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Make Money By Starting an Affiliate Program on Your Blog

This is a guest post from John of SelfTestEngine, an Online Exam Preparation Tool for IT Certifications exams.

Affiliate marketing is catching the attention of everyone these days. It is slowly emerging as one of the best ways to make money online. An internet marketing company basically markets the products and services of other companies for a fee.

It’s Simple and Easy

Affiliate programs are usually one- or two-tier programs. If you opt for programs that are one tier, than you get paid for referrals that you send to the company, whereas in two tier programs you get paid for referring other affiliates to the program.

In the majority of internet marketing affiliates, a company gets paid either a percentage of sales that are made because of the referrals or a flat fee is charged per lead.

Even though internet marketing is relatively simple to engage in, there are many internet marketing companies that fail in giving a good performance. Actually, they don’t realize that they need to market their affiliate programs actively if they want to be successful, thus they are not able to generate more revenue.

If you want to be a successful internet marketing company then you need careful planning. View it as a business opportunity rather than earning quick cash. A good internet marketing company affiliate requires aggressive internet marketing campaign and sound knowledge of the field.

Since you don’t want to put money up front for inventory or product development, starting an internet marketing company affiliate requires a minimum investment…but it is NOT a ZERO investment venture.

For the majority of programs, you should have a website and/or blog through which you will market your affiliate programs. Apart from the investment that you will make in developing the website, you will also require some money for funding the marketing of the affiliate programs.

Some of the most popular and common marketing methods used online to promote affiliate programs are email marketing, search engine marketing, linking campaigns, viral marketing and participation in forums and groups etc.

You can also purchase advertising through pay per click directories, search engines and so forth. If you want to make huge money as an internet marketing company affiliate, then one thing is for sure that you simply have to market the services and products of your affiliate programs.

This is a guest post from John of SelfTestEngine, an Online Exam Preparation Tool for IT Certifications exams such as 642-524 and 642-901 exams.

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  1. Anes ) says: 7/24/2010

    Oh, for some reason fails to link on a 642-524?
    Thank you for practicing affiliate program here, that’s very good with high PR sites like this. Well, one thing is the hardest to get targeted traffic first, selling could follow. That’s my fault.


  2. umain30 ) says: 7/27/2010

    It is very nice .Carry on in your field . you can find for more and more


  3. starting a internet business says: 7/29/2010

    thanks for this.


  4. Tim Love says: 11/2/2011

    As someone who makes a full time living working from home promoting affiliate programs, I sometimes get the feeling that friends / family think that I’m up to something illegal! They just don’t seem to understand that it is possible to make a full time living from home on your laptop whilst in your pjs! The biggest breakthru for me came when I started to treat my work at home job as a ‘proper job’… May sound strange, but the big money didn’t start coming in until I started to treat it seriously.
    Keep the posts coming. I look forward to reading your next.


  5. Frank Martin says: 2/21/2012

    yes of course you right say that many people earn online money through Affiliate Program and affiliate marketing best reponse provide if you satrt a business through blog nice job keep it up great article


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