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5 Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Blog Platform

Just as it would be foolish to select a phone, car, house, pet, etc. without understanding the fundamentals of the product (or in the latter case the creature), it would also be foolish to simply select a blog platform without discovering the benefits (and minuses) of using it.

Believe or not there are hundreds (if not thousands) of blog platforms, ranging from keep-it-simple blog services (like Blogger, WordPress, etc.)  to do-it-yourself hosting solutions (like, MovableType, and b2evolution).

While each service (or software) has their weaknesses and strengths, you should ask at least 5 questions before choosing a platform to blog upon.

Do I enjoy writing code or do I simply want to write my heart out?

If you do not enjoy messing around with HTML, PHP, CSS, altering CNAME settings (or if you have no clue what any of those are) it’s probably best that you select a blog service platform like WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr or OnSugar.

However if you are confident in the way of the geek, going the self hosted route via, Movabletype, etc. is the better route (as you will have greater control of the blog, especially when it comes to plugins).

Am I going to blog for fun or for profit?

If you are going to blog for personal reasons, then most blog platforms will easily suit your needs (provided that you do not require heavy customization of the theme).

However if you are an aspiring Blogging Pro you will need a blog platform that allows you to not only easily insert ads but also enables you to heavily manipulate the theme (or even create a custom one from scratch).

How much do I want to spend on my blog?

Cost is always a factor in blogging and aside from time you should (wisely) spend as little as possible when starting a blog (especially if you desire to become a Blogging Pro).

Most companies (or at least the best ones) allow users to map personal domains to their respective blog platforms for free, although a small minority do charge users to map domains to their respective platforms.

If you are selecting the self hosting route, always find out the annual cost to host a blog (make sure its under $100/year), and ALWAYS ask for discounts when starting (example: ask for 20% off the first 6 months, or request the first month free).

Can I easily blog from my phone or tablet?

This question may sound silly, but with more people moving upon smartphones and touchscreen tablets, you don’t want to be the sucker unable to post on the go because your blog is incompatiable.

There are still many blog platforms that have yet to embrace the mobile universe (and even more lacking tablet apps), so you should inquire as to whether there is an official app or a quality third party app that will help you blog away from your computer.

Is there active support for the blog platform?

Although there are hundreds of blogging platforms available, I would estimate that only the top dozen are actively supported by a company and (most importantly) third party developers.

If the support site of your blog platform looks like a ghost town, chances are you will encounter many years of frustration using the service (especially if you encounter a mysterious bug that crashes your blog).

You also should verify if the platform you’re using allows you to easily leave, as the last thing you want to blog upon is a locked platform.

Any other questions?

For those of you who are new to blogging (or who have been blogging for quite some time), what questions do you ask before choosing a platform, and what platform (or platforms for some of you) did you choose over your blog career?

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  1. Jennifer Brown Banks ) says: 6/1/2010

    Very informative post, Darnell. Though WordPress seems to comparatively be more popular than Blogger, I find Blogger to be much easier to learn for those of us who are somewhat “technically challenged.”


  2. Darnell Clayton ) says: 6/2/2010

    There is no shame in using Blogger Jennifer!

    In fact I learned how to become a blogging pro (web design, html, css, etc.) through Blogger, and in my opinion if you are not going to self host your own blog then you should use Blogger or OnSugar as they provide you with more freedom than the WordPress platform without the expense and hassle.

    Perhaps I should do a Problogging on Blogger, OnSugar, etc. series here or upon the Blog Herald. :-)


    • Jennifer Brown Banks ) says: 6/2/2010

      Actually, that’s a great idea.


    • Franky Branckaute ) says: 6/2/2010

      Blogger what is that? Are they still alive?

      Just kidding, I think most of us have started on Blogger, at least the ‘old guard’ . WP for blogging has outgrown me though, even if I still use it personally but that’s because of the awesome zen, distraction free writing plugin.

      If you want really simple blogging, then Tumblr is your friend. Or Posterous.


      • Remkus de Vries ) says: 6/2/2010

        Even worse.. I started of with MSN Spaces now rebranded to Windows Live Spaces :)


  3. Alamin ) says: 6/2/2010

    I also use Blogger and i am quite happy with it. And i want to stay here forever. I want to show it’s possible to make good amount of money using Blogger platform


  4. Andrew @ Blogging Guide ) says: 6/2/2010


    I don’t ask questions anymore – I just opt for!

    I did start with Blogger but found it restrictive – so quickly moved to



  5. Saiful ) says: 6/4/2010

    I did start with Blogger, too. But, I found that it’s hard to code a new template (actually, it’s for me, I don’t know for the others, especially Blogger guru).

    Now, I use It’s easy to code, simple loop method, even you can make it more complex. Additional points—it has jQuery included.


