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Asking For WordPress Help on Twitter. A Suggestion.

In the last couple of months I see a high increased number of people starting to use Twitter as their WordPress forum. Something not restricted to the topic of WordPress I must say. More and more people seem to use the hash tag #wordpress to post their questions about WordPress, but as WordPress continues to grow – as does twitter – it’s time to revisit that hash tag.

Now I am fully aware that it’s very hard to regulate anything on Twitter unless it’s in Twitter’s API, but in my opinion the hash tag #wordpress is being used too much for just about anything related to WordPress. Varying from Theme releases, Plugin update notifications, opionions, general statements and of course the questions.. and this of course in any language spoken out there.

I do not know who started it (and if you know who I’d love to give credit where credit is due), but a couple of days ago I saw a tweet fly by suggesting we would start using the hash tag #wpq for posting questions on Twitter regarding WordPress. The general topic of WordPress has gotten so big on Twitter that I think this is a great suggestion.

Other Places To Ask For WordPress Help

One could argue that Twitter should not be the place where you should post your questions regarding WordPress, but the truth is it’s already happening and chances are slim to none that you can stop people doing so. However, there are of course a few other places you can go to, and in some cases should go to, to seek WordPress related help.

  • The number one place should, of course be the WordPress forums. Do search before you post.
  • WordPress + keywords / errors in Google. No brainer.
  • WP Question; a paid solutions for your WordPress questions.
  • WordPress Help Center; another paid solution for your WordPress questions.

Questions For You

Have you used Twitter for your WordPress questions or are you a heavy user of the one of the other places I just mentioned and what do you think of  the idea of using #wpq on Twitter for WordPress questions?

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  1. Ann Donnelly ) says: 6/23/2010

    I have posted questions to Twitter and the WP Forum – quite a bit lately. I’ve never quite seen the value of using hashtags – apart from when people are tweeting about a specific event and it’s easy to filter them in or out. Wouldn’t people just search on ‘wordpress’ or maybe ‘wp’?

    A shorter hashtag maybe helpful as long as most people (or at least the ones you want to see the posts and reply & those that have a similar problem, etc.) use it and know it’s being used. Some people may just put ‘#wordpress because they think a lot of people will be searching on it and want to get some notice.


    • Remkus de Vries ) says: 6/24/2010

      A lot of people dedicate a column for different hashtags in twitter clients like Tweetdeck to keep track … If you were to do that with just #wordpress your timeline would get fludded… hence the suggestion to use #wpq for specific WordPress questions.


  2. Miriam Schwab ) says: 6/24/2010

    I really like the idea of a unique hashtag for WordPress questions on twitter.

    Here’s another place people can ask WordPress questions: we set up a user group for WordPress questions for those who prefer that format over the forums (like myself – I’m not a forum fan). People can join here:


    • Remkus de Vries ) says: 6/24/2010

      Thanks Miriam. Have you made use of hashtags before?


      • Miriam Schwab ) says: 6/24/2010

        I’ve definitely used hashtags. They’re useful when you’re trying to follow a trending topic, like an event or an important news item (remember #iranelection? That was very powerful). However, as you pointed out, if you try to follow the #wordpress hashtag, it’s hard to filter out the noise from the useful tweets. So the idea of a #wpq hashtag could really help.


      • Ann Donnelly ) says: 6/25/2010

        I see your point there! I think it’s a good idea as long as word is spread.


  3. Andrea_R ) says: 6/24/2010

    I tend to follow even more specific hashtags becasue of the areas I’m interested in. Obviously wpmu is one of them. ;)

    i love the idea of a wp-specific one. Even #wphelp woudl… help? :D


    • Remkus de Vries ) says: 6/25/2010

      I guess it would :) Just any more focused hashtag would do


  4. Chris @ Fredericton Web Design ) says: 6/25/2010

    I love to answer questions about WordPress in my downtime on Twitter, it’s a good way to keep up my skills and see trends quickly, also an amazing venue to get ideas for plugins etc.


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