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WordPress Book Review: Professional WordPress – Design and Development

When you start looking for books about WordPress there a quite a few of them. Most of them however cover the subject from a fairly beginners point of view only, not Professional WordPress though. I received this book by Hal Stern, David Damstra en Brad Williams a few weeks back and have been reading it on and off… and I’m impressed.

Professional WordPress isn’t particularly geared towards the general WordPress novice like but more-so to the WordPress developer novice, just like Digging Into WordPress. The book is setup to describe basic operation of function and then offering guidance and example demonstrating how to take it apart and reassemble that function to fit your need.

Even though this may sound like Professional WordPress is only for developers, I do believe anyone wanting to take their WordPress installation(s) to a higher level will get a lot out of this book.

The Topics Covered

Where to begin. The Professional WordPress book offers a wide range of topics navigating you through 15 different chapters. Not all will be interesting to all, but anyone looking to broaden their WordPress knowledge will find something interesting in pretty much any chapter. Read More

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Interview with Yury Polnar from Demand Studios

Today we have the honour to feature an interview with Yury Polnar from Demand Studios. Demand Studios, who are also advertisers here at BloggingPro, are a known name in the freelance and online writing sector and provide freelance writing opportunities to many writers.

Anyone looking to get started as a paid content provider, or publishers looking for content should consider Demand Studios, several authors who write for Splashpress Media also write for Demand Studios. But now I will let Yury answer some questions we asked.

What Is Demand Studios?

Demand Studios is the creative arm of Demand Media and is responsible for producing in-demand articles and videos for a large network of industry-leading websites and some of today’s most respected online publications. Comprised of thousands of talented freelance writers, editors and filmmakers, Demand Studios creates and delivers handcrafted content to an audience of over 80 million people yearning to be informed and entertained. Read More

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Blogging Pitfalls: Courting Libel

One of the great things about the Internet is that it has enabled almost anyone to become a publisher and reach an audience of millions.

One of the bad things about that is that most people don’t have the understanding of media law to know how to avoid being sued while publishing on the Web.

One of the thornier areas that bloggers have to deal with is defamation law, specifically libel. Much like with copyright law, defamation is a misunderstood set of rules that, in the age of the Internet, can at times seem archaic and confusing but is actually in place for a very good reason.

However, also as with copyright, it’s an easy pitfall for a blogger to fall into, especially if they aren’t aware of the rules. Fortunately though, this is one blogging pitfall that is fairly easy to avoid, but it does require one to put forth some extra effort into their writing to make sure they don’t find themselves on the wrong end of a libel lawsuit.

Read More

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Blog Different: 4 Reasons Why Problogging OnSugar Makes Cents

Just like any business, non-profit organization or responsible government (key word is responsible here), it is the goal of every blogging pro to maximize profits while at the same time minimizing expenses.

While platforms like Blogger, WordPress, Typepad and even Tumblr, can help users reduce the overall cost of blogging without breaking the bank, the most frugal writers may want to consider using OnSugar, which is a service by Sugar, Inc. (a platform familiar to Drupal geeks and fashion freaks).

Although some may wonder why they should consider using OnSugar over the alternatives, here are 4 fiscal reasons why bloggers may want to choose the underdog over the “big four.” Read More

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Guest Posting on BloggingPro

Last week I had the pleasure to announce the new My Blog Guest – Splashpress Media partnership and we are now opening some of our site for a weekly guest blog feature, also BloggingPro.

To guest post here at BloggingPro you will have to be a member of My Blog Guest and our own Andrew G. Rosen will deal with the submissions and schedule accepted posts.

What is My Blog Guest?

MyBlogGuest has been started by Ann Smarty, a fairly well-known weblogger and social media user. She’s been guest blogging and building relationships in the blogosphere long enough to understand the power of a guest post – and that’s what she wants to share via her little cozy web community. Read More

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5 Awesome Websites to Find Blog Post Ideas

As a blogger you already know that hunting down original topic ideas can be the most time-consuming part of your day.  Aside from checking the usual news sources, there are several other places to check for subjects – and with these websites – you might even “scoop” the big boys.  Being first isn’t always best, but when it comes to the blogosphere, I have often found that it never hurts.

ALLTOP: From career advice to sports, Alltop aggregates the best blogs in each niche and displays the five most current headlines.  Mouse over a title and read an excerpt to see if the story interests you.  Feeds are updated once an hour.  A team of “real” people review blogs to see if they are worthy.  Not listed? Contact the team here and tell them Andrew from BloggingPro sent you.

PRNEWSWIRE: In business for over 50 years, organizations both new and old rely on PRNewswire to spread their message on the Web.  The homepage always has three timely topics.  For example, today you’ll find releases related to the Fourth of July, the Gulf oil spill, and the 2010 World cup.  You can search for products and services or browse by industry, popularity or media type (audio, video, etc.). Read More

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4 Awesome Plugins To Help You Effectively Earn More From Your WordPress Blog

Earning from your blogMaking money online is a white hot topic online nowadays and will be for a long time to come, since everybody wants to make money from their blog. Whether its a personal journal type blog or full scale rockstar blogging; a little extra bucks won’t hurt.

The process of building a blog and growing it to the point of profitability isn’t always an easy task. Attracting valuable advertisers, selling the right affiliate products aren’t always straight forward and simple and can be extremely time consuming. So here are a few plugins that will make the workload a little lighter for you so that you can focus more on building the foundation of your blog, which is, awesome content. Read More

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Twitter Statistics: Twitter vs. Facebook – Awareness, Popularity and Demographics

The colleagues over at the Blog Herald sat down and gathered some interesting data about Twitter usage and demographics, putting these against Facebook statistics. The result is an amazing infographic with lots of interesting data.

Here at The Blog Herald we wondered How did Twitter grow that much? and Where do those Tweets come from?

The results are rather surprising and we learned that the top three tweeting cities in the US (Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco) averagely tweet less in one minute than when basketball fans and football/soccer fans go crazy and start updating the world in 140 characters maximum.

To see the complete infographic, you’ll have to head over to The Blog Herald: The Meteoric Rise of Twitter. Here’s a teaser already.

Read More

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4 Things to “Not” Make Time For In Your Blogging Career!

Successful Blogging is all about strategy.
And there are hundreds of how-tos written to up your game and increase your bottom line.
But, equally important in your efforts is what “not” to do in terms of techniques and time management.

With this being said, here are 4 things to NOT make time for in your blogging career.

1. Worry—How many times have you agonized over your work? Here’s the typical scenario. You pick a topic after much deliberation and debate. Then you write it and revise it. Then you post it. Then you have second thoughts. Then you worry about whether or not it will be well received and responded to. Maybe you should have chosen a different topic or approach, you think to yourself. Sound familiar? Stop the madness! Give your best, then give it a rest! Read More

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How To Harness The Power Within Your Readers’ Blog Comments

For many bloggers, a comment is a very valuable thing, especially for new bloggers who are looking for confirmation that their voices are being heard and visitors are actually engaging their new blog. Its very satisfying when our articles are well received by our audience and we begin to build a vibrant community of dedicated readers.

The truth is that blog comments can provide a greater purpose than just feeding our egos and offers a wealth of information that can help to propel us further on our blogging journey. Blog comments contain clues to the things we may be doing wrong and what our readers really want to see.

Let us take a look at what we can learn from our blog comments. Read More

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