Performancing Metrics

5 Ways to Advance Your Blogging Swagger!

Lights, camera, action!
Each time you prepare your words for online viewing and hit the “publish” button, you’re on stage.

A virtual stage. Before a crowd of thousands, potentially millions.
Will you rock them? Will you be worth the price of admission?
Will you cultivate new fans or fall short of expectations?
You decide.

It all depends on your blogging “SWAGGER”.
What’s swagger? No, it’s not a dance.
Swagger is defined as one’s style. One popular dictionary describes it as, “to walk or strut with a defiant air.”
Some even call it the “it factor.” Michael Jackson had it. Madonna had it. Cher had it.
Now that you’re on board with what it is, here’s how to use it to advance your blogging game.
1. Be Fearless— Don’t be afraid to speak your mind and your own personal truths. You’re a grown up and peer pressure should have played out in high school. Don’t let negative comments or negative vibes keep you from expressing who you are and your unique perspectives. It’s impossible to please all of the people all of the time. Just don’t be opinionated in a way that’s purposely offensive. That’s not cool or clever.
2. Be Original— Resist the urge to be a copycat. Don’t be lazy. Come up with your own creative topics and twists. It’s okay to study what works for top bloggers in your niche, but develop your own unique style and voice. Remember that there are millions of bloggers, but nobody can do you better than you. :-)
3. Be Controversial— Don’t always play it safe. There’s no growth in it. Take a stand on things that are important to you and your belief system. Fight for the underdog if you’re so inclined. But do so in a way that shows grace and good will.
4. Be Colorful— Show us your sense of humor when the situation dictates. Make us laugh at our mistakes. Humor is to writing what spices are to collard greens. A great example would be the late Erma Bombeck.
5. Be Passionate— I’ve said this before but it bears repeating. Don’t “half step”. If you do, it’ll show. Engage us. Excite us.Give your best. Enhance the blogging community with your contributions.

Confidence, not cock(i)ness is key!

Follow these five tips and you’re sure to be a crowd pleaser with repeat performances!

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  1. Steve ) says: 6/1/2010

    It’s amazing, when you think about it, how all five of these steps are intertwined somehow. All I think are equally important, but I’m thinking that being passionate about what you’re writing MAY be the most important?



  2. Jennifer Brown Banks ) says: 6/1/2010


    You’re on point with your observation here. Passion is a prerequisite to anything for which we aspire to have successful results. Blogging is no different. Thanks for your time and input.


  3. Jennifer ) says: 6/1/2010

    I loved this post. I thought about my oldest son when I read this post who is 14. He walks around with his swag on and thinks he is a gift to the world. Lately I have been thinking about the tone and style of my blog and I realize today that what I am really trying to do is figure out my style so I can get my swag on. I have yet to figure out how to incorporate my style and personality into my blog without alienating to many people. While being passionate is very important, it is the be “fearless” suggestion that really hit home for me. Maybe I should talk to my son about getting my “swag” on.

    Again loved the post,


  4. Jennifer Brown Banks ) says: 6/1/2010


    I loved your comments! Teens really do know how to get their “swag” on! As for you…give yourself some time to figure it out; the answers will come. I actually started several blogs before I found success with my current one. As for not wanting to “alienate” anyone, sometimes we do even when we don’t try! Don’t focus on that as much as quality content and being your true self.

    I’ll be rooting for you on the sidelines! Thanks for your input today. :-)


  5. Jennifer ) says: 6/1/2010


    Thanks so much. I wrote a post for my blog today about my dilemma, it really is something I have been doing a lot of thinking about lately. I also included a picture of my son if you would like to take a look at him.

    Thank for rooting for me.



    • Jennifer Brown Banks ) says: 6/1/2010


      …Took a look at your site. Your son seems awesome; you must be proud.
      Left a comment on your blog.


  6. David Finch ) says: 6/1/2010

    Passion is the fuel that powers all of our initiatives. It’s the source that gets us through when everything else doesn’t seem to be working. It’s also the attitude behind the “swagger!”