  6. Donna Maria Coles Johnson ) says: 6/5/2010

    I have used Movable Type, Blogger, Typepad and WordPress. I have 3 goals with my blog: (1) to engage with the outside world in a way that extends my brand and creates new opportunities; (2) to be as easily found online as possible; and (3) to archive my best thoughts on small business success so I and others can easily find and utilize them.

    I know just enough HTML to be dangerous, so starting with Movable Type was a big mistake for me because there was too much coding knowledge required. Blogger was easy, but I could not customize it and make it distinctive. Typepad was fantastic, but the customer service was poor for what I was paying, and it did not come with as many widgets and plugins as I felt I needed. So, I finally switched to self-hosted WordPress and I am very happy. I host with and they do a great job.

    One caution for everyone using Typepad — if you ever want to switch, Typepad will not allow you to export your graphics. You can only export your text. This was a big problem for me since graphics are essential to an positive reader experience. I had to go back and manually add in all of my graphics. Needless to say, I’m still not done.


  7. Mike T says: 6/7/2010

    I know just enough HTML to be dangerous, so starting with Movable Type was a big mistake for me because there was too much coding knowledge required.

    I see this sort of comment a lot, but that doesn’t really make it true. Movable Type actually requires far less coding knowledge than its competitors from theme designers. The template tag language is designed to have a minimal learning curve for people who have just learned HTML but don’t know a real programming language. To develop or customize a theme for WordPress or another platform, you typically have to know PHP. You can build huge sites with Movable Type and never write a single line of Perl or PHP.

    In the past, it was true that installing new themes could be difficult in Movable Type, but Movable Type 4 changed that by introducing support for template sets which could be deployed with a few clicks. Movable Type 4/Melody’s ThemeManager and Movable Type 5’s theme features make installing a whole new theme about as easy as WordPress.


    • Franky Branckaute ) says: 6/8/2010

      Mike, I agree with you BUT it is one more step for the user. Although the template tags might be easier than the knowledge WP requires (and highly mimic the templating platform known from Expression Engine 1.5), it does represent a hurdle for the average user to throw that little knowledge they might have over board and dive into new documentation.

      Most won’t. And will thus never discover that both EE and MT easier are to theme/design.


  8. Steven Hughes ) says: 12/14/2010

    Nice simple article that defines the best platform based on your needs. I’m going to take a closer look at b2evolution…Thanks Darnell


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Few things are more irritating on the subway than the person who refuses to move in during rush hour. — Posted by James, New YorkHave New Yorkers simply become more selfish over time? Was there ever an era when subway passengers treated one another graciously and cordially, selflessly freeing up space so that others could squeeze in,ralph lauren,polo ralph lauren polo ralph lauren IYF Quote – iShares Dow Jones US,polo ralph lauren pas cher, or feel more comfortable?No. Here is a description of what it was like on the New York City subway in the months after it first opened to the public,ralph lauren, in 1904:The discomfort of the straphangers was aggravated because many passengers refused to move to the center after entering a car; instead they remained near the doors at the ends of the car in order to be the first to exit. This antisocial behavior appears to have been especially common on the expresses. … The result was that thick clots of passengers formed around the doors, compelling other riders to muscle their way in and out.That is a passage from and it would suggest that city transit officials have had many decades to consider a message about this pervasive irritant. In fact, a spokeswoman from New York City Transit pointed out that the agency already ran announcements that partly address the issue. Onboard trains, an announcer asks that passengers “please do not block the doors while the train is in the station.” And on platforms, a voice intones,polo ralph lauren pas cher, “Ladies and gentlemen, please be considerate on crowded trains; hold your backpack, and please move to the middle of the car.”As many a straphanger can attest, these messages often don’t make much of a difference. — Michael M. Grynbaum The combination of local and express subway trains throughout the system is great, except at Penn Station, where the local trains and express trains don’t share a platform. To transfer from one to the other, you have to go downstairs and then upstairs. Why were the platforms designed this way at this station,ralph lauren pas cher NOT ONE RATE BUT MANY, or never changed? Is there some reason that transfers between the local and express trains are not wanted there? — Posted by CB, NYCIndeed there is. Opened in 1917, the subway station at Penn Station and Seventh Avenue was designed to avoid overcrowding by discouraging these transfers. Because this station handles a massive influx of railroad commuters, as well as subway passengers arriving from other parts of the city, transit officials decided that a rush of people between the local and the express would create unsafe conditions on the platforms. Instead, passengers were encouraged to make that transfer one station farther north on the line, at Times Square.“It’s always been lamented that it wasn’t done at Grand Central,” said Charles Seaton,polo homme,ralph lauren outlet, a New York City Transit spokesman, referring to the no-transfers track alignment. In 1932,polo ralph lauren pas cher, when the city opened its second subway stop at Penn Station,ralph lauren outlet, along Eighth Avenue,polo femme,ralph lauren italia, it again chose a setup that discouraged transfers. — Michael M. GrynbaumWhy do subway doors stay closed so long when the train pulls into the last stop on the line, versus how long they usually stay closed before being opened at a regular (non-terminal) stop on the line? — Posted by Michael,ralph lauren home, ManhattanWe , but a few readers, like Michael,polo homme, clarified the question: What accounts for those extra few seconds of captivity at the final stop?The answer has to do with a train conductor’s responsibilities at the end of a route. When a train changes directions, the conductor must move to a different cab, usually in the adjacent car, and activate that cab for the conductor who will take over for the reverse journey. So rather than open the doors from the cab in which the conductor is standing at the end of the trip,polo ralph lauren, the conductor will lock up that cab,ralph lauren femme ralph lauren femme FORMULA ONE – IHT Rendezvous -, walk into the next car, activate the cab there, and then open the doors. The result is a delay of 5 to 15 seconds before the doors open and passengers can get off. Subway officials say this procedure, which is standard across the subway system, actually results in a shorter delay for passengers who are waiting to take the train on its reverse trip, since the new cab will be up and running for the new conductor. — Michael M. Grynbaum


