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3 Reasons Why Bloggers Need A Premium Twitter Account

With Twitter about to unveil premium accounts to the paying masses, some bloggers may wonder whether buying a Twitter account is worth the investment, especially if they choose to host their own blog (instead of using an inexpensive blog platform like WordPress or Blogger).

Unless you’re blogging for the fun of it, serious blogging pro’s need to purchase a premium account as refusing to do so (in order to save some money) could lead to the inevitable death of your blog (at least in the twittersphere).

So before you attempt to draw silly arguments why free loading off of Twitter is a smart business move, here are three reasons why you will purchase a premium account, regardless of the price (within reason of course).

Trust, But Verify

There are many ways you can establish trust in the twittersphere via #followfridays, appearing upon numerous Twitter lists and last (but not least) being frequently retweeted (both old style and new).

However none of the above carries as much weight as being verified by Twitter, which can assure new followers that your tweet account officially represents your blog and is not owned by a spammer.

A verified account could also help your blog respond to criticism, media inquiries and potential advertisers (as virtually every marketer on Earth uses Twitter) without them wondering if they tweeted the correct blog owner.

Tweet In Shifts

For blogs with multiple authors, having a premium account can enable your tweet-a-holic contributors to respond to the masses around the clock (especially if your site boasts authors from around the world).

This feature also becomes handy when the main author (or authors) is on vacation, sick or unable to tweet due to a bad cell signal (let alone blog).

Instead of giving out the password (which may not be wise long term) or using a third party service (like Hootsuite), you could simply authorize others to tweet on your blog’s behalf, eliminating a major security hole.

Direct Connection To The Masses

Last but not least a premium account gives you the ability to direct message all of your followers without having to follow all of them and become overwhelmed with their daily drama.

This feature alone is worth the price of a premium account, as it can help your blog’s tweet account follow specific tweeters within your blogging niche, making it easier for followers to identify the topic your blog covers.

While following a user could also help you build loyalty towards your blog, following to many could also hurt your brand (as one may associate your site for a spammer, who often follows all).

Do You Really Need To Pay?

Unless you use your Twitter account for personal reasons (like most people) then a premium account will probably not interest you.

However, if you are building or apart of a blog network with aspirations of destroying your competition then the answer to the question above is a resounding YES!!!

Now that you know that Twitter is releasing premium accounts, do you plan on purchasing one? Let us know in the comment section (and if you disagree be sure to explain why).

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  1. Howard Pavane ) says: 5/11/2010

    Great article. Your assessment of using a Twitter premium account for business purposes is well founded. Now that I know that Twitter is planning to offer these accounts I will most likely sign-up, unless the price is exceptionally high. I use my Twitter account for both personal and business, the business side being the fact that I am professional songwriter trying to build my brand. I have been looking into different blogging resources – right now I only blog on my MySpace musician acct. However, if Twitter offers a blogging service that integrates with my existing Twitter acct. it seems like the easiest and best way to build upon my branding efforts. Kind of like killing the two bird theory. I would be willing to pay Twitter for a service that does all you say. I hope that Twitter is planning to initiate this service very soon. I am willing to wait a few months, but I really need to start blogging ASAP. Do you have any idea when Twitter plans to start this service?


  2. Jaime-Ann ) says: 5/12/2010

    Darnell you bring us some very strong points about those who should get a Twitter premium account vs. those who should pass. I am in complete agreement with you on the topic. If there is a service that is particularly aimed at those for promoting purposes then why would you take the cheap way out and skip the premium service? It would be best if Twitter were to offer some sort of a free-trial of their premium packages (or whatever they will call it) to help get some avid Tweeters on it and promoting it as well. But in all reality, in order to get the best possible marketing, audience, and access to the right tools it will cost you – no if’s, and’s, or but’s about it!


  3. motiodesign ) says: 5/12/2010

    lol I just know that theres twitter premium account


  4. Darnell Clayton ) says: 5/12/2010

    @Howard: Twitter is still beta testing this, although like you I will probably pay for a premium account (although I wonder if they will offer discount prices for those with multiple accounts for multiple blogs).

    @Jaime: Yep, the old proverb “You get what you pay for” still rings true. The more people that recognize this, the less whining there will be in the world. ;-)


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