Do You Have Good Blogging Karma? 4 Ways To Create It

Whether you’re new to the blogging game, or have earned the equivalent experience of black belt status, you’ll find that “skill” is not the only factor to blogging success.
One often overlooked area to maximizing good fortune and longevity is good karma.

That’s right, Karma.
Clueless to what this is?
Karma is a Buddhist principle that believes that we each bring upon ourselves good or bad results based upon what we put forth in the universe in this life and in reincarnation.

That’s some pretty heavy stuff!
But simply think of it as the basic reaping and sowing philosophy.
Now that you know what it is, let’s look at a few key ways to make it work in the blogging world.

Creating Good Karma-Key Points

1. Follow the Golden Rule— In other words, “Do unto others…”. If your blog has benefited from guest post of others, return the favor. Nobody is saying that for every person that posts at your site, you have to post at theirs. That might not be practical nor prudent. However, it’s not groovy to always be a receiver, but never a giver. Don’t be a “blog snob”. Act accordingly.
2. Share Information—Be generous with what you know. Whether it’s through blog posts, Tweets, or comments, always strive to be a valuable resource within the blogging community. “Each one teach one.”
3. Take the High Road (there’s less traffic)!—Even when you differ in opinions with others learn to disagree without being disagreeable. Sometimes we have to choose our battles wisely. Don’t engage in word wars where nobody wins.
4. Be a Cheerleader For Others’ Success—Offer kudos and kind wishes whenever a friend or fellow blogger in your circle scores a blogging gig, or reaches a new plateau. It’s not necessary to be competitive all the time. Not to mention, it can be pretty exhausting.

Follow these four tips and you’ll earn the respect and appreciation of fellow bloggers, and satisfy your karmic debt in this life and the next. 🙂

Feel free to share your perspective on any of these principles. Do you agree or disagree with blogging karma?

Photo Credit: Attila Jandl

Author: Jennifer Brown Banks

Jennifer Brown Banks is a veteran freelance writer, popular relationship columnist, and Pro Blogger. When she’s not immersed in the world of words, she digs simple pleasures like cooking, Jazz music, Karaoke and a good cup of tea. She is the former Senior Editor of Mahogany Magazine.

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  1. Yea. To get something we should give something too. If all we just wanna receive then who will give! Without paying respect we should not expect respect. Right?

  2. Jen,
    Your posts are always positive, always informative, and always motivational – a few reasons I continue to check in. Many thanks and please keep it up. 🙂 – Nikola

  3. Nikola,

    Thanks much for your input. It’s folks like you that keep this “motivator” motivated! 🙂

  4. Nice post. I particularly like #3. Words hurt, period. Karma is determined by everything you say, everything you do and everything you think. Intention plays an important role. I try to keep that in mind at all times.

  5. Jennifer Brown Banks says:

    Thanks, Andrew. Words do hurt. And many times they have a more lasting impact than physical “wounds.” I’m learning to take it all in stride, more and more as I blog for the long haul.
    As they say “consider the source.” 🙂
    But sometimes, it’s difficult to assess “intent” when communicating online, as we don’t have the benefit of body language, or tone of voice to factor into the process. I appreciate your thoughts and your time.

  6. Hi Jennifer-

    Your “Karma” blogging points are spot on! I’m relating to them all, but 1 & 2 resonates in my writing/blogging experience. Lessons learned from childhood to always sow seeds and pay it forward, termed (pass it on in my day), because you’ll definitely reap what you sow:)

    Shine On!


    • Thanks, Clara…so true. In my experiences to date, I’ve seen and heard the best and worst of blogging stories. To quote a favorite expression of mine, “It’ nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.”
      I appreciate you stopping by today! Keep dancin’…!

  7. I agree. I always try to put good blog karma out there!

  8. Your posts are very usefull to maintain a neat and clean blog. he he
    Nice title you gave Blog Karma. I agree that there should be some policies and planning for the road to sucess

  9. I don’t know about my karma. I know I’m always giving in my posts, but I don’t know if people care. However, I am looking to start or find a battle that is relevant and timely. I try to treat others the way I want to be treated. I’m a little untimely in doing so at times, but I try. Lastly, I’m always a cheerleader for others. So, I guess I have pretty good karma…outside of my blog.

    • Marcie,

      I appreciate your input. I look forward to seeing what new “battles” you decide to explore, because I’m sure it will provide for interesting reading. 😉 Thanks for your thoughts.

  10. Baby Strangeloop says:
  11. Nice post Jen.
    As a newcomer to the blogging world I am still learning the ropes (and desperate for people to read my posts!). But its good to see that this is one sphere where kindness seems to pay.
    I’m really enjoying the experience so far!
    Keep up the good work.

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