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Improve Your Writing: 5 Things I Learned From

This is a guest post from Ines Maric, an Internet marketing consultant, blogger and an avid reader of everything related to marketing and psychology.

I love writing. I always did and always will. But here’s the catch – there’s no guarantee that if you love something, you’ll automatically be good at it. Just take a look at your cousin who just won’t stop singing… That’s another story, though. I’m here to share 5 (and some more!) great, great things I learned from Brian Clark, probably one of the best bloggers of all time.

On his blog, Brian shares his insights about much- needed blogging skills, writing great articles, completely removing writer’s block, creating attention-grasping pieces of content and the best ways to make blogs kick butt. I’ve been reading for quite a while, and can proudly announce that my eyes have seen most of the words written by Clark and other great contributors that share their blogging secrets on the site.

Although it’s quite hard to choose only 5 things I learned from these great writers (it sounds cheesy, but I cannot help myself), it would be very hard and time-consuming for me to write all 1,001 lessons learned. Read More

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Want a Blogging Job? Consider the Following…

The economy might still be in the gutter, but if I were to gauge the global financial climate based on demand for my blogging services, I would have the say the future is bullish! (At least the future of blogging.) Never in my career have I received so many job offers. This has put me in the fortunate position of being more selective about the gigs I choose. And that’s what I want to talk about today, the factors that go into making the decision whether or not to accept a blogging job.

The reasons are NOT in any particular order, though I’d love to here from you and how your decision-making process is ranked.

I realize some people would be happy to make a single dollar for their efforts, but I am here to remind you that your time is valuable and that you should think about any opportunity before saying ‘yes.’ Read More

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How to Identify and Stop Blog Comment Spam

As a follow up to Jonathan Bailey’s great post yesterday, Blogging Pitfalls: Becoming a Spammer, I wanted to talk about comment spam a bit more.  Bloggers are often inundated with comment spam, which can get so bad that they might even reconsider moderating comments.

Unfortunately, there are some forms of comment spam that have gotten out of control over the past year or so, and bloggers need to be aware of these spam tactics, try to identify them, and mark those comments as spam using their comment spam detection tool (for example, Akismet).  Identifying comments as spam helps your spam tool better identify them in the future, so hopefully, they won’t get through to your moderation queue anymore.

But how do you know if a comment is spam if it’s not the usual link-filled or gibberish spam comment that can be identified with a cursory glance?  That’s the problem with these newer forms of comment spam — they often look like legitimate comments, until you take a closer look at them. Read More

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Blogging Pitfalls: Becoming a Spammer

We all pretty much know that being a spammer is a bad thing. After all, anyone who has checked their spam folder in Gmail or had Akismet clean up a spam comment attack has said a round of thanks to the marvels of technology that keep our sites and inboxes clean.

However, we often times visualize spammers as lonely hackers utilizing either massive server farms or botnets of computers to send out countless garbage emails and comments. Indeed, some spammers are exactly like that and they make a living, albeit an ill-gotten one, peddling pharmaceuticals, gambling sites and whatever else is popular at the time.

But there is another class of spammer out there and it is made up of bloggers just like you and I. Bloggers who get lured by the temptation for easy traffic and go too far with our promotions.

Becoming a spammer is surprisingly easy, avoiding that fate not so much. Read More

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Avoiding Fail Whale: 5 Steps To Preserve Your Tweet Stream On WordPress

If you woke up one day and discovered that Twitter no longer existed, what would you do?

Would you be more concerned at the loss of your data, or the fact that you could no longer connect with friends and frenemies in the Twitterverse?

Regardless of whether you tweet for personal or business reasons, your tweet data (which would include texts, links, etc.) is probably just as valuable as your blog content.

For those of you desiring to preserve your tweet stream just in case the fail whale reigns supreme, here are 5 simple steps WordPress lovers should follow in order to safe guard their twitterverse. Read More

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Why You Should Write Your Blogging Failure List

Most bloggers fail. And when they fail, they do so quietly.

This is not a negative post, rather it is designed to help you get in tune with what you are doing wrong; to reflect on your blogging mistakes. This involves examining metrics, perusing old emails, and taking a long hard look in the mirror. You might be thinking, ‘why on earth would I want to dwell on failures!?’ The answer is simple. Having the moments where you stumble fall into a Black Hole is a dangerous trap. It keeps mistakes out of your line of site, which is a dangerous place to be in. After all, isn’t the ability to not repeat our mistakes a sign of intelligence?

I’ll put my blogging failures out there for the world to see in order to give you a better understanding of the types of things you should be looking for. These stumbles have turned me into a better blogger, but that doesn’t mean this is ain’t gonna hurt. Read More

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The Complete Guide to Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimization often is a difficult topic and not every blogger agrees that much time should be spend at it but too often people discussing the topic do not know what it all entails. So we sat down and created a What is SEO? infographic.

The graphic covers all basics of SEO and explains the different components of search engine optimisation: link infrastructure, keywords, social media campaigns, PPC and linkbait.

Read More

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Bringing Old Content Back to Life. 5 Ways to Revive a Blog Post

It’s an all too familiar scenario. You write a blog post that you are convinced will sweep the Web. A catchy headline coupled with a well-written article will grab the attention of millions across the globe, resulting in lucrative offers and unadulterated love. At least that’s the plan. Then you hit publish. And wait patiently. Waiting. Waiting…

At this point, even a single comment would make you happy. But all you hear are crickets.

Looks like your hard work has fallen to the wayside…an instant blog archive relic. While any good blogger knows that is not the case, it can be frustrating. That’s why today I want to bust out the defibrillator paddles and talk about how you can give a blog post a second chance at life. Read More

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The Visual Guide to Daily Deals Sites

Our friends at DailyBits had a look at the popularity of daily deals sites and how these sites are structured, how they function. The result was a great infographic which we show an excerpt off here.

You can view the complete infographic, with an analysis of the most popular newcomers in 2010, here at Daily Bits: The Visual Bible to Daily Deals Sites, What They Are and How They Work.

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Make Money By Starting an Affiliate Program on Your Blog

This is a guest post from John of SelfTestEngine, an Online Exam Preparation Tool for IT Certifications exams.

Affiliate marketing is catching the attention of everyone these days. It is slowly emerging as one of the best ways to make money online. An internet marketing company basically markets the products and services of other companies for a fee.

It’s Simple and Easy

Affiliate programs are usually one- or two-tier programs. If you opt for programs that are one tier, than you get paid for referrals that you send to the company, whereas in two tier programs you get paid for referring other affiliates to the program.

In the majority of internet marketing affiliates, a company gets paid either a percentage of sales that are made because of the referrals or a flat fee is charged per lead.

Even though internet marketing is relatively simple to engage in, there are many internet marketing companies that fail in giving a good performance. Actually, they don’t realize that they need to market their affiliate programs actively if they want to be successful, thus they are not able to generate more revenue.

If you want to be a successful internet marketing company then you need careful planning. Read More

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