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Time Management for Today’s Bloggers

Though I don’t have any conclusive numbers to support my theory, I’d venture to say that at least 30% of the blogs that I follow, and some that I “visit” periodically are not updated on a regular basis.

And that’s a shame.
Let’s face it. No matter how bodacious your blog may be, if it’s not updated and infused with quality content on a regular basis, you’ll lose visitors and potential fans.

One blog of a friend of mine who has credentials up the kahoot hasn’t been updated since January. Another written by an awesome writer and client of mine hasn’t been updated for 60 days.

After awhile you just lose interest and it becomes an exhausting guessing game.
Will it be updated? Or will it not?

Time has become quite a paradox these days.
It seems that the more “time saving” devices we enjoy as a result of technological advances and efficiency measures the less of it we have!
Wouldn’t you agree? Think about it.
We have micro-wave meals, speed dating, fast food restaurants, Emails, and still time seems to be increasingly scarce.

But, much like money, it’s not how much you have; it’s how you use it.

With this in mind, here are a few tips to help you to manage your time better and keep your blog updated on the regular.

1. Recognize that posts don’t have to be of epic proportions. Quality is more important than quantity. In other words a post can consist of a beautiful image and a few of your favorite quotes.
2. Use lunch breaks at work to jot down a few creative ideas, and flesh them out later when you get home. You’d be surprised how much you can get done this way.
3. Take inventory. Spring clean your social calendar of obligations you’ve outgrown or memberships that no longer serve your lifestyle.
4. Use technology to your advantage. When possible, pay bills online. Renew your library books online. Job hunt online. In other words remember the K.I.S.S. principle.
5. Become better organized. Be a fan of order. This may seem simplistic, but disorganization can cause countless hours each day of trying to locate missing keys, misplaced paperwork, socks etc. Not to mention the frustration and wasted energy it causes.

By following these five tips you’ll have more time for blogging, less stress, and a better quality of life.

How often do you update your blog? What’s your time management strategy for keeping up with the demands of blogging?

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  1. Manish Ahuja ) says: 5/10/2010

    A really well written post which does add a lot of value and gives enough food for thought. Every reader can adapt at least one/ two points if not all. Practical post and well written. Thanks for sharing.

    Manish :)


    • Jennifer Brown Banks ) says: 5/10/2010

      Thanks, Manish. As a person who gets more out the day than most folks, I really enjoyed sharing these tips! I value your input. :-)


  2. Amy ) says: 5/10/2010

    Jennifer! I think you tackle one of the toughest issues here. Blogging is like exercise. It’s either a priority, or it’s not. Also like exercise, I have found that setting aside a specific time in every day – or two or three times a week – is the best way to insure you’ll do it. Some people like to exercise in the morning, and some at night, but if you just kind of say ‘maybe I’ll try to get a run in today — you probably won’t.



    • Jennifer Brown Banks ) says: 5/10/2010


      I love the exercise analogy. Lord knows I can relate to that one.:-) But, I don’t think that blogging has to necessarily be a “priority”, but it does have to be factored into a routine–whether daily or weekly. And it does require commitment. Thanks for weighing in.


  3. Nimit kashyap ) says: 5/10/2010

    Its very important to update your blog on regular basis with quality content and ther is no doubt that the tips you have provided will going to help us.


    • Jennifer Brown Banks ) says: 5/10/2010

      Thanks, Nimit. I’m glad you found them useful. Thanks for your thoughts.


  4. Nikola ) says: 5/10/2010

    Hey Jen,

    Tip number one resonates with me. Writing is difficult; and sometimes my groove is really out of whack. I like your idea of posting a “beautiful image” or inspirational quote. I know some mom bloggers who participate in “Wordless Wednesdays” by posting an image on their blogs. I just might give this a go come 12 May.

    Thanks for providing creative ways to vanquish the time management beast. :)


  5. Jennifer Brown Banks ) says: 5/10/2010

    You’re welcome, Nikola. Glad I could serve as a “muse” of sorts. :-)
    Remember, as they say, “sometimes less is more.” Good to hear from you today.


  6. Martin Hathaway ) says: 5/10/2010

    This might just be me, but aside from an initial visit to a blog, I don’t usually return to the blog again. Instead I just hook it up to my Google Reader and live off the feeds. Using this approach, I find that the sheer volume of daily content means that I don’t notice if someone hasn’t posted regularly.

    I appreciate that you are looking at this from the bloggers perspective. However, maybe we should consider these (sometimes unavoidable) lapses as a welcome (and deserved) respite. Standing at the buffet you don’t pay any attention to what is missing, only what is there.


  7. Jennifer Brown Banks ) says: 5/10/2010


    I like your thinking.
    Good points that I hadn’t considered. I appreciate the “food for thought.” :-) Thanks for sharing this.


  8. Marcie Hill ) says: 5/12/2010

    I concur with organization. I tried to say that the mess on my desk was adding to productivity when in reality it was counterproductive. Now I have a better handle on my projects, but there is still room for progress. My daily to-do list is great help, too.


  9. Jennifer Brown Banks ) says: 5/12/2010


    Thanks for your input. To-do lists are great for keeping people “on task” and adding to overall organization and efficiency. I too use them–one daily and one weekly.


  10. john paul ) says: 5/18/2010

    I find that using themes for blogging keeps me from “flailing about” when i’m trying to get off the mark writing. Music Monday (fitness playlists), Fit Tuesdays, Lean & Green Wednesdays (EcoAlternative), etc. enjoyed your post. thanks.


    • Jennifer Brown Banks ) says: 5/18/2010

      Clever idea, John Paul. Thanks for sharing this. :-)


  11. Jon ) says: 5/18/2010

    Hey Jennifer,

    Following a blog that does not post a regular basis is definitely frustrating, especially if they come out with quality posts. But sometimes, I may forgive a blog if their next post rocks my socks off.

    I make it a point to post 2-4 times a week, depending on how the week is. Due to the chaotic lifestyle of a full-time college student, I tend to only write in the morning. Therefore, whenever I have pockets of time, I will be jotting down new post ideas, outlining my next blog posts, or scour the Web for ideas. I actually found your blog through Google Alerts for time management.

    Keep up the good work!


  12. Jennifer Brown Banks ) says: 5/18/2010


    So glad you found me through your Google search. It’s good to have you here. Time management is tough for college students and for writing in general—I’ve been there.:-) But if you’re posting 2-4x a week, and keeping up with the other rigors of life, you are doing very well indeed.

    Thanks for your input and your time. Much continued success!