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5 WordPress Plugins that Increase Traffic to Your Blog

If you want to grow your blog’s audience and you use as your blogging application, then you need to try the five WordPress plugins listed below.  They’re easy to use, free, and can have a significant impact on the number of visitors to your blog.

1. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP)

The more great content people are exposed to on your blog, the higher the chances are that they’ll find something they like causing them to return to your blog again, share your content with their own online connections, and ultimately, drive additional traffic to your blog.  YAARP is a great plugin for automatically including a list of related posts at the end of each of your blog posts.  The Link Within widget is another alternative.

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Blogging Pitfalls: Why You Can’t Be Just a Blogger

Everyone knows what being a blogger entails but fewer people know what creating a successful blog involves. Far too many bloggers have fallen for the false mantra of “If you write it, they will come” only to watch their traffic, readership and even profits lag behind their efforts.

There is much more to writing a blog than just simply putting out new blog entries. Even ignoring promotion, communication and other activities all bloggers do, there is a simple truth that, for the most part, a great blog can not be simply a great blog.

Nearly all great blogs are something else too and it is important to be thinking about that both as you work to develop the idea for your site and as you grow it. Rather than focusing merely on the daily grind, you need to make sure that your readers have other reasons to both first find your site and keep coming back.

After all, blogs are a dime a dozen on the Web, without something more, your site may not be worthless, but it can sure feel that way.

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The 3 Laws Of Blog Domains: Ignore Them At Your Own Risk

Previously we discussed the 3 blog laws of hosting, rules that should be followed by all bloggers (regardless of size, financial strength, etc.).

What was not addressed however were the general rules one should follow when blogging upon your own domain (regardless of whether you choose to self host or blog upon service hosted platforms like Blogger,, Tumblr or Posterous).

Although there are general rules you should follow when selecting a domain, after you’ve secured your online presence you should heed these 3 laws below or face the consequences.

Ironically the first law is one many bloggers are guilty of breaking (this author included), and while costly, one should resolve the problem as soon as possible. Read More

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Is “Blogger” a Good Enough Job Title?

What you call yourself is a big part of personal branding. Pick a broad job title and people might be concerned you are not an expert; choose something too refined and the depth of your knowledge can be doubted.

Plumbers have it easy; the world understands what a plumber does. Maybe not every detail, but enough to get the gist.

These days most people know what a blogger is, but do they really understand what a blogger does? Not every writer can be a blogger and vice versa. Read More

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4 Off the Wall Ways to Increase Your Blogging Traffic

Lior Levin is a blogging and SEO expert consulting to couple of Internet stat-ups such as Producteev, a task management start-up from new-york and a nursing wear company called Milk Nursingwear.

I love blogging simply because I love interacting with people. The more the better and this is a great attribute when it comes to building online traffic, because that is the name of the game when it comes to becoming a good blogger. I also have a very active imagination and really enjoy getting involved in the unconventional methods.

So it wasn’t long before my mind started to stray to what could I possibly do that would be shocking in the blogger’s world and gain the attention I need and want. With my innovative mind I came up with lots, so I figured I would share four out of many with you, so you could put them into action and build your own traffic as well. Read More

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Multitasking: The Death of Blogging?

Suddenly, we all can juggle. But if you took the time to sit down a clown (highly recommended!) and ask him how he does it, you will likely get a story that involves hundreds of hours of practice. And some of us, no matter how hard we try, will never be able to toss – and catch – simultaneous balls in the air.

The majority of bloggers do not have the good fortune to blog full-time. That means there’s the likelihood that when we blog, we are doing other things at the same time. Bad move. It’s time to usher in the era of unitasking! Read More

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How Long Should My Blog Posts Be?

How long should my blog posts be?  I’m asked this question all the time, and I always give the same answer.  It’s up to you.

I’m not trying to be vague with that answer, but your blog is your little place on the web and the honest answer to this question is that it’s entirely up to you to decide what you want to publish on it.  However, if you want your blog to grow and have a chance at being well-trafficked and popular, then there are some general guidelines that you should keep in mind as you write your blog posts.

First, blog posts are typically written in a more conversational, casual tone than articles, newsletters, websites, and so on.  Just as you wouldn’t want to drone on and on during a verbal conversation, you don’t want to bore your readers with what many bloggers refer to as bloggorhea (i.e., the blogging version of verbal vomit).

Second, people who consume content online usually prefer to digest small snippets of content that they can read and respond to quickly.  Save the lengthy paragraphs and pages and pages of the written word for a white paper or research report.  Keep your blog posts short and sweet.

Third, too much scrolling is never a good thing online, and that applies to the length of your blog posts, too.

So how long should your blog posts be?

Again, it’s up to you and depends on your goals for your blog.  If you want your blog to have a chance of attracting and retaining a sizable audience, then keep your blog posts succinct.  Lengthy posts can be broken into a series or edited to a blog-friendly word count.

While there is no magic number for blog post word counts, I’d recommend keeping your posts under 600 words.  In fact, if you can keep them under 500 words, that’s even better!  It’s important to write at least 250 words or so for search engine optimization purposes, so don’t write posts that are excessively short.  However, if your post is over 800 words, shorten it or break it up into multiple posts.

For example, this post is just over 400 words, but I’ve made my point.  There is no need to bore you with more details.

Bottom-line, don’t try to communicate too many ideas in a single blog post if doing so makes your post lengthy.  A focused blog (like a focused brand) is a stronger blog.  The same theory holds true for blog posts.  Focus is better than trying to be all things or do all things for all readers.

What do you think?  How many words are too many for a blog post?

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Blogging Pitfalls: Out of Schedule

Quickly, how often should you update your blog? Several times a day? Daily? Several times a week? Weekly? Monthly?

The answer is that it isn’t terribly important. There are successful blogs that update dozens of times of day and successful blogs that update weekly or even less. Though you should probably try to keep a weekly schedule at least, what is much more important than the exact schedule you keep is that you actually keep it.

Getting off your blogging schedule is an easy pitfall that bloggers face and, in truth, is one that pretty much every blogger will fall into at some point. After all, we are only human.

However, avoiding this pitfall and recovering from it is essential because one of the most sure-fire ways to prevent your blog from being successful, or existing at all, is getting off your blogging rhythm and letting both yourself and your readers down.

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Twitter May Kill Off TweetMeme This Week

Despite the abundance of tweet buttons from various companies across the blogosphere, Twitter is possibly launching an official button this week, which could spell the end for companies like TweetMeme (a service the Blog Herald uses) in the not so distant future.

Twitter is launching an official Tweet Button for sharing articles on websites and counting how many times a URL has been shared, according to documents Mashable has obtained. The Tweet Button could launch as soon as this Thursday.

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Problogging On Posterous: 10 Tips For Guru’s And Newbie’s

After launching their switch to Posterous campaign (which upset a few rivals), many probloggers have left their dying or complex platforms in favor of Posterous’s “keep it simple” blog system.

Unfortunately many users have yet to take the platform as seriously as Blogger (or even the micro blogging service known as Tumblr), despite the fact that Posterous does present a few advantages over many of its rivals.

For those seeking to turn their Posterous blog into a full fledged problogging service, here are ten tips which can help you not only improve your blog’s appearance, but also earn revenue via Adsense (yes, you can do this on Posterous folks!). Read More

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