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The SMART Method to Blogging!

Let’s face it.
Blogging looks a lot easier than it actually is.
But just like other creative or professional endeavors, success requires strategy and a game plan.
It’s a must have.
I liken it to traveling unfamiliar territories without a road map. The more you know, the further you’ll go.

In the business world, a common acronym for evaluating employees’ performance is known as S.M.A.R.T.
This can also apply to blogging.
Take heed. Here are the components.

S —Be “specific” in what you hope to achieve in your daily or weekly blogging efforts. Do you wish to make money? Influence change? Build a platform for book sales? Whatever your objective, make sure that it’s outlined and fine tuned for optimal results.

M—Measure your progress. Have your visitors doubled? Are comments coming in on the regular? Has your Google ranking increased? In order to objectively evaluate your status you need to have outside criteria to apply to your efforts. We all like to feel that our spot is hot, but as they say, “The proof is in the pudding!”

A—Achievable standards assure that you will avoid frustration and failure on your path to success. In other words, don’t aspire to become a millionaire in a month. More than likely you’ll meet with defeat. It’s okay to be ambitious, but it’s more important to be realistic!

R—Realistic goals, as stated above, are key to creating a career or a blogging experience that is pleasurable, productive and positive.

T—Time frames should be assigned for your goals, to stay on point. Remember that a goal without a deadline is just a dream.

Whatever your blogging goals, rest assured that smart efforts lead to smart results!

What SMART moves have you implemented lately to increase your blogging success? Do share.

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  1. Sarah says: 6/22/2010

    Recently I’ve been posting more, been more active (case in point) on other blogs, and been networking with other similar blogs to help achieve exposure.


  2. Jennifer Brown Banks ) says: 6/22/2010


    From what you share here, it definitely seems that you’re doing some “SMART” blogging! As an additional plus, (I went over and took a look at your blog), you also have a very nice format and design.
    I really dig both blogs–the one on fashion and the one with the photography. Nice job. Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing your thoughts today.


  3. Jennifer Brown Banks ) says: 6/23/2010

    Very thoughtful acronym–very clever! I’m rooting for you! Sure you’ll do well. :-)