by the end of today, users will serve over 1 billion likes across the world wide web, making the Facebook like button a “must have” social button for serious bloggers.

To my surprise Facebook chose to launch this new feature upon Typepad, all the while ignoring one of the world’s most popular blogging platform, WordPress.

Of course it didn’t take long before the community it’s Facebook Like button received in the form of a plugin by Noah Fleming. Read More

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4 Questions to Answer Before Leaving a Comment

Bloggers are faced with an obstacle of “time sucks” at every turn. These are evil black holes that take away your valuable time, and leave you with nothing viable to show for your efforts. Surfing the Web, researching topics, fantasy baseball leagues, and constant interruptions are just the tip of the iceberg. Another time oft overlooked time leech can be responding to blog comments.

I know that many blog advice sites recommend that bloggers respond to all comments. After all, we already know that the vast majority of people will never leave a comment. And I agree (to a point) that most comments, short of spam, deserve to be acknowledged. But before clanking away at the keyboard, ask yourself the following… Read More

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Community building with BuddyPress

Buddy Press logoA while back BuddyPress 1.2 was released and with it came a bunch of new features to transform your WordPress installation into a full fledged community. You may be at the point where adding a social layer to your site is the logical next step to build a better blog. BuddyPress allows you to build a social network for your company, school, sports team or niche community all based on the power and flexibility of WordPress.

David mentioned the release of BuddyPress 1.0 almost a year ago, but a lot has happened since. has evolved into a lively community and ever since BuddyPress can be installed on a regular WordPress site instead of a WordPress MU installation they have really gained momentum. Read More

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Want a Large Audience? Blog Like Pizza

I want my blog to be like pizza. Not like the fake crap you get form those international chains, but like a large, filling, somewhat greasy slice of authentic New York pizza.

Here’s why.

Pizza is quick and convenient.
Whether you choose to fold your slice down the middle or opt for a fork and a knife, eating pizza is easy. There’s less chewing than a steak and pizzerias are found on the corner of Everytown, USA. Just like that slice of pizza, I want my blog to be easily accessible and easy to digest. I accomplish this by keeping my posts a reasonable length (usually between 200 – 500 words), writing in a simple fashion, and making sure that my posts are appearing correctly on all of the major Web browsers and operating systems. I want it to be quick and convenient to read my blog.

Pizza is nutritious.
A basic slice of pizza can deliver goods from many of the major food groups. So not only does your tummy get full, your body is getting the nutrients it needs. Pizza is one of the few foods, that depending on the dough and toppings, can actually pull items from ALL of the major food groups. I want my blog to fill people up with knowledge without weighing them down. I understand that they’ll be visiting other blogs, but I want to provide them with everything they need in case I’m their only stop for the day. Pizza compliments a meal nicely, but it also can BE the meal. Read More

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Rejection Etiquette For Guest Posts

There’s no doubt about it.

It’s a groovy kinda’ feeling when another blogger requests to share his wisdom and his fan base by doing a guest post for your site.

I mean, let’s be honest here: who doesn’t like a quality “freebie”?

It’s the ultimate compliment for most bloggers, other than being paid.

But unfortunately, “all that glitters ain’t gold!”

In fact, a blogger buddy of mine experienced this situation first hand, and issued a 9-1-1 for me to help her to handle a recent incident.

This “damsel in distress” found herself being placed in a very awkward situation when a blogger approached her with a potential post. Unfortunately this piece almost appeared to have been written by a 5th grader.

Read More

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3 Ways To Monetize Your Mobile Loving Blog

Regardless of whether you choose to blog upon the computer, a cell phone or your glorious iPad, one thing every blogging pro can agree on is the need to monetize their blog.

Although some bloggers generate revenue based on services or affiliate links, the vast majority rely upon advertising (like Google Adsense) in order to pay the bills.

While many bloggers are experts when it comes to monetizing their sites for the notebook and desktop crowd, very few consider advertising for the mobile audience.

For those desiring to make every post count, here are 3 ways to monetize your mobile friendly blog. Read More

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WordPress Security – A Comprehensive Guide

WordPress SecurityKeeping your WordPress installation secure is usually not something a lot of people spend a great deal of time on. However, I believe WordPress security, tightening up the place should be your first priority every single time you install WordPress. No exceptions.

With the recent Pharma hack, more info about it plus a solution on Chris Pearson’s blog, going round I thought it was time to focus on WordPress security today. There are a lot of things you can do build extra layers of security for your WordPress installation.

There are a few different layers involved to secure your WordPress installation. I shall list them grouped together as much as possible. Read More

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The 30 Second Rule–How to Create Instant Chemistry With Readers

What comes to mind when you hear this common word?
For most folks it conjures up images of mutual attraction, first dates and butterfly flutters.
It’s that undeniable “something” that let’s you know that you’re in the midst of something special.

In science it’s the combining of different gases, elements, and substances to create a reaction.
In blogging it’s a must-have to attract and maintain readership in a fiercely competitive environment.

Why It’s Important…

The average American is bombarded with hundreds of daily messages.
We’ve got Email, text messages, commercials telling us how we need to look better and do more. And directives to “buy me,” “choose this” and “act now.”
Then there’s billboard ads, the daily news, junk mail, Ebook offers, internal memos at work, spam mail, and subliminal messages as well. Whew! Read More

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The Beauty of Blogs

This is a guest entry by Pamela Ferdinand, a Chicago-based journalist and co-author of the triple memoir “Three Wishes: A True Story of Good Friends, Crushing Heartbreak, and Astonishing Luck on Our Way to Love and Motherhood”

I never thought I would be a blogger. Then again, I never thought I would write a memoir. I’m too private, too much of a journalist trained in the school of Objectivity where you keep your opinions and thoughts to yourself. Republican? Democrat? Jewish? Christian? Pro-life? Pro-choice? I never told.

Hah. Here I am, memoir co-author and blogger. Joke’s on me.

For years, I covered natural disasters and political debacles as a reporter for some of the nation’s leading daily newspapers. I loved it, and am saddened to see what has happened to many of the publications and people who worked so hard to deliver the news — the real news, with depth, substance, and style. For years, people from all walks of life told me their stories, and the whole time, I kept my mouth shut about myself. Read More

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Ajax Edit Comments WordPress Plugin Review

ajax-edit-comments-4This week I had the pleasure to review the WordPress forms plugin Gravity Forms and today I’d like to tell you more about another WordPress plugin review: Ajax Edit Comments. The obscure title may not give away too much when you’re not intimately familiar with the programming languages out there, but the plugin does exactly what it says. Through the wonderful scripting of Ajax this plugin allows user to fix their typos themselves. Ajax Edit Comments gives everyone commenting on your blogposts the ability to edit their comments after having submitted them.

The Basics

After downloading the latest version of the plugin from the Ajax Edit Comments Forums and having installled and activated you will find your Ajax Edit Comments under Settings. Even though it may seem like a little functionality added to your theme, the creators certainly didn’t go easy on the settings part. Read More

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