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5 Free Social Media Icon Sources for Niche Blogs

Do you write a niche blog about food, spirits, Asia, clothes or science?  If so, you’ll be interested in the social media icons highlighted in this post.  Even if you don’t write a blog about one of those niche topics, you might like the social media icons featured below.  They could add some color, visual appeal, and interest to any blog!

Check them out and see if the right social media icons to give your blog some zing are included in the list!

DelliFeed Icon Set

These food-related social media icons are available in six sizes and include cakes and popsicles!

Cheers Web 2.0 in a Glass Set

This set of social media icons includes martini glasses, wine glasses, margarita glasses, beer mugs, and more!

Panda Social Network Icons

This social media icon set includes 21 icons in 128×128 size, and all use the same cute Panda bear!

T-shirt Social Icons

This set of social media icons would be perfect for a fun fashion blog!

Science Social Media Icon Set

Surely there are far more blogs than just science-related blogs that could use the clever bottle designs in this social media icon set!

What do you think of these social media icon sets?  Do you use fun, interesting, or niche icons on your blog or do you stick with simple square, circle, or rectangle icons?  Leave a comment and share your preferences.

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  1. Shevonne Polastre ) says: 8/5/2010

    Even if it’s not my niche, I love the food icons.


  2. Blog Angel a.k.a. Joella ) says: 8/5/2010

    I’ve seen most of these before, but not the t-shirts. They are absolutely adorable. Thanks for sharing these icon sets.


  3. Hieu Martin@Blog Tips ) says: 8/5/2010

    Great icon set for webmaster. Thanks for sharing it


  4. Brian | i-Blogger ) says: 9/2/2010

    Awesome, I haven’t seen anything as good as those ones! I’d like to scoop up the T-shirt icons.


    Brian M. Connole


  5. Sasha says: 10/19/2011

    great job! very nice icon collection ))) I liked these icons too


  6. alvaro | agapornis says: 11/23/2011

    very good blog and very interesting article I have a blog and are red4es sociol sociol some of great interest and everything related to them triumph fence


  7. juan | razas de perros says: 1/18/2012

    very good blog and very interesting article in granayudad I will thank you for everything and greetings


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