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4 Pop Up Features Bloggers NEED To Stop Using

With bloggers trying to find new an innovative ways at generating revenue and promoting their brand, it seems many bloggers are now trying “innovative” ways to engage their audience.

While bloggers should always attempt to experiment with new ways to monetize their sites and appeal to the masses, they should avoid startling users with annoying pop ups upon landing on a post.

So regardless of whether you’re a blog novice or a guru, you might want to cease using these features, as it could result in a smaller pay check as well as a loss of readership at the end of the month. Read More

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Quit Your Blog Warning Signs

Aging isn’t easy. But you already knew that. You feel it in your knees when you wake up. You’re cursed with it when you are forced to differentiate between a pimple and a tumor. And it follows you around every time you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror. This is not news to me. What IS news to me, is how ridiculously apparent my advanced age became to me last week when my 15-year-old nephew clocked a “faster” fast ball on the radar gun at a local carnival. Something about underperforming a person half my age – a kid who sat on my lap as a lad – has really left a mark. To fight it would be foolish. I could start working out and practicing on a daily basis. I might be able to add a few miles per hour to my pitch when we return next year, but the final result is inevitable; when it comes to physicality, youth wins, every time.

My point here is that you need to know when it’s time to give up the ghost. Sometimes there is a right time to accept defeat.

Perhaps your blog has failed.

I won’t define failure for you since only you can control what you feel is successful. But in my opinion, it’s time to let go of a blog if you are suffering from an evil trifecta known as “The 3 lacks.” Read More

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Three Ways to Write Sales-Driven Blog Content

This is a guest post by Roko Nastic, a webmaster and blogger who writes for Webmaster Format, a webmaster info website.

Before television, before radio, and before the internet, marketers used one form of communication to move products, offer services, and acquire customers: content. It formed the basis of every sales effort, the foundations of marketing for just about every business, and the backbone of almost every early company’s revenue stream. Without content, there wasn’t business to speak of.

Today, there are hundreds of ways to move products and push services. From pay-per-click online advertising to interactive mobile applications, the amount of space awaiting advertising or marketing in some form is truly staggering. But the oldest form of marketing out there – content marketing – still survives, largely because it is too effective for marketers to resign.

Read More

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Magic 8 Ball and More Cool Blog Widgets

Who doesn’t love the classic Magic 8-Ball toy?  Did you know you can add one to your blog?

It’s true!  There are tons of free widgets that you can add to your blog to make it fun, interactive, and even more useful.  Listed below are several sites where you can find free widgets that you can install on your blog right now.

Some widgets will display on your blog with ad content, but some widget directory sites offer an option to pay for a pro account and remove the ads from the widgets.

Keep in mind, not all widgets are created equal.  Read the reviews, check the star-ratings, and be prepared to delete the widget if you don’t like it or it doesn’t function properly once you install it on your blog.

Most importantly, make sure the widgets you choose to use on your blog match your blog’s topic, tone and your audience’s expectations.  For example, if you write a blog about finance and investing, the Magic 8-Ball widget (like the one shown in the image at the beginning of this post) might not be appropriate, unless your audience knows you for having a sarcastic tone or sense of humor.

Check out these sites and browse around the widgets available.  From countdown clocks to Etch-a-Sketches, there is a widget for everyone!

1. Widgetbox

Widgetbox offers a huge selection of widgets and several different types of accounts with varying price tags and features.  The basic account is free, and a free 7-day trial offer is available for the pro account.  You can follow the link to see current Widgetbox fees.

2. SpringWidgets

SpringWidgets is owned by Fox Interactive Media and offers a directory that includes tens of thousands of free widgets that you can add to your blog by simply copying and pasting specific share code.

3. Widgipedia

Widgipedia is owned by Vendio Services, Inc. and aims to be the ultimate widgets resource.  Widgipedia is free and you don’t need an account unless you plan to create and upload new widgets to the directory.

What do you think?  Are you going to spice up your blog with a widget?  Can you resist the mysterious allure of the Magic 8-Ball?

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Blogging Pitfalls: Why You Can’t Stop Promoting

There’s a story told to those in school for advertising about William Wrigley Jr., the owner and founder of Wrigley gum.

According to the story, Wrigley was on a train when another passenger asked him why he continued to spend millions of dollars when everyone knew his product and he had a virtual lock on the market.

Rather than answering the question, Wrigley responded by asking how fast the train was going. When the other passenger said, “About 70 miles per hour,” he shot back with the now-famous quip:

“Well, that’s fast enough, why don’t they unhook the engine?”

Wrigley understood that advertising and promotion was a key to growing his company and it is also key to growing your blog. However, most bloggers only focus on promotion during the earlier days and months of a blog, let it coast to hopeful success later. This can cause growth to slow to a crawl and, in extreme cases, even stop.

Read More

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3 FREE (Or Cheap) Ways To Safely Back Up Your Blog

Ever since Automattic (the company behind WordPress) debuted VaultPress, there has been intense discussion (online and off) by self hosted bloggers over how much one should pay to secure their blog data.

Some users have even boasted that they back up their data to their email account or home computer, two choices that should NEVER be options (feel free to ask why in the comment section below).

Since everyone’s budget is different, here are 3 inexpensive ways to back up your blog without breaking the bank. Read More

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Tags: Preps for 2010 Blog Action Day

Being a blogger comes with responsibility. You have a duty to entertain and inform, you must hold yourself accountable for your words, and, when given the opportunity, you should lend your voice to help others.

Blog Action Day, an event coordinated by, a social media site that raises awareness about important causes and empowers people to take action, is slated for October 15, 2010. On that day bloggers across the world will unite to help raise awareness for a significant global issue.

Over 13,000 bloggers from 156 countries were involved last year, and if you give a hoot about the planet, we encourage you to get involved. Read More

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Successful Guest Blogging Pitches

I have spent the past two months as the gatekeeper for Splashpress Media guest blogs solicited via MyBlogGuest.

During that time, our blogs, including this one, have scored some great content.

But there’s still a problem.

The majority of people who reach out to me do not supply topic ideas. This is a game-changer when it comes to trying to get published on a major blog. This post is not to spank anyone. Rather, it is to give you some insight as to why providing specific blog post pitches is essential to getting published on external blogs. Read More

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How Revamping Your Blog is Similar to Remodeling Your Home

This is a guest post by Aaron Garcia, a project manager for MorePro Marketing, a search engine optimization and marketing consulting company in Phoenix, Arizona.

No matter how experienced of a blogger, web designer or webmaster you are, redesigning a website is a huge undertaking. In many ways it is similar to remodeling a home in that if the internal structure of the site is compromised, the whole thing will come crashing down. Here are some items for redesigning your website that will help the process run smoothly, leaving you with a finished product that comes in on time and under budget. Read More

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What’s in Your Sidebar?

I was watching TV and saw one of those commercials for Capital One with the well-known tagline, “What’s in your wallet?” and in my head, it turned into, “What’s in your sidebar?”  Sometimes the strangest things can spark an idea for a blog post!

Of course, talking about what’s in bloggers’ sidebars isn’t a new topic, but perhaps because I was watching TV, the next thing I thought of after seeing the Capital One commercial was that Seinfeld episode where George couldn’t bear to part with anything in his wallet until it became so huge that he hurt his back carrying it around and sitting on it, and finally, it exploded.

So you’re probably wondering, “How does this relate to blogging?”  Here you go… Read More

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