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Review Magic Members, a WordPress Membership Plugin

At some point in time you will, most likely, find yourself in the position where you’d like to take your WordPress site to the next level. That next level can be a transformation to a community site like BuddyPress, but another popular option is a membership site. This is where Magic Members comes in. Magic Members is a WordPress plugin that enables you to have the ability to offer different membership access levels to different areas, such as a download area.

Of course, you can also use this plugin when you start a new site from scratch or as a spin-off of your current site. Really, the sky is the limit. This plugin takes care of everything you can think of regarding a site depending on paid members.


Magic Members comes with a lot of features and when I say a lot, I do mean a lot. The 5 most important features in my opinion are listed below.

  1. Multiple Membership Levels: This allows you to control access to different levels across your membership site. An option that enables you to be as flexible as you want to be in how you make your content available on different levels throughout the site.
  2. Flexible Membership Options: Next to the different levels of membership, you can also set different membership billing options with an unlimited amount of subscriptions. You can decide in what time interval you would like to charge, be it daily, weekly, monthly or even annually, you will have complete control in how your members pay for their subscriptions. In addition to that you can also set the subscription length.
  3. Login Redirection: To further your flexibility you can set which page people are redirected to when they’ve logged in. Something that gives a very professional look and feel to your site.
  4. Payment Integration Modules: You can setup your membership site with different payment modules such as PayPal,, ClickBank, and WorldPay. A must have option when you want to be as flexible as can be.
  5. Sequential Course Delivery System: A very powerful feature with which you control what your members see. This feature allows you to create delays (in days) before your members see certain content or articles. It allows you to develop your content and make it available to your members on a weekly or monthly basis.
  • More features Like I mentioned, there are a lot more features. You can find them on the feature page for Magic Members.

Setting it up

Magic Members menuSetting up Magic Members is as easy as activating any plugin. Once activated you will find an added menu below your WordPress Settings menu. In it you will find a menu with all the different options you need. Magic Members makes use of a dashboard on which you will find different stats like Magic Members Subscription Status, Member Statistics and Purchased Posts. The other menu options are:

  • Magic Members
  • Members
  • Content Control
  • Pay Per Post
  • Payment Options
  • Misc. Settings
  • Support Docs

Now going through all the different menus and their tabs seems difficult but once you dive into it, it’s not that hard. Take in account that you have an extremely flexible plugin. You will have to go through the settings to unleash its true potential.

Why I like Magic Members

There is a lot to be liked about Magic Members. What I like most about it is that it is a very flexible system with lots of options to choose from. These kinds of plugins only work if they’ve been developed with a keen eye on what the market actually wants, and that seems to be the case with Magic Members.

Room for improvement

However, there is room for improvement. Even though navigating through the menu is pretty self explanatory, I would have liked to see a bit more of a manual kind of thing. Perhaps something like an overview of what your next steps need to be and can be. Yes, there is a solid link to the Support Docs, I still would have like to see something of a path to go by. The other thing I’d personally like to see is when a WordPress plugin acts and looks like it part of WordPress. Something the Gravity Forms plugin (look here for my Gravity Forms review) does perfectly for instance. A matching design does wonders in my opinion.


I’ll cut right to the chase, Magic Members is not a cheap plugin. A single use 1 domain installation costs $ 97 dollars, a 3 users, 3 domains version costs $ 197 and the unlimited version costs $ 297. More information on their pricing you can find here. Steep prices, but on the other hand you do get an extensively flexible membership plugin. I think it depends on the type of products and the expected amount of sales you’re selling whether Magic Members is for you, but if you’re looking for a solid WordPress membership plugin you should give them a try. They do have a 30 day money back guarantee.

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  1. ali says: 5/14/2010

    A must use if you wish to use Membership. Thanks Remkus


  2. James says: 5/14/2010

    Is this new? It looks quite promising!
    I’ll definitely go with this one for my forex training site.

    Thanks for the detailed review.


  3. wp membership reviews says: 5/31/2010

    Magic Members is the best WordPress membership plugin on the market.

    There is a very good comparison of four such plugins at the link provided:

    Out of the four compared, Magic Members is suggested as the winner.

    Great post!


  4. Roger Lee says: 10/29/2010

    Thank you Remkus for your great article! Do you know if Magic Members work with W3 Total Cache Plugin? I had some other plugins not compatible…
    THANKS for your feedback!


  5. kd says: 4/9/2011

    I’ve tried this software … it doesn’t work … and they refuse to refund my mones


  6. Alan Boyer says: 6/29/2011

    I bought MagicMembers because it seemed to hvae some more versatile things I could do, and especially because it is supposed to work with PayPal.