  23. gh4wsnd630 says: 8/14/2012

    In February 2010, the death of the Xiqiao Li Mouya the brother Lee Gold. Day of March, “Nutty” to find her some pleasantries, asked: “Nutty”, “your brother’s ID card write-off yet ” That have not been canceled, “Nutty” points to this line the real purpose: “I think the vehicles scrapped due to go to the name of your brother.”  February 14,sac burberry, 2012, handled by the deceased on behalf of the three suspects after the registration of motor vehicle transfer to transfer the relevant documents for profit, Nanhai District, Foshan procuratorate approved the arrest of the alleged sale of official documents sin. The morning of January 11 this year, Nanhai District, Foshan City, the traffic police brigade Vehicle Administration a staff member in the verification of the transfer of vehicle ownership, personnel,ray ban pas cher, found one exception: a man named Lee gold owners name, yet there are 229 cars . The staff access to relevant information carefully surprise — Lee Golden had died as early as February 2010, these cars are all after his death, transfer to his name! In the the Xiqiao Guicheng sea eight second-hand car market, there is one called “Nutty” is quite famous. “Nutty,” whose real name is Lee,louboutin, beads, Xiqiao. He often solicit business in these markets, to help handle the transfer of used cars,louboutin, and other services. “Nutty” on business cards,louboutin pas cher, printed in large letters: “apply for space households. If the owners “reluctant” to be forced to scrap a car or do not want to pay the travel tax and other taxes, “fat guys” can help them get. One of the biggest “secret” is a dead man’s identity card. Limou Ya immediately expressed opposition to, for fear that Once the the the will get into trouble of the accident,. “The people are dead, and also what can be investigated ” Comfort “Nutty” she said. “Nutty”, commitment to each transfer a car to give her 200 -400 yuan reward. The Li Mouya was not working, home-school daughter, so heart and agreed to. Subsequently, the reward promised by the “fat guys” often find Limou Ya “borrow” the identity card of her brother, is never in arrears. Dead status, would send the “handy” Motor vehicle “space family” refers to the motor vehicle transfer to death, missing persons or other do not have competent personnel be liable for the name,louboutin pas cher, to evade payment of taxes and bear the related liability. The casual user violations even fled after the incident, and some gig up to a hundred times, seriously disrupting the order of the state motor vehicle and leaving a great deal of traffic safety hazards. Police investigations revealed that the transfer procedures of the 229 cars are all coming for a man named Lee beads, which opened a bizarre major … Identified by the preliminary review: October 2010, Lee Pearl, the suspect and the suspect Li Mouya plotting, his brother Lee (deceased), identity card provided by the Li Mouya by Lee Beads to the South China Sea second-hand car market to solicit business, and others to handle the registration of transfer of vehicle ownership to the Lee name (commonly known as “space family”),ralph lauren pas cher, and change the driving license, vehicle registration information card to the owners,バーバリー 財布, each car profit 1500 ranging from $ 2500 yuan. March 2011, Lee Chu and the suspect Zhang cattle plotting Zhang, his father Zhang (deceased), identity cards of the same profit. March 2011 to January 2012,polo ralph lauren pas cher, Lee Chu on behalf of Lee, Zhang apply for registration of transfer of vehicle ownership,abercrombie pas cher, a total of 242. 相关的主题文章: to go with the living The club head of the pool light of this element subject to the modified hot-pressing of bamboo


