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The 3 Ps of Successful Bloggers

This is a guest post by Marcie Hill.

With the explosion of blogs over the past few years, have you ever wondered why some blogs survive and others don’t? What special “ingredients” do the owners of the top 100 blogs on Technorati offer their audiences that are unknown to other bloggers? Following are the 3 Ps of successful bloggers that establishes why their blogs “thrive” when others can’t survive.


“When work, commitment, and pleasure all become one and you reach that deep well where passion lives, nothing is impossible.” ~ Unknown

All successful bloggers MUST have a passion for the topics on which they are blogging. Even if you enjoy the art of blogging, your love for your topic will give you a boost of energy that will keep you and your blog going through dry spells. It will also give you a unique voice that will attract and keep an audience.

Some people blog for fun; others for profit. Whatever your reason for blogging, your passion for your topic will secure your spot in the blog world slowly but surely. Read More

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Menu Management for WordPress

In need of some menu management?The soon to be released WordPress 3.0 comes with a new menu management, but your theme has to have this capability built in. But what if you’d rather not edit your theme files or simply don’t want to wait for WordPress 3.0? Luckily there are a few plugins out there that will enable you to have a very flexible menu – without the fancy interface though. These are plugins I have used extensively on many sites which required a custom menu.

Exclude Pages

Exclude Pages is a plugin that does exactly what the title suggest. It allows you to specify per page whether or not a page needs to be in the menu or not. This plugin adds a checkbox, ‘include this page in menus’ to your page edit screen. All you need to do is uncheck this to exclude pages from the page navigation so that users won’t see on your site. As simple as that. Do keep in mind that pages which are children of excluded pages also do not show up in menu listings. Read More

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Who Actually Leaves Blog Comments?

Aside from traffic, one metric that makes bloggers really feel accomplished is the volume of comments they are able to attract.  A blog that generates intelligent conversation between visitors is more likely to get “sticky” visitors who will return in the future.

But all comments are not created equal.

While I am thankful to everyone who takes the time to leave a comment (well except for those annoying Russian spammers), I do think each blog commenter can be categorized into general groups.

  1. The Correctors.
    They point out typos and factual errors. Look how smart I am.  They get off on getting you with your pants down. Read More

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4 Ways to Increase Your Blogging I.Q.

Knowledge is power.

Whether it’s culled from classroom experience, lessons of love, or street savvy; the more you know the further you’ll go.

And blogging is no different.

There’s so much to discover and decipher about this relatively new phenomenon. There are so many paths to explore.

It almost seems that new developments are hitting the scene daily on software applications, Plugins, monetization methods, emerging resources, and key players with keen insight to model from.

So where does one start for the best end results? Read More

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Tools to Kill Content Thieves

Although somewhat introverted, bloggers, for the most part, are an affable bunch.  But if you want to watch their eyes bulge as their foreheads pulsate with rage, then steal their content.  It gets them mad, and oh, is it personal!

When I discovered some jackass posing as the author of dozens of my blog posts, I almost lost my cool.  With the criminal’s phone number and address in my hand thanks to a WHOis record search, I hopped in the car, ready to take the half-day drive to confront the thief.

Thankfully cooler heads prevailed.  As difficult as it was, I had to face the fact that I had no choice but to let it go.  I did, however, make a commitment to myself that I would never let a content thief violate me again.  Here are some tools that have helped. Read More

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How To Blog From An iPad (If You Must)

With many people receiving iPads through a credit card or a significant other (lucky them), a few have wondered whether the iPad is an excellent tool for producing content (and not just consuming it).

Although it is easier to create a lengthy post via iPad, adding your own custom media (like images) might be slightly difficult due to the iPad’s limitations.

For those of you desiring to ditch your laptops, here are 3 iPad apps that can help you blog upon your latest iDevice without having to resort to a super sized iPhone app. Read More

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Get Ready for WordPress 3.0

WordPress logoThose of you who actively look at what kind of news is presented to you in your WordPress dashboard already know WordPresss 3.0 beta 1 is released just before the weekend. Even though the actual release of WordPress 3.0 will be at least a couple of weeks away, it’s good to be prepared to the new stuff which WordPress 3.0 will bring to the table.

You of course already knew WordPress 3.0 will be sporting a brand new default theme, named Twenty Ten, but there are quite a few more new features that can improve your WordPress experience. Instead of listing every single feature, I thought it would be nice to make a list of those who already wrote about WordPress 3.0. Read More

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The Ten Steps To Arranging and Writing a Killer Guest Post

Killer guest postThis is a guest post is by Ann Smarty, founder of a community of guest bloggers: My Blog Guest.

To me, guest posting has been by far the most effective free way to promote a resource (as well as my brand). That wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that everything I have ever achieved in my online career was due to my guest posts.

I wouldn’t like anyone to think about guest posting as a link building (or SEO) tool though. There is much more behind the tactic. It builds long-term contacts, exposes your resources to a wide interested audience, promotes your brand and expertise, and many more.

But yes, it takes much time and effort and is only effective when taken seriously. So the aim of this post is to actually describe this serious approach to guest blogging step by step – to make sure the tactic works for you.

Step 1: Search for guest posting opportunities

Unless you are about to start guest posting on a weekly basis, spotting a promising guest posting opportunity shouldn’t be a problem for you. Most niches have high-profile blogs that are known for accepting guest posts (and frequently featuring them).

For social-media-relates topics this is Mashable, for productivity it’s Lifehack, for copywriting it’s CopyBlogger, etc. Arranging a post at such a busy places is not an easy task, but the outcome is amazing, so you should give it a try. Read More

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Blog With The Big Dogs! (3 Tips to increase your visibility and your invincibility)

If you launched your blog as a recreational tool to vent repressed feelings from your youth, or to promote a personal agenda, or to follow in the footsteps of your friends then “this Bud’s (NOT) for you!”

If, however, you want to elevate your blogging skills to an art form, attract more traffic than the Eisenhower Expressway during rush hour, or build a platform to heighten your business or career, read on.

Think of your blog like a standard video game with many tiers and levels.

The more you know, the further you go.

It’s all about strategy, small nuances and mastery of some basic skills.

Up to the challenge?
Here’s how to bring your “A” game to the table. Read More

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Sunday Morning SEO: Learn From Your Successes

I’m a big fan of learning from successes. A general piece of advice in many fields including blogging is that you can learn a lot from failures, but I think examining the things that have worked is a much better use of your time. Failures just teach you what not to do, but then you’re still stuck on the next step. After a failure, how do know if your next idea will work?

But successes are different. By nature, they give you much more insight in the things you need to be doing.

Also, analyzing your successes and focusing on them often brings a renewed sense of hope and motivation. You become more motivated because you won’t have to do something that’s totally new. Change is hard for us humans. Trying new things can be intimidating since we’re unsure if they will succeed.

But if we examine something we done ourselves that was successful, we’ll be more than willing to do it again. And we become more hopeful, because we’ve actually already done the task. We don’t have to worry whether or not we have the ability to do it.
Read More

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