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3 Domain Names Every Problogger Should Secure

When it comes to the art of problogging, many bloggers focus most of their energy on their building up their main blog (or blogs) and forgo ever establishing a personal site of their own.

While there is nothing wrong with NOT creating a personal blog, blogging pros would be foolish to avoid securing specific domain names lest their complacency hurt them later on (both reputation wise as well as financially via lawyers).

Securing these 3 domain names could spell the difference between future job openings (online and off), as well as the extra bonus of “free” traffic from search engines which you can use to shape your online image. (Or .org, and .net)

If you are able to secure these domain names, you will be considered one of the “elders” of the internet (at least in the eyes of non-geeks).

Although most of these domains have been acquired by various companies (most unwilling to sell), if you have the option to purchase your, you should not hesitate as acquiring it ASAP.

Doing so will make it easy for fans, friends and (unfortunately) foes to locate you online (provided that your name isn’t too complicated to spell). (Or .org and .net)

In the high probability that the first choice is unavailable, securing your (or whatever extension you choose) is usually the second best option.

Believe it or not, many companies that do background checks will actually “Google” your first and last name in order to find out about your online dealings.

Note: This is an option I personally chose after friends and associates kept mistaking me for other individuals ranging from criminals to exotic male models via a Google search.

Securing this domain ended this embarassing fiasco, although it created another dilemma for someone else sharing my exact name. :-) (Columbian Extension)

This option should only be chosen if the first two choices are unavailable or to prevent a spammer from abusing it to your horror.

While this name is not as valuable as the .com extension, its close similarity to .com makes the domain a prize, especially if users misspell the first option (which will send traffic towards your direction).

Unfortunately these domain extensions come with two drawbacks, the first being expense (they start at $30) which may make them unattractive to thrifty bloggers.

Another drawback of .CO domains is that the Columbian government DOES NOT allow owners to utilize domain privacy (aka hide their contact details) so you may want to consider using a Google Voice number instead of your personal mobile phone.

I have a popular name like John Smith. Now What?

If none of the 3 options are available, then you should see if the owner is willing to sell you the domain at a decent price.

If the price is too high (or they are unwilling to sell) then you should consider using a “play on words” using international domain extensions (i.e. choose either or

Any other suggestions?

For those of you who secured your domain names (or have yet to), were you able to secure it easily or did you have to buy it from a previous owner?

Feel free to share your stories, suggestions or questions in the comment section below!

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  1. Trevor Wood ) says: 8/3/2010

    I managed to get for my wife and I to use for our blog. all the other the-woods.something had gone, but not the Couldn’t understand why until I looked at some of the places where you can buy domain names and they didn’t list the domains


    • Darnell Clayton ) says: 8/4/2010

      That’s cool to hear Trevor! There are very few places that I know who sell international domain extensions.

      Ironically I tried retrieving, but the profitable company behind it refused to sell (understandably).

      I was able to snag my first & last name though, as well as a .CO (not to mention Twitter as well!). :-)


  2. Mark McWilliams ) says: 8/4/2010

    Went down the .me route and ended up with which I like, not to mention the little play with the subdomain! Back in May (or before) when I registered that .co wasn’t available, but as it’s going to be quite a personal site in a way, I think I made the right choice! :)


  3. Steve Smallbones says: 9/2/2010

    I like this post.. I spent ages pondering what domain to get to start my own blog. I thought I’d aim it around my surname as it’s quite an unusual one. wasnt available, nor was (same for my first name!).

    Ended up getting lucky and purchasing ‘’ – its a spanish TLD and spells my name perfectly!!


  4. Mihai ) says: 9/19/2010

    Hello :)

    First of all, i want to thank you for all your shares, i’ve learned a lot from you :)
    Secondly, i was wondering if is worth getting away 10$/month just to save your name’s domain name. This is the case when you already have another domain name :)