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    By David Ferry,ralph lauren pas cher, The Pinole Valley Spartans overran the Oilers Friday,gucci, beating Richmond 50-0.It was a tough end to a mixed season for the Oilers,ralph lauren home,louis vuitton borse, who finished with three wins and six losses. And it was especially rough for the team’s seniors,polo ralph lauren,polo lacoste,ralph lauren pas cher, who won’t get to don the Richmond blue and red again.The game started off well enough for Richmond: Neither team scored in the first eight minutes,polo ralph lauren outlet,polo lacoste,polo ralph lauren pas cher,polo femme|polo femme|louis vuitton outlet, and the Oilers appeared to be holding their own. But things started to deteriorate quickly after the Spartans put up 14 points off a deep rush and an interception before the first quarter ended.When the Spartan’s Andre Tyson,chanel borse, 10,polo ralph lauren pas cher,ralph lauren femme, scored on a 50-yard run in the second quarter — putting the game at 21-0 — Oilers head coach Jeff Tyner began to show signs of agitation.“Hey Gentlemen,ralph lauren pas cherlouis vuitton borsechanel b,ralph lauren pas cher,Stefan Nastic,” he bellowed from the sidelines,ralph lauren,gucci outlet borse,gucci outlet borseralph lauren pas cherralph lau,ralph lauren, “are we just gonna give ‘em the game? Come on,ralph lauren femme!”Despite Oiler efforts to combat their opponent’s strong ground game,polo ralph lauren outlet,polo ralph lauren|polo ralph lauren pas cher|borsa chanel,gucci borse prezzi,polo femme|gucci outlet borse|polo homme, the Spartans consistently ran the ball deep into Richmond’s territory and rushed for most of their touchdowns. The score was 35-0 at the half.Read the full story on .


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    Weekly pieces by the Op-Ed columnists Charles Blow and Ross Douthat,polo ralph lauren pas cher,ralph lauren pas cher,chanel scarpe ralph lauren pas cher Pope Benedict FaithWorl, as well as regular posts from contributing writers like Thomas B. Edsall and Timothy Egan. This is also the place for opinionated political thinkers from all over the United States to make their arguments about everything connected to the 2012 election. Yes,ralph lauren italia,louis vuitton outlet ralph lauren pas cher Sony Revival Unde,polo ralph lauren pas cher,polo ralph lauren,ralph lauren pas cher ralph lauren pas cher SCANDAL IN THE CHURCH THE NE,ralph lauren pas cher, everything: the candidates,ralph lauren femme,polo ralph lauren outlet, the states, the caucuses,polo femme,polo ralph lauren By Lisi Niesner,ralph lauren Stage 1. Weighted Polling Average,ralph lauren pas cher, the issues,polo ralph lauren pas cher,polo ralph lauren PEREGRINE FINANCIAL GROUP – Deal,ralph lauren, the rules,polo homme,polo ralph lauren, the controversies,polo ralph lauren pas cher, the primaries,polo homme, the ads,ralph lauren, the electorate,polo femme, the present,polo ralph lauren pas cher,polo lacoste, the past and even the future.


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    People Beijing 1 August, China Federation of literary and art circles: Official site that was released in July 20th of “three funds” financial allocations.Full text is as follows: A, “three funds” financial allocation table two, 2010 “three funds” financial appropriation expenditure narrative accounts of China Federation of literary and art circles (including China and agencies and the National Arts Association of 13 subordinate units) 2010 “three funds” funding disbursement final 11923000 yuan (including previously annual funding carryover funds expenditure), which is to go abroad (Habitat) fee of 6416500 yuan,fendi sito ufficiale,air jordan pas cher The crowd and the most eye-catching star, mainly to visit the country (territory) and international cultural exchange, cultural cooperation, organized exhibitions, screenings,louboutin [market] Beijing Tencent Kia Chi run cash discoun, performances and other foreign culture exchange activity expenditure; official car purchase and operation expenses 4298900 yuan,borse fendi prezzi, mainly for the official car purchase repair,louis vuitton sito ufficiale, maintenance, insurance,borse louis vuitton, gasoline and other expenditure; public reception fee of 1207600 yuan,fendi outlet, mainly for domestic and foreign reception activity occurring in the necessary expenses.In 2011 three,jordan pas cher, “public funds” fiscal appropriation budget shows China Federation of literary and art circles (including China and agencies and the National Arts Association of 13 subordinate units) 2011 “three funds” financial appropriation budget 10676600 yuan,jordan pas cher Li Jiacheng officially doppelganger eldest son as, including: business travel abroad (Habitat) fee of 5400000 yuan, mainly to visit the country (territory) foreign cultural exchange,fendi outlet, cultural cooperation, organized exhibitions,louis vuitton outlet, screenings, performances and other foreign cultural exchanges activities expenditures; official car purchase and operating costs 4081600 yuan, mainly for the purchase of public transport, insurance,fendi borse, repair maintenance, gasoline and other expenditure; public reception fee of 1195000 yuan,jordan pas cher, mainly for domestic and foreign reception activity occurring in the necessary expenses.


