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How To Command Influence & Authority Through Blogging

What is your purpose for blogging and what does it
provide for your audience? Is it simply a personal journal of your daily life, a venture for achieving success, a source of valuable information and guidance for others or are you just following a formula that seems to work for everyone else? Hopefully, you can answer these or similar questions for yourself since for any successful venture you need to have clearly defined goals for what you want to achieve.

More specifically you should be genuinely connecting with your audience with the ultimate goal of knowing your readers better, providing truly beneficial content for them which will in turn capture a dedicated following for your blog. We should be emulating the likes of Chris Brogan or Darren Rowse, to name a few, who have over the years built a huge audience and following who are tuned in to the words of wisdom these bloggers are providing.

So How Do You Become A Truly Influential Blogger?

In no scenario does this sought after status occur overnight; it takes passion, dedication, study in your field and consistency to achieve. I was reading a few articles on Darren Rowse’s website and realized that he has been blogging on since 2004. That’s 6 years since he has started blogging and for what I know about Darren, he started blogging as a complete newbie. He started from nothing and was not an expert in his field at all.

After reading through his articles in the huge time line, I notice that he has not been using any magic formula for his success. His success simply required the basic ingredients for all major accomplishments in any area of life. Which are passion, dedication, consistent blogging and a desire to truly know what your audience is craving for.

So the commanding influence and authority that many of us desire as bloggers is well within reach. It depends on how we apply our skills and how far we are willing to go with it. Bearing in mind, however, that if you notice 100 million blogs doing the same things and are talking about the same topics then something truly extraordinary needs to be done. We simply cannot chose to pursue our passion and blindly execute our goals. We must conduct targeted market research to see how best we can bring something unique to the table and truly stand out as a pro-blogger.

Keys To Obtaining Authority

Therefore, in summary, here are the most important things we should be aiming at to truly push our blogging journey to its limits:

1) Be Original – To truly stand out, its a waste of time to be just average. You know for yourself that you won’t spend the time to read articles that are old news.

2) Be Awesome -Always go the extra mile to provide more useful information than the average blogger.

3) Learn Something New Each Day -Depending on your niche, you will be better able to provide unique content that appeals to your audience. If you are consistently providing new techniques and strategies to help your audience in their field then you will be their first choice, every time.

4) Be Professional – Operate your blog like a business. Always be a step ahead of what the market is producing.

5) Connect With Your Readers – While being professional, be super social! Respond to your readers’ requests, questions and feedback. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook and the other major social sites. This is where they get their information and spent most of their online time.


Would you define yourself as a pro-blogger? If yes, share a little about your journey and how you won the hearts of your readers and command influence and authority. We would love to hear from you.

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  1. John Paul ) says: 6/4/2010

    thanks for the article. I have just begun my blog and find it challenging. I have definite goals and have found that “themes” keep me on track . Not many followers yet.
    pls ck out my blog & let me know what you think. I would appreciate the feedback.
    yhx, jp



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