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Warning: Hit and Run Traffic Likely to Cause Severe Blog Damage

This is a guest entry by Jonathan Beebe is an online entrepreneur and writes at MMO Work.

One day, a man—let’s call him Jack—was having a nice relaxing day at home, away from the office. Suddenly, he remembers that he wanted to look up this interesting thing he’d overheard one of his co-workers talking about earlier on that week. It was a strange word, “blogging”, which didn’t tell Jack a whole lot in itself, so he decided it was time to “Google it” and off to the computer he was.

Jack types his search in and scrolls down the listings a little until he finds one that seemed to just “call out” to him. Lo and behold, it was YOUR blog that he found! He took the time to read your entire article, learned a lot, but was craving more—needless to say, his interest was officially peaked and you’ve done your job perfectly thus far.

But then, just as Jack was getting ready to click on one of the “Related Articles” at the bottom of the page, his cellphone rings. He see’s it’s from work and immediately answers. As it turns out, Jack is needed at an important meeting that just came up. He then shuts everything down, gets himself ready, and heads off to his “surprise” work day. Read More

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Review Magic Members, a WordPress Membership Plugin

At some point in time you will, most likely, find yourself in the position where you’d like to take your WordPress site to the next level. That next level can be a transformation to a community site like BuddyPress, but another popular option is a membership site. This is where Magic Members comes in. Magic Members is a WordPress plugin that enables you to have the ability to offer different membership access levels to different areas, such as a download area.

Of course, you can also use this plugin when you start a new site from scratch or as a spin-off of your current site. Really, the sky is the limit. This plugin takes care of everything you can think of regarding a site depending on paid members.


Magic Members comes with a lot of features and when I say a lot, I do mean a lot. The 5 most important features in my opinion are listed below. Read More

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When to Use a Blogging Pen Name

For years I wrestled with how to credit myself as a blog author. I was conflicted as to whether I should use my real name or a pseudonym. Somewhere along the line, I reached what I considered a happy medium; I used different variations of my name for different blogs. The thinking being that if someone was searching for me, like an employer or ex-girlfriend, all of my work would not appear off the bat. It takes some digging and piecing together to track down my full body of work, some of which, could be considered NSFW. That worked for me several years ago. These days, as my personal goals have shifted, I find myself working hard to bring all of my content under one tent. Here are the pros/cons of using a nom de plume for blogging. Read More

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20 Easy Ways to Ruin Your Blog

volume knobIf you want your blog to be successful, then you need to start thinking immediately about how your blog is designed and configured.  In other words, the way your blog is set up could ruin your chances of building a successful blog.

With that in mind, following are 10 of the easiest and most common ways that people ruin their blogs.  Avoid them!

  1. Too many ads
  2. Blinding colors or colors that are too light to read
  3. Pop-up ads – make them go away! Read More

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Where to Find Blog Post Ideas

After all of these years, I finally know where babies come from. But I still haven’t a clue where creativity come from! Sort of like the “it” factor, some people just have it; others have to work hard to make it happen. I’ve always been an “ideas” guy, but that doesn’t mean the creative thoughts are flowing 24/7.

Where do I go when the blog-post-idea well runs dry? Here are several places I turn… Read More

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4 Ways to Create a “Buzz” about your Blog!

You’ve created clever content, chosen a design to “die for,” proofed, previewed, and now you’re poised to open your “virtual doors” as a proud blog owner.
There’s just one problem.
So have thousands of other writers in your niche.
Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. :-)
Faced with stiff competition for today’s reader’s valuable time, how do you stand tall and stand out in a sea of many?
Read More

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How To Use RSS Feeds When You Use WordPress As a CMS

We all like to be kept up-to-date on our favorite WordPress sites. The best way to do so is to subscribe to the RSS feed. Unless you’re using a plugin such as Feedsmith which redirects all your feeds to your Feedburner feed, you have a lot of options to subscribe to. You have the general site feed, of course, but also the comments feed and the category feeds. But.. what you don’t have is a feed for pages should you as a company decide to only use WordPress with static pages and not with a blog.

Now a while back this would’ve not been the most interesting problem in need of a solution, but since WordPress is being used as CMS more and more and thus only using static pages, a proper solution is in need. Read More

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3 Reasons Why Bloggers Need A Premium Twitter Account

With Twitter about to unveil premium accounts to the paying masses, some bloggers may wonder whether buying a Twitter account is worth the investment, especially if they choose to host their own blog (instead of using an inexpensive blog platform like WordPress or Blogger).

Unless you’re blogging for the fun of it, serious blogging pro’s need to purchase a premium account as refusing to do so (in order to save some money) could lead to the inevitable death of your blog (at least in the twittersphere).

So before you attempt to draw silly arguments why free loading off of Twitter is a smart business move, here are three reasons why you will purchase a premium account, regardless of the price (within reason of course). Read More

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7 Tips for Bootstrapping Your Blog Traffic

Any time you start a new blog, the biggest concern tends to be “how do I build traffic?” Unless you’re hiring or have a crack team of web gurus who know the tricks for building up your blog fast, you’ll just have to do it yourself. However, if you haven’t luxury of a big budget and have minimal time, one recourse is to bootstrap your blog traffic with the same general principles with which entrepreneurs bootstrap their startup businesses with minimal funds and resources.

Here are some tips for leveraging your publishing and promotional plan to build initial trickles of traffic into much more.

Write content and publish consistently

It’s easy to come up with a plan, even create an editorial calendar. It’s much harder to actually stick to a consistent schedule. This is a common area of difficulty for bloggers, but important to master. Let’s just say that search engines and readers both love consistency of frequency. Unless you’re running a news site, you don’t necessarily have to publish tons of content daily. Read More

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Time Management for Today’s Bloggers

Though I don’t have any conclusive numbers to support my theory, I’d venture to say that at least 30% of the blogs that I follow, and some that I “visit” periodically are not updated on a regular basis.

And that’s a shame.
Let’s face it. No matter how bodacious your blog may be, if it’s not updated and infused with quality content on a regular basis, you’ll lose visitors and potential fans.
Read More

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