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    outsiders” Pique Wick protagonist pg Wake body obesity, almost all the time to fall asleep. Accordingly, the medical profession will be a “sleeping sickness” named Pique Wick syndrome. Reporters learned yesterday from the Wuhan Union Hospital, the hospital an 8-year-old man Tongdong Dong (a pseudonym) is suffering from this disease, like Pique Wick,サッカー ユニフォーム, he even standing can fall asleep. 20 pounds of weight gain, sudden “Sleepy” from the Enshi The Hasty childhood lively,abercrombie france, snoring, suffocation from three years ago, when the family did not care about. Nearly three months, the weight of the Hasty sudden and sharp increase of 20 pounds, all of a sudden turned into a chubby pier. Accompanied by, he became increasingly listless all day, fall asleep, even standing can fall asleep, so that the learning of no law. Far in Guangdong working parents informed of the situation, and anxious to come back,louboutin pas cher, sent him to a local hospital for treatment failure, but also not long ago to go to Wuhan Union Hospital. After sleep monitoring a series of checks, Hasty was diagnosed with severe obstructive sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome accompanied by severe hypoxemia, pg Wake syndrome. The disease occurs in children, belonging to the range of children with snoring. “According to the hospital Department of Otolaryngology,louboutin, Deputy Professor Ren Chenxiong children with snoring more common, but developed to Hasty at this level is rare, must be surgery treatment. After one week, the hospital doctors for the Hasty purposes of the adenoid tonsillectomy + uvula velopharyngeal angioplasty. Postoperative Hasty daytime sleepiness symptoms disappear immediately,ヴィトン バッグ, increasingly full of spirit, was quickly restored to the original and lively,jordan, the current finally returned to the classroom. Easy to snore at night trying to sleep during the day the children with snoring is common and frequently occurring of the Pediatric Department of Otolaryngology, the high incidence in recent years,air jordan, the later treatment of the difficulty the greater. “According to Professor Chen Xiong, the disease is a sleep disorder. disease,abercrombie, daytime sleepiness are the main symptoms, the pathogenesis of upper airway obstruction lead, which adenoids, tonsillar hypertrophy is the most common causes. Chen Xiong said that due to sleep apnea or low-briefing cause frequent intermittent hypoxia,abercrombie pas cher, hypoxemia, sleep fragmentation, and ultimately will lead to systemic multi-system, multi-organ serious complications, such as physical and mental development lags behind , jaw and developmental disorders, severe cases can lead to daytime sleepiness, pulmonary hypertension and varying degrees of heart failure. “In children with snoring in children, obesity in children more prone to serious complications.” Chen Xiong reminded that the symptoms of the disease at night to sleep snoring, mouth breathing with coarse breath sounds, sleep disturbed by God, daytime symptoms of sleepiness,air jordan pas cher, lack of concentration, memory loss,louboutin, “slug”,ポロ, the parents found their children have these symptoms should go to hospital and relevant examination. (Internship Editor: Xu Ke)相关的主题文章: 000 this year the girl and her grandmother rented out Sander La on weightlifting lost interest 贸易,是自愿的货品或服务交换。贸易也被称为商业。贸易是在一个市里面进行的。最原始的贸易形式是以物易物,即直接交换货品或服务。现代的贸易则普遍以一种媒介作讨价还价,如金钱。 金钱及非实体金钱大大简化和促进了贸易。两个贸易者之间的贸易称为双边贸易,多于两个贸易者的则称为多边贸易。


  29. gqhylg67j says: 8/15/2012

    ‘s neck,サッカー ユニフォーム, then cut his own neck suicide. Suicide is unsuccessful,マーキュリアル ヴェイパー, Jeong found that his wife is not dead,abercrombie france, so come up with a melon and from under the bed,louboutin, continue to cut his wife’s neck,louboutin pas cher, and then hold the neck of the watermelon knife. Again after an attempted suicide,abercrombie, Jeong see the son of the bed is not dead,abercrombie pas cher, put his son to hold to the bathroom,ラルフローレン, into the basin dip drowning. And then using his wife’s cell phone to call 110. Related articles: remove the water in this pot of tea cost is five dollars supplies fees “the mediation process


  30. ef9as546g2 says: 8/15/2012

      At 1:00 p.m. on the 13th, the rescue center received a phone call,ray ban, said the missing male donkey rescued near the old quarry area in yellow. A day of more than 200 search and rescue,abercrombie, male donkey rescued   ”Fei” recalls the mountain road is very poor, are large rocks, almost impossible to pass. 2:00 pm after the summit, the six female donkey down the hill from the main entrance,sac burberry, the other five people back track to reach the peak day candle checkpoint close to 6:00. “Now that I think particularly scared,louboutin, I did not expect the mountain road so difficult to walk, while icy road side cliff,polo ralph lauren pas cher, several times,louboutin pas cher, we all want to give up.” Fei “. At 18:23 on the 12th,burberry, Taishan scenic police received the alarm calls, a middle-aged men to climb Tarzan Mix down the process of disorientation,ray ban pas cher, accompanied by a female donkey. After receiving the alarm,abercrombie pas cher, the Tarzan public security,burberry, fire protection, scenic immediately organize the mountain search and rescue.  Hill seeking to climb after stimulation, two ALICE lost More than 200 emergency call, the the Tarzan day candle peak Nantianmen, Yuquan, taohuayu, attractions and within the jurisdiction of the police station and the Tai’an fire VIII,louboutin pas cher, IX Squadron emergency search and rescue, search and rescue has been going on day and night as of 18:00,ralph lauren pas cher, a lot of search and rescue personnel stayed up all night. 相关的主题文章: Dumou performance is somewhat arbitrary Lee slept with you for three months in the previous administrative proceedings


