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How To Get Readers To Engage Your Blog Using These 6 Easy Tips

Personally, having dedicated readers Reader-Interactionengage my blog by asking questions, providing feedback and coming back for more are some of the basic goals for my site. User interaction and engagement is a great sign that you are producing content that sparks the interest of visitors and is an excellent indicator for sustainable growth of your blog’s audience.

Among the many different goals bloggers may have, user interaction and engagement should be among the top on your list. Whether your goal is to increase affiliate sales, e-book sales, drive traffic or become a leader in your niche, an inviting and user-friendly blog is key for all these achievements.

Let’s take a look at some of the basics that will capture the interest of all types of readers.

Interactive Commenting

Ensure that your blog allows users to comment and that you reply to all relevant comments. You may have noticed that there are lots of blogs out there that have different commenting policies for good reasons. For example, Seth Godin’s blog does not allow comments but at the same time his blog does extremely well. Unfortunately, not all of us can pull that off.

So for the rest of us commenting will help our blogging community to grow and strengthen relationships with readers and other bloggers. Some readers will feel compelled to leave comments on sites that already have a high level of interaction.

Be Human!

Rather than writing as though you are creating a technical manual for the latest model space shuttle, you need to have a little personality on your blog. This applies to corporate blogging as well. I’m sure you don’t enjoy talking to a brick wall, right? So don’t make it a brick wall experience for your readers. Write like you’re having an actual conversation. Use words like “you” or “we” to help connect with the reader’s experience.

Host A Weekly Blog Debate

This is a technique I rarely see being used but can be very effective for increasing commenting and spark discussions. This is much easier after you have started to develop a modest readership for your blog. Choose hot topics that readers can’t help but to give their 2 cents and make the entire post about asking for opinions and feedback. Also, ensure that you’re consistent and pick a specific day for the debate weekly. Your readers will look forward to it.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask

There is nothing wrong with asking for feedback. Asking can take you a very long way towards getting the things you want. At the end of your posts, try to include a section that asks for readers’ opinions and questions. This is an excellent invitation for interaction and encourages readers to comment when they read it. So give your readers that extra nudge.

Host A Contest On Your Blog

There’s nothing like winning a valuable item or service that you didn’t pay for and visitors will flock to your site for free stuff. I would advice to use this technique sparingly since if not done right visitors will simply come for the contest and never come back when its over. So proper planning is very important.

For your contest, ensure that it ties strongly with your blog’s purpose, goals and services as much as possible. If your site offers paid consultations or e-books, ensure that these are included in the prizes or are a prerequisite for entering the irresistible contest. You could even host a high quality guest posting contest that will produce tons of content for your blog that will attract followers of your guest authors. It would also be great if you host a contest just before a service or product launch. This will give it maximum exposure.

Maintain A Profile Section or “About Me” Page

Share a little about who you are on your blog to help readers connect with you on a more natural level. They will realize that you are a human being with a life and personality just like them and it will become easier for them to relate and connect. This is especially important if you’re trying to sell products through your blog. It eases some of the tension of doing business online if readers see that you’re a real person and can even becomes friends with you through your social profiles. So be as real as you can be.

Conclusion & Discussion

As you focus more on interaction you will begin to find more unique ways of connecting with your particular audience. Reader engagement provides a feeling of accomplishment and will encourage you to keep growing on your blogging journey.

How much interaction to you receive on your blog and how do you think it will help you and your blog to grow? Please let us know in the comments; we would love to hear from you.

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  1. Dev | Technshare ) says: 6/21/2010

    Hey Robyn,

    Nice Post. Hosting a contest is really a great idea. Thanks for sharing this great tips. Great Job.



  2. Vicki T. Lee ) says: 8/19/2010

    Thank you for those tips Robyn! I am a blogging virgin, still navigating through all the information out here on blogging. Whoo! It’s enough to make my dreadlocks unravel! But I’m enjoying my journey toward using technology to publicize my writing more. My biggest challenge right now is increasing traffic.
    Wish me luck! And thank you again!


  3. Darashiko ) says: 9/19/2010

    Its a very good post i see.
    I have a site for film related blogs. Hope your tips will help me. thanks


  4. Vanessa ) says: 2/8/2013

    HI Robyn, Thanks for sharing your tips on this post.
    have tried several if not all of your tips above, but still I struggle with getting a lot of followers and mostly receiving comments. I’m wondering if the lack of comments is simply because I use blogger, and not wordpress.

    I have heard wordpress is easier to comment on than blogger (blogspot) BUT I’ve always enjoyed the benefits of blogger’s site more(ease of uploading posts, an attractive and easy to read blog, easy to update images, etc.) My main site’s host provider has continued to raise the monthly hosting fee, which has become too much for me to pay when I am not yet making a steady income so I am thinking of pointing my domain to one of my blogs.

    I have a steadily growing and active facebook page where I post my blog updates,and get the feeling my facebook fans would like the chance to comment on my blog posts. I’ve literally been agonizing for too long over whether or not to switch to wordpress all together for a site and blog all in one, Would love some advice~ Thanks!