    Nice post… Thanks for your insight.


  7. Jennifer Brown Banks ) says: 6/1/2010


    My pleasure. I appreciate your feedback today.


  8. Nikola ) says: 6/1/2010

    Hi Jen,

    Finding one’s “voice” is probably a challenge for all new writers – present company included. :) I just finished reading William Zinsser’s ‘On Writing Well’; he definitely has his swagger on! Thanks for sharing.

    – Nikola


    • Jennifer Brown Banks ) says: 6/2/2010


      Thanks for your input here. Someone else recommended him as well. I’ll have to check it out.


    • Marcie Hill ) says: 6/7/2010

      I love that book! I’m looking to have my writing pieces to be as equally as engaging as his book. He makes writing feels like the easiest and most interesting discipline in the world – and it is to writers – but anyone who reads it can understand it.


      • Jennifer Brown Banks ) says: 6/7/2010

        Cool, if you have it, next time I(plan) to run in to you, I’d like to take a look at it. :-)


  9. Earthianne ) says: 6/6/2010

    You just gave me the confidence to forge ahead, as I, new to blogging, become more and more ‘daring’ with some of what I’ll post (though as you say, without ‘cockiness’). Thank you.


    • Jennifer Brown Banks ) says: 6/6/2010


      Glad I could be of service. CARPE DIEM!
      Thanks for the feedback today. :-)


  10. Annette ) says: 6/7/2010

    I think my biggest fear is taking on a controversial position. I have no qualms about writing a post critical of a particular subject but when it comes to dealing with the reactions, I get scared. I just try to remember to it takes courage to stand up for what you believe. But I do wish I had more “swagger” when it comes to that.


  11. Jennifer Brown Banks ) says: 6/7/2010


    Thanks for weighing in today. Your situation is quite common. I think it’s a personal decision that has to be evaluated on several levels. Your motive? The perceived repercussions? The nature of the controversy? The treatment of the topic? Etc.
    But, I think that all “passionate”, good writers at some point or another find themselves faced with this conundrum at one time or another. I don’t write on controversial topics often—but when it serves the “greater good” and I feel compelled to do so, I do.
    I think it was the poet Maya Angelou who stated, “Have courage. It is that from which all other virtues come.” Choose, but choose wisely. I appreciate your thoughts and your time.


  12. Marcie Hill ) says: 6/7/2010

    I really want to discuss race in America on my blog, As NOT Seen on TV, but have been hesitant to do so. Confessions of blogger: I’m a punk. Getting advice from people to be careful about writing that topic isn’t helping either. Why am I afraid ? These are my thoughts and my views, right? And it’s also my blog. I think talking about race in this alleged “post-racial” era is a little scary. However, I personally feel it’s needed since race is all in our faces, yet it’s not being discussed like I feel it should be.

    So, I’m going to move forward fearlessly with my controversial topic. My passion will be felt through my original thoughts. While I don’t know how colorful I can be with this topic, I will definitely try my best to bring out the funny in this madness.


    • Jennifer Brown Banks ) says: 6/7/2010


      You’re a woman of God. If you believe that he had chosen you to use your words as a “ministry” of sorts, then trust him to “have your back” as we say. :-)

      However, he does give us “discernment” for a reason as well. Thanks for your “confession.” :-)


    • Jennifer Brown Banks ) says: 6/7/2010


      I also need to add to my former statement. I don’t know if you remember, but some years ago CHRIS ROCK made the cover of a very influential magazine, (I believe it was Time Magazine), as the “funniest man in America.” And if anyone has ever viewed his stand up routines, there’s no doubting, Chris is a controversial dude!
      Particularly when he discusses race relations in America.
      But, part of his popularity is due in part to the fact that his humor is honest.

      He says what others “think” but are afraid to say. So in my “humble” opinion, I must reiterate that it depends on how the topic is handled. Not to mention, Howard Stern made a pretty good living as the “shock jock.” Didn’t he?


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