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    [Survey] users post refused interview  ”This is a very silly behavior.” Zhang to the end of busy with work,abercrombie pas cher, refused to the Internet to confirm whether the man in the photo for Zhou Yuanchang,abercrombie, Zhou Yuanchang these years in the hospital only for the spread of the Internet “Pornographic” The work is very remarkable. “The reason I do not know what similar outflows again, also I do not know whether the event of the CD have been implicated in ” Asks the landlord in the post.    [Response to] the parties was retired last year Zhou “Pornographic” incident immediately caused the concern of many users,air jordan, and boasted the Citie will fire. Some friends questioned the authenticity of the posts and posting purposes, but anonymous users said,abercrombie, “I heard that there are more popular than this.” ‘s Hospital Dean passion Pornographic outflow,burberry soldes, and the allotment of five pictures. I said in the post,air jordan, informed sources to identify the figure man for the former dean of the Second People’s Hospital of Liaocheng,abercrombie france, Shandong Zhou. Also revealed that the rumored a few years ago,air jordan pas cher, weeks with some young woman opened the room,ralph lauren pas cher, a video was made into a CD and disseminate after weeks to settle. Picture,ralph lauren, the old man with a naked upper body of a woman wearing glasses,air jordan pas cher, embracing the self-timer. Some Internet users to find out Zhou had allotted in the news a positive photo comparison,polo ralph lauren pas cher, the highly consistent with the “Pornographic” the old man image. Related articles: the pictures taken in Shanghai subway to expand the fund-raising team. The initial grasp of the gang 9. 1 cm thick


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    “But some of the public berth facing such a problem: many owners stopped for several hours,air jordan, and then our toll after work or before work,abercrombie, the vehicle drove away. These owners enjoy public resources,air jordan, but did not pay. Some car owners for intentional evasion, does not leave the occupied parking spaces, but also indirectly lead to the low rate of parking turnover and other owners of parking is difficult. ” Toll stressed that the “jet lag”  Chen in February this year, only to Chungshan North Road,polo ralph lauren, the parking toll. Over time, careful, he found a problem: 20:00 after work, parked in the parking spaces on the car,air jordan, wait until the second day of the toll to go to work early in the morning,abercrombie france, most of them receive parking fees. “A considerable part of the owners specifically pick toll work or after work to empty when the car drove off, willful evasion.” Wang said that the main Wulin Square, Stadium Road, Changqing Street,air jordan pas cher, Zhongshan North Road section of this working time adjustments, some working hours changed to 6:30 in the morning, while others are changed to 7:00. Parking turnover rate of these sections are not too high, this changes to the toll collectors working hours according to the actual situation, but also an attempt,jordan, and hope that owners can understand. Chen could not bear it, in the car, posted a note: “Invitation to consciously pay!” But with little effect, the owners of the Lao side of a quote. In order to reduce the non-rate  ”We have to adjust the working hours of the toll this mainly in order to reduce the non-rates,michael kors outlet, is also in order to better serve the owners.” According to Wang introduced,abercrombie france, the public berths, Hangzhou, the solid white line is 24 hours charging berth, these berth fees at 8:00 am – 20:00 on a time charge from 20:00 to 8:00 the next morning, pay per view, a 4 yuan. Chen pointed to the scene a stop in the berth on the Mazda car. “Is like the car, parking is often not pay for it. Car is a young man,abercrombie, it seems to live in Xianlin Court. Car is often a stop is the day, until 20:00, I have to work, nor were his to drive away until we come to work the next day, he either walked, or else shift spaces. more irritating, the owners sometimes take advantage of our fees in the front,polo ralph lauren pas cher, quietly drove go any how to recover in the back, that he ignored. ” 相关的主题文章: before the discussion several times “I did not steal his money about 80 children


