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How to Blog on Company Time…Without Breaking the Rules

Being an upstanding citizen, we know you would never “steal” your employer’s time. Like ‘em or not though, these are the folks who help put a roof over your head and put food in your belly. Therefore, their time deserves to be respected. But that doesn’t mean you can’t allow your blogging obsession to trickle into your work day.

Lunch Hour. A recent CareerBuilder survey revealed that 32 percent of workers take less than a half hour for lunch. Huh!? Start using YOUR time, people! Here are 6 Rules to Successful Lunch-Time Blogging. This time is best used to nourish your body and re-claim your equanimity from a hectic day. However, if you can find the time, this is a phenomenal time to get ahead of your blogging work. I recommend structuring your time (i.e. – spend the last 15 minutes on blogging) because bloggers love routine.

Use Your Smartphone. Odds are when you started work you signed a “Security Policy.” Somewhere buried in this document is how the company has the right to monitor your electronic communications. And while any decent company will only do this when necessary, don’t make yourself the next headline: “Man Fired for Blogging.” Keep your work PC clean and use your Smartphone for research.

Paper and Pen.
Have you ever had anyone stop you in the hallway at work or at a meeting and ask you what you’re writing? Rather than doodling your life away, jot your blog posts, notes or ideas into a pad. This might add a step for some of you, but it will still be quicker when all you have to do when you get home is type up your work. It’s also safer. Everything you do on the Web can be held against you under the roof at work. Keeping your work in a pad keeps you under the radar. Heck, you’ll even look like you’re working hard!

The Commute. First, drive carefully and pay attention to the road! Assuming that you are not easily distracted, you can use an MP3 player, your phone or any device with a microphone to leave yourself audio notes. Those with an Android device or iPhone can use a free dictation app to have your (surprisingly accurate) words emailed to you. You can also grab a Google Voice number and leave yourself messages. The transcription service is spotty, but it could save you time in the long run.

Please share your tips on blogging on company time!

P.S. – This post was obviously written at home!

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  1. Christie ) says: 8/3/2010

    Don’t forget about the wonderful Cloud! :) I eat at my desk several times a week and use Google Docs or Evernote (web version) to draft blog posts. I have a full time job, two kids, and four blogs, so this lunchtime blogging is a block fo time I can’t let go to waste. I’ll compose a post or two, look for some Flickr pics and get the attribution links, then it’s time to go back to – work.


  2. tushar ) says: 8/3/2010

    nice tips man…..well, in my office, monitoring is not that prominent and i can access internet through plug n play device


  3. Dean Saliba ) says: 8/4/2010

    I used to do this when I worked as a market researcher. I would meet my targets for the day early and spend the last hour writing blog posts and also my lunch hour.


  4. yodj ) says: 11/25/2010

    And I write the blog at night


  5. Qlxchange says: 5/23/2012

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