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5 Awesome Websites to Find Blog Post Ideas

As a blogger you already know that hunting down original topic ideas can be the most time-consuming part of your day.  Aside from checking the usual news sources, there are several other places to check for subjects – and with these websites – you might even “scoop” the big boys.  Being first isn’t always best, but when it comes to the blogosphere, I have often found that it never hurts.

ALLTOP: From career advice to sports, Alltop aggregates the best blogs in each niche and displays the five most current headlines.  Mouse over a title and read an excerpt to see if the story interests you.  Feeds are updated once an hour.  A team of “real” people review blogs to see if they are worthy.  Not listed? Contact the team here and tell them Andrew from BloggingPro sent you.

PRNEWSWIRE: In business for over 50 years, organizations both new and old rely on PRNewswire to spread their message on the Web.  The homepage always has three timely topics.  For example, today you’ll find releases related to the Fourth of July, the Gulf oil spill, and the 2010 World cup.  You can search for products and services or browse by industry, popularity or media type (audio, video, etc.).
PRWEB: Tens of thousands of journalists and bloggers subscribe to PRWeb to stay on top of the trends that matter to them most.  In business since 1997, this site focuses on giving small businesses a method to communicate their message.

HARO: Help a Reporter Out is the brilliant free service started by entrepreneur Peter Shankman.  Over 30,000 reporters and bloggers opt-in to receive emails.  Each message contains a list of reporters looking for experts and sources.  Bloggers can get topic ideas, get free press or land an interview. Once you establish your blog as a player in your niche you will receive attention from PR companies making their pitch.  But if you are new to the game, it never hurts to reach out to these folks to get on their radar.  Use this directory and introduce yourself (and your blog) today.  Odds are that if you promote a single item, you will start to see your inbox fill up with other pitches.  Some you’ll take, others you’ll leave – but it’s worth the inbox clutter to uncover an occasional gem.  This is also a great way to get press releases before they are released to the general public.

What websites do you use to stay on top of the latest topic ideas?  Keeping them to yourself is bag blogging karma – so share today!

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  1. Jess ) says: 6/29/2010

    Hi Andrew – thanks for sharing these great resources! I just signed up with HARO and will check out the others as well. :) Super helpful!


  2. brad ) says: 6/29/2010

    Boy, if I only had this list when I was starting out. Not that it’s still not exceptionally helpful, a couple of new resources to check out.

    However I was just griping about alltop myself this morning. I had to really work at getting listed in my segment (and it appears there is no true vetting process) and ended up at the bottom of the list (first come, first serve?). I wish they’d at least randomize the order because I’m sure those near the top are getting preference from visitors. I’ve had 15 referrals in 90 days from them and that really represents half a drop in the bucket for me.

    Since you mention PRNewswire however (which has an excellent ‘immediate’ email alert option for subscribers (free)), there’s also Business Newswire (alerts on the hour). Those two seem to be where most related press releases (for me) come through. They both feed through Google News as well, although I recommend checking Google News manually as opposed to setting alerts. The alerts are not very timely and often miss stuff too in my experience.


  3. Alamin ) says: 6/30/2010

    Andrew thanks. I really find it hard to get new post idea each day. So this tools will help me a lot. Thanks for sharing. . . I really loved it..:)


  4. Carol says: 7/3/2010

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  5. Lou ) says: 7/9/2010

    Thanks for this excellent resource.


  6. Frank Strong ) says: 7/30/2010

    Thanks for mentioning PRWeb and HARO — you may or may not know that they are part of Vocus now. One more tip for getting relevant news from PRWeb: Use this link here to subscribe via RSS to the releases you want by category: — alternatively, you can get these by e-mail as well by signing up here: — it’s very easy, and you can unsubscribe at anytime.


  7. EvilEye says: 8/21/2010

    Very helpful list of sites. As I expand my blogs, it is getting a lot harder to find solid topics to write on. After a while it feels like ” Hey, I think I already wrote about this” . I love the sites you provided as it opens up so many doors which leads to new ideas. Thanks for the info


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