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    Sen Chuanya tree this year,air ジョーダン, 57 years of age,louboutin, rank as a high level of police as 9 day and night 10 semi-Xu,mercurial pas cher, Morikawa dressed PW take the JR Sobu Line train from Chiba Station to Narita Airport on his way home,ナイキ ジョーダン, to see the front sat a beautiful 23-year-old woman,ジョーダン, actually took off his pants,michael kors outlet, on reveal their “little brother” with the woman. This move nearby passengers,アディダス スニーカー, few passengers with the police press down on the ground,ナイキエアジョーダン激安通販, and when the train arrived at the four-street station to the station staff. Station police station after police received the alarm will be arrested by the supervisor. Morikawa and colleagues drank a lot of wine before traveling. After his arrest,バーバリー 財布, Morikawa do not remember the scene on the grounds deny their crimes.相关的主题文章: in order to achieve this goal was wounded legs businesses Is to encourage everyone to gave teacher gifts Subsequently


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    ‘ parents to the student the forged military officer 大专毕业证,louboutin pas cher, and purchased Force uniforms,ポロ, and Munitions. It is reported that,jordan, in addition to the Sun terra gangs remaining 5 per capita has been jailed. Among them,ポロシャツ, posing as general,サッカー ユニフォーム, the head of FAN has 75 years of age,ヴィトン バッグ, was sentenced to life imprisonment. 相关的主题文章: stolen 30 yuan to restore the truth “I am the father put a few trash at home