    However, after using it I’m not happy. I’ve had several functions that didn’t work right and when asking for hep from support, at least the first few answers were to go back to the insutrctions, which hadn’t worked for me in the first place. In face, they are very difficult to read. For some of the answers I finall got I had to go to other sites to get the answers.

    Finally, the support team volunteered to go to my website and fix it for tme. I thought that was great, but I’m still struggling, and had someone tell me that it wouldn’t work with a PayPal BUY NOW button, and that I had to use their registration page which didn’t even have a purchase button on it. And the reason I bought it was to use it with my PayPal account, and the reason I had initiated the original support request that is now into it’s 3rd day was to get the PayPal interface working, but after they announce “it’s working” I find that it’s not working with PayPal even now.

    I’m really about ready to chuck it and go to Wishlist.
    If anyone has suggestions I’m open.


  7. vHv ) says: 7/16/2011

    will try to use… thnks


  8. Glenn Pegden says: 7/25/2011

    If you want something similar but much better, check out Your Members. Magic Members was originally based on v1.5 of YM (YM have just released v10), but the two products have grown apart these days As well as everything MM can do (bar a few minor payment and mail gateways) YM now includes things like secure video streaming, adaptive pricing, even selling your protected content inside Facebook, as well as many years with of minor enhancements and bug fixes.

    What’s more, it’s all developed and supported in-house, so everyone knows it inside out (we still laugh at one of the MM tutorial videos where it’s obvious the person recording the video doesn’t know what the options mean), our team can be found on the forums and on twitter, so you know exactly who you’re dealing with, rather than some anonymous help desk system. We pride ourselves on our support as you can see by the huge number of testimonials we have on the front page.

     Check out for more info.


    • John says: 10/17/2012

      I wish YourMembers could’ve been the solution for my site. But because of the convoluted nature of the member register and upgrade system, it didn’t work for me.
      I was given conflicting answers by their support team. And eventually I had to move to a different plugin.
      I tried to get a refund within the 14-day refund policy (looks like they’ve since extended it to 30 days) but I was stonewalled. I was polite and respectful and followed their instructions requesting that refund.
      Tim eventually quoted their refund policy: “By default and on all our products we offer a 14 day refund policy on all goods if they do not meet the expectations within our marketing material or are not compatible with the default WordPress install”
      It’s my fault that I didn’t recognize this as a the dreaded “fine print” that allows shady businesses APPEAR as if they are offering assurance about their product, when in reality they’re just trying to say whatever it takes to get your money now. And they have no intention of giving it back later under any circumstances.
      I would’ve gladly paid twice what was charged for this product if it would’ve worked for me. Instead, I paid $99 for a lot of wasted time and effort. And I have YourMembers to thank.
      So, if you’re going to try YourMembers for a membership plugin, I hope you have better luck than I did. And beware that their Refund policy really seems to be a No-Refund policy. FYI.


  9. Membership service says: 8/30/2011

    Thank you for the review. We switched
    to Magic Members lately. We were usually using different membership
    plugins on different projects since every customer requests a unique
    feature. With Magic Members we can use Roles and Capabilities easily. It
    saves us a lot of time and also allows us to use different free plugins
    to integrate with it.

    We also like the ability to purchase multiple membership level with multiple payment gateway.


  10. Ron Smith says: 2/8/2012

    Avoid Your Members at all costs.

    In Your Members, UK-based Coding Futures have created a piece of software that is as horrible as it is poorly tested.

    This thing is so unstable and unpredictable that every time you change a setting, you are rolling the dice. Will your members disappear for no reason? Will you have to find a special patch to fix the damage done by an upgrade? I don’t know how its creators can both charge $99+ and view themselves in the mirror every morning. I’ve seen sturdier code design in books on programming your Atari 400.


  11. Nad says: 2/13/2012

    We are using Magic Members with eWay payment gateway for 3 months. Magic Members failing to update some members and their credit card charged by eWay. When they can not login they try to renew the account and Magic Members billing them for the second time. Magic Members tech support pretending to be trying to resolve this. But after three months we still have customers calling in and their accounts Magic Members failed to update their accounts while eWay billed their credit cards. I do not recommend Magic Members for paid services.


  12. Adriana says: 2/24/2012

    thanks for share!


  13. adrabind9999 ) says: 5/13/2012

    It was amazing.I have read this and the question that has come to my mind that
    Is this new? It looks quite promising!
    I’ll definitely go with this one for my forex training site.

    A lot of Thanks for the detailed review.


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