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5 Ways to Drive Visitors Away from your Blog

Writing great content is essential to attracting visitors to your blog and keeping them on your blog for more than a few seconds.  The last thing you want to do is drive them away before they even have a chance to read that great content.

If you want to drive people away from your blog quickly, do the five things listed below.  If you want people to stay on your blog long enough to read what you painstakingly wrote, avoid the five things listed below at all costs.

1. Frighten them with sound.

Want to drive people away from your blog faster than you can say ‘boo’?  Add an audio element to your blog and scare their pants off when they arrive!

2. Test their patience with slow loading images.

Want to really annoy people who visit your blog?  Fill your blog with images and don’t bother to save them to web-friendly sizes, so they take forever to load on screen.

3. Stop them in their tracks with barriers and gateways.

Want to put on the brakes before visitors can read a word of your content?  Require visitors to register with their names and email addresses to view your content or access parts of your blog.

4. Block your content with ads.

Want to really irk your visitors?  Cover your content with pop-up ads, floating ads, or expanding ads.  Not ready for interactive ads yet?  No problem.  Put so many ads on your blog that it’s impossible to find the real content amid the clutter.

5. Ignore them by never updating your content.

Perhaps the easiest way to drive visitors away from your blog is to do nothing at all.  That’s right!  Don’t bother updating your blog.  Don’t respond to comments.  Forget it exists, and visitors will, too.

What drives you away from a blog before you even take the time to read the content?  Leave a comment and air your grievances.  We’re celebrating Festivus early this year.

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  1. Joe Boyle ) says: 7/8/2010

    Great post. Did I notice just a tad bit of humor? :D

    I can’t tell you how much hatred I have towards sites that have automatic audio clips that go on when you enter the site. Worst of all, they usually have the off button on the bottom of the website. It just seems spammy.

    As soon as I hear an audio clip automatically play, I leave the site and never go back. It’s that simple.


  2. Susan Gunelius ) says: 7/8/2010

    @Joe Boyle – You’re absolutely right! I couldn’t resist the Spinal Tap and Seinfeld references. :)


  3. Dave says: 7/9/2010

    I read your post first via RSS (Google Reader). Not sure if you know this, but in my reader at least, all I saw was your image, the first two paragraphs, and a big Google adsense block. So for me at least, you violated your own rule #4.


    • Franky Branckaute ) says: 7/10/2010


      It is important to understand that the site is maintained by a publishing network and the authors have no impact on the ads on site. Could you please grab me a screenshot of your experience in Google Reader for this entry though as the lead image marginally slow is and we do not use Google Adsense on this feed either.




  4. Alex says: 7/9/2010

    Too many ads is very bad, sure. To my mind, the best way to have many people visiting your project is interesting original content and no ads…


  5. Bill Bennett ) says: 7/10/2010

    Oh boy is point one true.

    I’ve reached the point now where I immediately bail out when sound starts blaring from my computer’s speakers.

    The rule applies to auto-loading video clips – amazingly professional sites are driving me away with blaring video advertising clips.


  6. Krish ) says: 7/10/2010

    Not responding to their doubts or comments will drive visitors away as you said.


  7. Tulsa Chiropractor says: 7/11/2010

    All good points, As always content is king, Always need to provide good relevant content. Thanks for the post!


  8. Paul Cunningham ) says: 7/12/2010

    I’ve seen sites do all of those and yet still somehow make money. I guess some people aren’t driven away so easily.

    I’ll put up with some of those (except maybe the sound one) for a good article but it does impact whether or not I share the link around on Twitter etc, thats for sure.


  9. Doogie ) says: 7/12/2010

    What really irks me on blogs is poor layout – specifically when the text is small and there are no breaks between paragraphs.

    Another killer is when all the posts are novelettes which require 10 minutes to read.


  10. Den ) says: 7/16/2010

    Pop-up ads are really super annoying…


  11. Dean Saliba ) says: 7/17/2010

    Brillient post. I think the only thing I fail at is that I have one or two ads too many. But I’m always tweaking around and testing out new ad networks so that will settle soon.

    I also don’t have pop-ups anymore because that really annoyed people.


  12. Kellie Dobbie says: 7/27/2010

    I believe pictures and images is one way to spice up your blog. But large image files that takes an eternity to load is definitely a turn-off especially if you have a slow internet connection. Great tips (to avoid)!


  13. John McClane says: 8/25/2010

    Your blog is good. I can learn so many things here. Hopefully you keep it updated regularly. If you don’t mind, please also comment on my blog: Tweet Adder. Thanks.


  14. Jenny says: 9/4/2010

    I realize people use google adsense on their sites for revenue but, imo, It distracts from the content and it makes it more difficult to read. I don’t use adsense on any of my sites. The KISS approach is usually the best.


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