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4 Things to “Not” Make Time For In Your Blogging Career!

Successful Blogging is all about strategy.
And there are hundreds of how-tos written to up your game and increase your bottom line.
But, equally important in your efforts is what “not” to do in terms of techniques and time management.

With this being said, here are 4 things to NOT make time for in your blogging career.

1. Worry—How many times have you agonized over your work? Here’s the typical scenario. You pick a topic after much deliberation and debate. Then you write it and revise it. Then you post it. Then you have second thoughts. Then you worry about whether or not it will be well received and responded to. Maybe you should have chosen a different topic or approach, you think to yourself. Sound familiar? Stop the madness! Give your best, then give it a rest!
2. Fear—”To be or not to be?” Some folks fear tackling certain issues. Others fear offending readers. And then there are those that are afraid of truly being who they are in their writing career. Thy think that they have to always be perfect or “politically correct.” Not true. In fact, some of the most engaging and colorful bloggers are those who break the rules and strive to be unique and “real” with their audiences.
3. Comparison—Many times in our efforts to assess our success, we compare ourselves to those in our niche areas, or those who have been blogging for a similar length of time. This is okay for the purpose of objective analysis, but don’t get mired down in it. Run your own race. Your circumstances may be different and we all have different strengths and weaknesses.
4. Negativity—Whether it exists in your thinking patterns, or comments from blog readers. Move past it to achieve your optimal best!

Remember that time is a commodity, and how you choose to invest it will determine how greatly you will be rewarded in your blogging career!

Your turn. Which of these habits are you guilty of? Do you agree or disagree with these “time savers?”

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  1. Karen Lange says: 6/28/2010

    Good info, thank you. I am guilty of comparing my blog to others at times, and I also stress a little over not being a copycat when I link to someone else’s blog. Getting much better at the “Give it a rest” thing, though, because my bottom line is not to steal info and ideas but provide it for my readers. My intent also is to generate discussions and make friends with those of like mind of the writing kind. Thanks for the food for thought!


    • Jennifer Brown Banks ) says: 6/28/2010

      Hi Karen,

      Thanks for stopping by. Glad you found the tips useful–not to worry, your blog is definitely on the right track!


  2. amy ) says: 6/28/2010

    i can’t imagine that there are any bloggers who are not guilty of all of the above at who time or another — even if just for a fleeting moment. writers are artists and the artists tension comes from equal parts self confidence and self criticism. the most important point you make is that we don’t let any of these things consume us and keep us from creating our ‘art’.



    • Jennifer Brown Banks ) says: 6/28/2010


      I agree; many artists are guilty of these tendencies. But the key is not to be “consumed” by them.
      Glad to hear from you today.:-) I appreciate your thoughts and your time.


  3. Clara ) says: 6/28/2010

    All valid points really. when you stay the course & remain focused on your reason for creating, then, the reality that not everyone is NOT going to be a fan of you/r work won’t sting as much. We’re human, after all and stuff just have to be absorbed, digested and eventually eliminated as the writer in you keep on trucking!

    shine on!


    • Jennifer Brown Banks ) says: 6/28/2010

      Good points Clara. Thanks for expressing them here.


  4. Henry Jones says: 6/28/2010

    I dip into all of them occasionally and find a way to bounce out. Your article is a great reminder for me.
    All of those stagnant us. I see your four elements as ropes (ie two for each arm and two for each leg).


  5. Steve Sears ) says: 7/1/2010

    Jen —

    Another great job!



    • Jennifer Brown Banks ) says: 7/1/2010


      Glad you liked it. Thanks for your thoughtful comment today.


  6. Marcie Hill ) says: 7/2/2010

    I’m guilty of being a punk, but I’ve gotten over it. And I’m moving forward in faith and in confidence.


  7. Jennifer Brown Banks ) says: 7/2/2010


    As Dr. Phil would state, “The first step to curing a problem is to acknowledge it.” :-) I’m sure you’ll go from zero to hero with that “punk” thing in no time! Good luck…