  36. lphkq94023 says: 8/16/2012

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      王恩想到自己那件未了的心愿,催着妻子去办捐献手续。小山村里的人,哪里懂去哪捐眼角膜。妻子找到村委会主任。王天文赶紧打电话给绵竹市红十字会询问。   原先还能勉强用手支撑着身体,慢慢挪动。可渐渐的,手也没力气了,终于,他全身瘫痪,只能躺在床上了。   后来,听到记者说,是江苏的媒体,她的态度亲近起来,终于答应“在电话里聊聊”。   村头正在建的集中安置房就是江苏常熟的建筑工人们建的,张楠去看过,整齐又结实。其中有一家,就是王恩家的,用不了多久,全家人就可以搬进去了,不用再住这个破旧的窝棚。   记者手记 艰难得来的独家新闻   地震后,很多村民情绪特别低落,身患重病的王恩却积极乐观,对生活却充满信心,还经常开导别人,给街坊邻居讲讲医学和卫生保健方面的知识。   为什么要特别指定捐给江苏和澳门?   壮汉连遭鼻咽癌和胸椎肿瘤   这是一个用木头和塑料布临时搭起来的简易棚,只有十几平方米,放了三张床,屋子里站了几个人,就再也挤不进来了。糊墙的黑色塑料布已经破了很多洞,不时有刺骨的寒风吹进来。杨廷安记得,屋里唯一的电器,是一台老旧的电视机。   1月20日上午,杨廷安和四川省红十字会眼库工作人员一起来到王恩家,为他办理手续。   看着妻子这么辛苦,王恩不忍再加重她的负担。医药费太贵了,他不肯去医院看病。只有初中文化的他,买来医学方面的书,burberry soldes,在家里自学。感到哪里不舒服,就根据书上写的,试着给自己诊断治疗。   接受捐赠的四川省红十字会眼库负责人清晰记得王恩当时说的话,他说:我这辈子没做过什么对社会有特别意义的事情,现在又身患重病,希望我走后,能留下眼角膜,给别人带来光明。地震后,五湖四海的同胞都来支援我们,burberry,我无以为报,捐献眼角膜也算是我对社会的感恩吧,ralph lauren pas cher!   10岁的女儿能够继续上学,也是因为一名毫不相识的江苏人在默默地资助。去年起,这位从来没见过面的王叔叔就帮她付了所有学费,并答应至少会帮她读完初中。除了学费,王叔叔还时不时地给家里寄来钱。   同意书上,还特别注明了一条要求:一枚眼角膜捐给江苏,另一枚捐给澳门。“我没有别的可以回报江苏人民对绵竹人民的深情厚谊,只有将眼角膜捐出来,希望能让其他人看到光明。”   这是个相对闭塞的小山村,捐献身体器官,对村民来说,是不可想象的事情。采访时,记者听到这种说法。“也许,是这个原因让王恩家人不愿宣扬?”有人这么猜测。   捐献眼角膜,这种事以前只在电视里听说过,张楠的第一反应是,“好残忍”!   质朴纯真的这一家人,只想用这种方式表达感恩。因此,我们尊重他们的意见,对他们夫妻俩都使用了化名,只是向读者传达这样一种美好的人间大爱,不去打扰他们平静的生活,不玷污这些单纯的感恩之心。□快报记者 张瑜 孙兰兰   这是一次重重“受阻”的采访。   然而,当记者费尽周折打通王恩妻子张楠电话时,就明白了,这种说法完全不对,バーバリー。电话里,可以听出来,这家人对捐献一事毫不避讳,也可以听出,这是一家非常开朗的人,电话那头传过来的声音,清脆温暖。   五六年前,这一家的日子还说得过去。那时候,刚过而立之年的王恩,身体挺壮实。“到今年,我们结婚13年了,他人很好,对我也体贴。”电话那头,提到丈夫,妻子张楠(化名)的声音里充满甜蜜,abercrombie。然而,不知什么时候开始,丈夫突然老是流鼻血,咳出来的痰里也带着血丝,耳朵也不太灵光了,还经常出现头痛等症状。到医院一查,竟然是鼻咽癌!   有一天,聊着聊着,丈夫突然告诉她,abercrombie france,等死了后,把自己的眼角膜捐献出去。“我什么事也做不了,想来想去,唯一能报答社会的,也就是把全身所有的器官都捐献出去,可是我瘫痪后,很多器官都不行了,就剩下这对眼睛还好,ray ban pas cher,我想把眼角膜捐出去。”   王恩家是村里的特困户。   妻子想通了,10岁的女儿也被说服了。但年近七旬的母亲强烈反对。王恩一遍遍劝说母亲,说到流泪。最终,母亲也不阻拦了。   几天前,在天宝村一间临时搭起的简易棚子里,瘫痪卧床好几年的村民王恩(化名),在病床上与四川省红十字会眼库签署了无偿捐献眼角膜志愿申请同意书。这在整个绵竹市,也是第一例,更何况是这座相对闭塞的小山村里。   经过一段时间治疗,鼻咽癌好像有所好转了,然而,另一个更大的打击袭来:检查中发现,王恩又患上了胸椎肿瘤!很快,他三分之二的躯体瘫痪,只能坐在轮椅或躺在床上。一家五口的生活开销,六七十岁的老父老母、年幼的女儿需要人照顾,王恩病重后,一大家子的重担,就落在了妻子一人肩上,靠着种地、打零工来维持生计。   “残忍什么?人死了以后,就什么感觉都没了,又不疼。”丈夫很镇定,安慰开导她。   四川省绵竹市土门镇天宝村,这是一个离镇上3公里远的小村落。每年春天三四月间,房前屋后梨花洁白烂漫,这两年村子里又添了鲜艳的颜色:沿山几千亩地种起了玫瑰――在灾后重建规划中,这里要和邻近的麓棠村等地打造成“世界第三香都”。   “那是去年12月的事。”绵竹市红十字会秘书长杨廷安接到电话,惊讶又感动,abercrombie pas cher,“这是我们第一次接到要求捐献眼角膜的电话。”他立即与四川省红十字会眼库取得联系。   2008年5月12日,louboutin pas cher,汶川大地震爆发。绵竹正是重灾区之一。天宝村2760名村民中,33名死亡。   别人是跑出来的,他没法跑,只有坐在屋子里听天由命。说来也巧,其他四间房都是“哗”一下子全垮了,只有王恩住的那间,有一角还在勉强支撑着。他就缩在里面,直到邻居把他救出来。   王恩的妻子张楠告诉记者,这是因为江苏是绵竹的对口援建地区,澳门的红十字会则是土门镇的对口援建组织。“我们不认识什么江苏人,但是,地震以后,我们吃的东西、穿的衣服,很多都是来自江苏;江苏人还帮我们盖了房子。”   当天,王恩的情况还算好,他躺在床上,费力地口述了自己的捐献志愿,妻子在旁边帮他签字,并写下心愿:两枚眼角膜,一枚捐给江苏,一枚捐向澳门。随后,王恩艰难地起身,在捐献志愿申请同意书上重重地按下自己的红色指印。   王恩的身体越来越差。   “他又寄了一笔1000块钱来,我刚刚到镇上的邮局取了钱,”张楠感激地说,“丈夫说,louboutin pas cher,江苏人对我们这么好,burberry,我们也要知道感恩,要报答。他想用自己的眼角膜,帮助一位江苏人能看见光明。”   “但是他看着大家都忙着重建家园,他却坐在轮椅上没法帮忙,总觉得惭愧。”张楠回忆,地震刚过的时候,因为电线全断了,louboutin pas cher,一到晚上就黑灯瞎火。她就和丈夫躺着聊天,聊很多事情。   地震后,天宝村的村委会主任王天文踏着一片片废墟,去统计伤亡损失时,他见到坐在轮椅上的王恩。家里的五间房子全塌了,所幸的是一家人都没受伤。   江苏人帮了我,我也想帮帮别人   本以为是件值得大书特书的好事,采访起来很容易。然而,当记者联系上绵竹红十字会提出想采访时,却遭到了拒绝。秘书长杨廷安很为难,“他们家人说,不接受任何媒体采访。他们不想让人知道这件事。这几天已经有很多媒体都拒绝了。今天上午成都还有家电视台要赶过来,也没让采访。”   死后将眼角膜捐给江苏人   但张楠同样拒绝了记者的采访。“我们不想说,这就是我们自己的事情,没什么好宣扬的。”她坦白:不愿被“炒作”。 相关的主题文章: now approaching Dawang Bridge 18 Looking for parents to help children and should not be regarded as surrendered.


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