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  1. Amílcar Tavares

    I love the browser-based Aviary –

  2. Woody

    GIMP is also great. Just nudges out for me.

  3. TXCHLInstructor

    I’ll second Woody’s mention of Gimp. Gimp does pretty much everything that Photoshop will do, and it is free open-source. It’s not light-weight, and requires a fairly powerful computer for decent performance (although I have actually run it on a 500 MHz Pentium IV), but it is well-documented, more than adequate, runs the same on every platform I use (XP, Win7, Ubuntu, and OSX) and the price is right. I use it for processing passport photos (brightness and contrast correction, mostly, but occasionally, I’ll need to do a color balance) for my CHL classes, along with an old Samsung dye-sub printer.

  4. Social Media Strategy

    I gotta go with Gimp also – it’s awesome.. though there’s a bit of a learning and getting used to factor for newbies but once you do it’s a lot easier and more functional than most programs.

    The only thing I don’t like about it is the floating toolbars vs having them anchored somewhere. I’m old school and like to have a full-screen workspace w/ the image in the center.

  5. huramatatic

    I would like to mention Pinta which is a kind of Paint.NET clone for Windows, Linux and Mac, although it would just be an alternative for Windows users at this time, as it is not yet as feature rich as Paint.NET.

    You can find it here:

    I’m using Pinta on Ubuntu and like it very much.

    If you are interested, then make sure you get the most recent version which is 0.3 at this time, as it has great improvements over previous version with several more tools, and 25 new effects.

  6. Than

    Most photographers use Adobe Lightroom 3 or Apple Aperture – I don’t think anything on this blog comes close to that in terms of what those programs are capable of or offer. PS isn’t really a photographers 1st first port of call to LR or Aperture.

    • Franky Branckaute

      Hi Than, I don’t think professional photographers are the target demographic of Blogging Pro.

  7. codename
    online photo editors list

  8. nobi
    12/3/2011 is another one, it is virtually Photoshop with very few limitations.If you’ve ever used photoshop before you will be right at home with this one.

  9. farhan

    very us full

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