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WordPress Book Review: WordPress & Ajax

Over the past few weeks I’ve had the
privilege of reading an excellent WordPress book titled, WordPress & Ajax by Ronald Huereca which has led me to write this in-depth review; and I must say that it has been added to my developer’s book arsenal. Being a developer myself, although new to Ajax, I welcomed the opportunity to learn more and advance my skills towards developing my own dynamic themes and plugins enhanced by Ajax.

Although it took me a few weeks to read because of my busy schedule, WordPress & Ajax is a mere 251 pages with 15 very relevant chapters. There is not a single page wasted as Ronald seeks to help his readers master the beautiful art of Ajax and WordPress.

Who Needs This Book?

As Ronald rightfully gave his warnings in the introduction, this book is not for the faint of heart or the not so tech savvy. It is an absolute requirement that you have prior knowledge of PHP and jQuery at the intermediate level to have any understanding of the techniques being taught. There is very little mention of the basics of Ajax itself so Ronald gets right to the point and tackles the major and minor requirements for developing functional and compatible Ajax driven WordPress themes and plugins.

The Key Features

Ronald has gone the extra mile to ensure that readers of his book develop at the highest standards by giving concise directions and expert insight on how to do so. WordPress and Ajax provides tons of practical and comprehensive code examples to get the job done while covering key areas such as:

  • Compatibility
  • Maximum Security
  • Ajax Best Practices
  • Adding Scripts Correctly to WordPress
  • Speed & Efficiency
  • Functionality & Relevance
  • Localizing Javascript files
  • Useful & Unique Debugging Techniques

All his guides are focused on jQuery, WordPress & PHP. Personally, I find it difficult to learn new concepts without real examples and Ronald completes his work excellently by showing us how he greatly improved and created the plugin WP Grins Lite and how he constructed the Static Random Posts widget with Ajax capabilities as well as how to integrate Coupon Codes with dynamic Paypal Buy Now buttons. This puts the icing on the cake for me and offers that extra encouragement to start improving and developing Ajax driven plugins.

Ronald ingeniously shares his knowledge from his personal and unique experiences with Ajax, PHP and jQuery along with his witty and often humorous writing style that makes very technical tasks as easy as possible on the brain. Each chapter flows naturally with quick and easy reference to previous points, notes and code requirements.

The Conclusion

WordPress & Ajax is not for everyone to pick up and grasp and is specifically for the focused WordPress plugin and theme developer who wants to add some dynamism to plain old development and design. If you do have an intermediate knowledge of PHP and jQuery though, Ronald’s book will definitely help push you to the next level of WordPress development.


WordPress & Ajax is priced at an affordable $24 and is a reasonable investment for the aspiring Ajax theme and plugin developer. This provides unlimited updates that are sent via e-mail.

So, If you’ve been itching to get your hands dirty with some serious code and make your mark in Ajax and WordPress development then this book is a Must Buy!

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  1. Damian ) says: 5/17/2010

    I agree 100% — this book is an ajax/WordPress developer’s dream. I got this for free by buying a subscription to Ronald’s Ajax Comments plugin — which was a great deal. Either way, it’s worth it’s weight in gold.


  2. Robyn from Sam's Web Guide ) says: 5/17/2010

    Hey Damian,

    Thanks for sharing that :)

    It really is an awesome book.


  3. Ronald Huereca ) says: 5/18/2010

    Thanks Robyn for the wonderful review.

    Thank you kindly. I appreciate it.

    If you follow this link, you can get the book for $10 off (final total of $14). I’ll leave the coupon active for at least another week, depending on how popular it is.


    • Robyn from Sam's Web Guide ) says: 5/18/2010

      No problem Ronald and thanks a lot for sharing that coupon with our readers. Much appreciated! :D


  4. lance says: 5/24/2010

    I just got done with the preview. I spent all day on google trying to learn ajax in wordpress. I learned more reading the preview then I have all day. So I just purchased it and, while I’m supposed to be working in a few hours, am going to stay up reading what I can.


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    I spent all day on google trying to learn ajax in wordpress. I learned more reading the preview then I have all day


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