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5 Lessons on Letting Go From the LOST Finale

The LOST finale on ABC is over and fans of the show who invested an emotionally-charged half decade were rewarded with more answers than questions. A show that examined science vs. faith and “good” vs. “evil” ended up being a “simple” tale of holding on to your true love and learning how to let go.

Here are five blogging habits that you should let go of immediately.

Let go of…

PERFECTION. How many times are you going to re-write that blog? For how long are you going to plan? Do everything you can to check your facts and produce compelling content, but at some point, you just have to let it go. Hit the publish button and walk away. Just make sure you have good blogging karma! Read More

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20 Business Blog Posts that Add Value

It’s important that the content on your business blog is interesting, entertaining, useful, or helpful. In other words, your business blog posts must add value to the user-experience on your blog.

So what should you write about on your business blog?

That’s a common question that many businesses struggle to answer. Fortunately, I compiled a list of 20 business blog posts that add value to your blog, which are listed below:

1. Industry news

What’s going on in your industry? Write about news, changes, and so on.

2. Company news

Is there anything interesting in your company’s future? Share an insider’s perspective of your office or store on your business blog (without revealing proprietary information). Read More

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Do You Have Good Blogging Karma? 4 Ways To Create It

Whether you’re new to the blogging game, or have earned the equivalent experience of black belt status, you’ll find that “skill” is not the only factor to blogging success.
One often overlooked area to maximizing good fortune and longevity is good karma.

That’s right, Karma.
Clueless to what this is?
Karma is a Buddhist principle that believes that we each bring upon ourselves good or bad results based upon what we put forth in the universe in this life and in reincarnation.

That’s some pretty heavy stuff!
But simply think of it as the basic reaping and sowing philosophy.
Now that you know what it is, let’s look at a few key ways to make it work in the blogging world. Read More

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The Golden Rules Of Effective Blog Strategy Building

The importance of blog strategy
building can never be exaggerated, at least not for the bloggers who dream of living the internet lifestyle. Most, if not all, individuals have general goals for what they want to achieve in life. Unfortunately, having general goals alone do not guarantee success in any venture, especially blogging.

Only the truly exception bloggers with the exceptional attitude and vision will inevitable experience the joys and freedom of living the internet lifestyle. However, what are the characteristics and practices that will help secure this level of success and how do you effectively execute goals aimed at it? I will show you how. Read More

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Working Behind the WordPress Curtains

A lot of times I hear people asking how to best approach fiddling around with certain design elements in their current theme without their visitors seeing any mistakes they make. A different version of the same question is about wanting to implement a complete new design and layout and optimize it to your liking. Also without you bothering your regular visitors. There is a very simple solution for that that requires a only a few simple steps.

Just a Few Steps

The only thing you need to do for this to work is installing the Theme Test Drive. There is a different way of seeing how your site would look like in a new a new theme, by the way. Read More

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When to Delete a Blog Post or Comment

Every sport has unwritten rules, and blogging is no different. One unofficial “law” is that you should never delete any of your blog posts or the comments left by readers. But I’m not convinced. People are always talking about “online life” vs. “real life,” but the reality is, we only have ONE life. The way we manage either component trickles into the other. That’s why I submit to you reasons when it is OK to delete a blog post or comment. These are 100% opinion-based, and this isn’t gonna be any fun if you don’t play along. Read my thoughts and comment below…I promise not to delete any of your thoughts. (Well, maybe.) Read More

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Featured Blogger Jobs Week 20, May 2010

This week the BloggingPro bloggers job board has two new featured job listings.

For more information about our job board and how to be featured, read our job board introduction post. For only $25 your job will be listed as featured for 30 days, additionally your listing will be mentioned in a weekly review post here on BloggingPro and on our sister site BloggerJobs. Read More

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Political Blogs May Be Regulated By The FEC

It looks like American bloggers could face a new threat that may make people think twice before criticizing their political leaders online.

Apparently the US government thinks bloggers are becoming a public hazard, and like a few other industries (i.e. airplanes, banks and nuclear power plants) need to be regulated by the government (in this case the Federal Election Commission).

The Obama administration has announced plans to regulate the Internet through the Federal Communications Commission, extending its authority over broadband providers to police web traffic, enforcing “net neutrality.” Read More

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Quality or Quantity? Which is More Important to Blogging Success?

Have you ever wondered why many singers and performing artists produce smash hit albums, then you don’t hear from them for months after…maybe even years?

You know the ones.
Their tunes top record charts, they do the TV shows and the tours, then they go into hibernation underground. It almost seems that they’ve fallen off the face of the earth.

Some examples that come to mind would be Sade, Mariah Carey, Barbara Streisand, and Janet Jackson.
Are you with me here…? Read More

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5+7 Tips to Spark Blogging Inspiration

If you’ve written or blogged for at least a few months, you know that inspiration comes and goes. It’s not always lack of ideas that stop you from getting that next blog post out — often it’s having too many ideas and having doubts about what to write. Here are a few tips to spark some blogging inspiration, that have worked for me in the past.

Scanning For Ideas

The first step is scan for sources of ideas. Yeah, I know that I said you might have too many ideas, but we’ll take care of that in the next section.

  1. Scan the blogosphere. The first thing I usually do to start a blogging day is check my favorite aggregators and portals. I like to use Techmeme, Alltop, YourVersion, Google Reader. Depending on the niche that I’m blogging, I might check other similar tools or have my own custom aggregators that I’ve built in WordPress. Read More

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