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8 Effective SEO Techniques Every WordPress Blogger Should Use

There’s no doubt that social media has become the marketing medium of choice for the new, seasoned and tech savvy blogger. Personally, I can attest to the fact that there are strong relationships that are built through the effective use of social media and tons of readers at sites like Twitter and Facebook to woo to our blogs.

At the same time we should never forget the power of effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the driving force it holds for the casual and professional blogger. It has become super easy to do through some excellent features and plugins for WordPress and its mastery can easily become second nature for the everyday blogger.

Let’s look at a few SEO techniques that can put your blog on the search engine map including some that most bloggers tend to ignore. Read More

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5 Ways to Convert “Transient” Visitors to Loyal Fans!

The unenlightened blogger often brags (in his posts) about the number of weekly visitors he receives to his site, as if it were the “ultimate” qualifier for success. Don’t get me wrong, site traffic is an initial indicator that perhaps we’re at least doing something right in regards to our blogging efforts.

But, it shouldn’t be our end goal, or final destination on the road to success.
Read More

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How To Use The Art Of Blogging To Fuel Your Life

As common and popular the activity of blogging has become there are still many who do not realize the potential and power within it to help achieve success and advance in other areas of life, especially for the younger generation. Getting into blogging has become extremely easy and provides a vast number of opportunities for all, online and off.

So, are you learning from your blogging experiences and have been taking advantage of all opportunities created by your blog? Here are a few pointers to show you how. Read More

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2010 FIFA World Cup Plugins for WordPress

The 2010 FIFA World Cup has just started to kick off in South Africa. This in itself has nothing to do with WordPress, although I do think plenty of posts about it will published using WordPress, but you can however do a few things to pimp your WordPress site with some World Cup 2010 goodies.

This is one of those examples where it never seizes to amaze me how creative WordPress developers can be with a topic they find inspiring. There are a few plugins and even a dedicated World Cup 2010 theme.

WordPress plugins for the World Cup 2010

There are a few very specific World Cup plugins, but I’d also like to mention a few you can use very well in this context. Read More

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Freelance Bloggers Need a Rate Card

Every blogging job is different. Some clients will hire you with a clear understanding of what they need/expect. Others will rely on you to define the blogging role. Whatever the situation, if you are a blogger looking to land blogging jobs, you need to be prepared. The latest tool I’ve decided to add to my ‘hire me’ arsenal is a blogging rate card. Here’s why…

Landing a job often seems like a nearly impossible task. The reality is, people WANT to hire you, that’s why it’s important to make it as easy as possible for them. A rate card (and when I say rate card, I am talking about a single Web file or document) will establish what work you are willing to do and give the hiring agent an idea of how you would like to be compensated. Just like any relationship, both parties are best served if they put their cards on the table. In other words, do not take $3 a post if you have determined you are worth $5.


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Blogging is Like a Box of Chocolates! (Forest Gump’s Guide to Blogging)

In a popular movie of former years, Forest Gump compared life to a box of chocolates. “You just never know what you’re gonna’ get,” he tells us.

That is, according to “mama”.

Well, perhaps there was a grain of truth to that statement.
And, much the same, blogging has the same potential.
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10 Free Blogging Tools I Can’t Live Without

I use a lot of free and paid tools to help me as a blogger, and today I’m going to share 10 of the free blogging tools I can’t live without.  I had a hard time narrowing this list down to just 10 tools, but I think the following offers a diverse group of tools that every blogger should try.

Of course, I also can’t live without Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and many, many more free tools, but the list below includes a more diverse selection than just the most well-known and expected tools that you’d normally find in this type of list.  Note that this list is in no particular order.

So without further ado, here they are — 10 free blogging tools I can’t live without (or at least, that I don’t want to live without): Read More

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WordPress For iPhone: 7 Features Needed In The Upcoming App

With iOS4 (formally known as iPhone OS 4) about to immerse the cult known as iPhone this summer, the WordPress team is busy adding the final touches to their updated iPhone app, which will include video and stats.

However before Automattic (the company behind WordPress) releases the new iPhone app to the masses, they are seeking feedback from the WP community on what features they should add to improve their beloved mobile app.

We’re very close to releasing 2.5, which will include support for iOS 4 and addresses some long-standing issues including cut-and-paste on the iPad. We’ve also got a nifty new setup flow for users: If you’re creating a new blog the process has been simplified, and if you’ve got existing blogs we’ve made adding all of them a breeze. Read More

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Optimizing Your WordPress RSS Feeds

Most of your focus on optimizing your WordPress sites is probably on the look and feel of your design and the layout of specific things. Getting that content to display as perfectly as possible. Given that fact it’s a shame we spend as close to none time on optimizing our RSS Feed output. Sure, we hook our feeds up to Feedburner, but most don’t even select the ‘Optimize Feed’ option. Which is strange considering the ratio of people that view your content via RSS versus the actual site.

RSS is supposed to deliver your content as clean as possible, but there are however a few things you can do to optimize the output of your RSS. Here a few plugins that can help you out: Read More

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Blogging Pitfalls: Advertising Overload

Given that my previous two posts, on the need to create backups and the perils of choosing a bad Web host were followed by a period of unplanned downtime, which saw BloggingPro rescued by a good backup strategy, I briefly debated making this post about the danger of being hit over the head with a bag of unmarked bills.

Realizing that was silly, the decision was made to return to our regularly scheduled programming. Still, I’ve decided not to tempt fate on this one and talk about an issue that is a bit easier to avoid, advertising and the perils of turning your site into a giant billboard available to the highest bidder.

While every blog that isn’t solely meant as a hobby site needs to earn money to stay alive, slathering a site with ads in hopes of generating ad views and clicks is rarely the best strategy. In fact, it may do irreparable harm to your site and even sink it for good.. Read More

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