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3 FREE (Or Cheap) Ways To Safely Back Up Your Blog

Ever since Automattic (the company behind WordPress) debuted VaultPress, there has been intense discussion (online and off) by self hosted bloggers over how much one should pay to secure their blog data.

Some users have even boasted that they back up their data to their email account or home computer, two choices that should NEVER be options (feel free to ask why in the comment section below).

Since everyone’s budget is different, here are 3 inexpensive ways to back up your blog without breaking the bank.


Believe it or not, many web hosts provide an option for bloggers to backup their data to Mozy.

Although the feature comes in 2 flavors (free and professional), most bloggers will probably only need to use the free option which allows you to back up to 2GB (the premium version is unlimited and costs $5/month).

While Mozy is not exactly optimized for blogs (as that is not their specialty), you can at least retrieve your data with the help of a few helpful plugins (like Automatic WordPress Backup for WP fans).


Created by Inactiv Media Solutions, blogVault is an inexpensive option for WordPress users seeking to securely backup their blog without hassle or fuss.

The site is very similar to VaultPress in many ways, as it allows bloggers to make hourly backups as well as store their blog’s database upon Amazon’s servers (via their S3 service)

Prices for blogVault start at $29/year per blog (for 1 GB of storage), although the company does offer free trial backups for the first 30 days (50 MB max until you purchase a plan).


BlogBackupr is a service by Triop that is not only designed for bloggers, but works with most (if not all) major blogging platforms including Blogger, WordPress (both and, Movabletype, etc.

The site currently has no premium option (and their currently is no indication of when one will launch), although the service is suitable for professional bloggers who are on a very tight budget.

Similar to blogVault, BlogBackupr has an automatic restore feature, although the service is only available for, WordPress (self hosted) and Blogger fans.

Any Others?

As far as backup services go, there are dozens (if not hundreds) of options available for bloggers, although regardless of which service you choose you should ALWAYS backup your blog.

For those of you who do backup your sites, what services would you recommend users using? Feel free to enlighten all of us in the comment section below!

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  1. Jonathan Bailey ) says: 8/24/2010

    I use for most of my site backup needs. It isn’t just for blogs, can work with any kind of site hosted on a CPanel host (most are) and it is very reasonably priced…


  2. Darnell Clayton ) says: 8/24/2010

    SiteAutoBackup looks pretty good! Although it initially said weekly backups, it looks like you can tweek it to make them daily. Thanks! :-)


  3. Lesley ) says: 8/25/2010

    OK, I’ll ask – why is backing up to my local system a bad idea?


    • Darnell Clayton ) says: 8/25/2010

      @ Lesley: Although backing up to your local system (whether computer or your host server) can give you more control, it can set you up for failure if you encounter a serious crash (I’ve experienced several myself), or is stolen.

      If you are referring to your hosting company, you should NEVER backup there, just in case you have a falling out with them (as they can legally hold your data hostage).

      @ Susan: BackupBuddy is nice, although I would only use their service if an Amazon account was included with the fee (as I can easily use Automatic WordPress Backup for free and pay for Amazon myself).


      • Lesley ) says: 8/25/2010

        A good point about the hosting company which I hadn’t thought of, but as my own system is itself frequently backed up and a backup copy stored off site, is there anything wrong with that? I imagine most people who backup to their own PC’s also backup the PC – there’s more to life and business than just blogging after all.


        • Darnell Clayton ) says: 8/25/2010

          As long as your backup is stored safely elsewhere (not on your host or computer) than you should be fine. :-)

  4. Susan Gunelius ) says: 8/25/2010

    What about the premium BackupBuddy plugin from iThemes? Anyone have any thoughts on that yet? I need to give it a test run but haven’t gotten a chance yet.


    • Darnell Clayton ) says: 8/25/2010

      @ Susan: See my comment reply to Lesley


  5. Matt Fox ) says: 8/26/2010

    If you’re running a Cpanel account with WHM access, there’s a script inside WHM that will automatically backup all your Cpanel accounts. It can save locally or ftp to another server, as I do. It automates daily, weekly and monthly backups. It’s nice and it’s included with the WHM package.


  6. Franky Branckaute ) says: 8/27/2010

    It is perfectly fine to backup to a local computer, as long as your own computer a decent backup routine has. I wrote a complete backup manual here on BP some months ago.

    If additionally you have a sync procedure in your FTP client (you can easily launch programs at a specific time every day, both on Microsoft and Apple operating systems), backup to a Dropbox folder and you have FREE storage space.


  7. Viktor says: 9/13/2010

    How to Backup your Blog in the cPanel – -


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  10. Abhishek ) says: 9/19/2011

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  11. Abdu Halim ) says: 7/29/2012

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