3 Reasons to Start a Private Blog

Just because you CAN share every detail of your life online doesn’t mean that you should. For example, I’m a big fan of Foursquare and a regular user – but you will never see any updates about where I ate last night or what venues I visited. My check-ins are for me.

I also keep several private blogs – each having a different purpose. You might be thinking that a blog read by no one – or only a few people – defeats the purpose of having a blog. But I disagree. Here are several useful reasons to start a blog and set it to private.

KEEP A TRUE JOURNAL. One of the reasons I use FourSquare is so that I have a monthly log of where I’ve been. This helps me determine where my money is being spent, thus helping create a budget for the following month. I also tend to forget things. Having every visit I make to a public space logged, helps me remember where I’ve been and where I’d like to return. Whether it’s your deepest darkest secrets or a blog that covers a tiny corner of your life, creating a private journal can be therapeutic; it can also help you identify personal trends that shed light on who you are and what you can change.

KEEP IT IN THE FAMILY. There are all kinds of services where you can share photos, videos, files and other media with friends and family – but why not start a blog that is for their eyes only? It’s the perfect place to keep a digital repository of everything you want them to know. Perhaps it’s mom’s top secret gravy recipe or pictures of your dog’s rash — a blog creates a two-way street of communication between the people you care about the most. And as the years go on, you’ll be thankful that you started a private blog.

COMPANY INTRANET. Blogs are a great way to disseminate information to many people, in different locations, at any time. A password-protected blog is a good place to share sensitive information with employees. At this point, the world is accustomed to reading material in blog format, making it an ideal touch point. I am in the process of creating a private blog at my full-time job where I will house a website style guide. A blog will let me solicit feedback from employees and make changes on the fly.

The greatest thing about a private blog is that you can always make it public later!

What are your favorite uses for private blogs?

Author: Andrew G. Rosen

After working for FOX News and MTV Networks, Andrew G. Rosen founded Jobacle.com, a career advice and employment news blog. He is also the author of The Exit Guide: How to Leave a Job the Right Way.

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  1. For me, blogging is all about sharing apart from marketing something else.

  2. The great thing about blog software (WordPress specifically) is that it is pretty stable and doesn’t need an awful lot of maintenance. We used to have lots of collaborative tools to help managed lots of projects, but the software always seemed to be a bit of a pest. Using a blog and various plugins we’ve got something robust which takes no time to maintain and helps us keep up to date with what’s going on in each project. I’m sure there is software which is purpose built for that, but for us WordPress is doing the job at very low cost, so it’s ideal.

  3. thanks for the post. It’s really great when someone pens down something that is really on your mind. I’ve used services like Penzu to write daily log entries. But WP blogs make more sense.

    ALso thanks for the Foursquare idea. it makes a lot of practical sense. Good post, but do include some more points too if you can.

  4. erica says:

    i have switched around many blog sites. but i have decided to stick with one. for now, i use it as a diary. maybe i’ll share it with others one day. or save it for my future spouse or whatever.

  5. I recently started a new position and need to make a NING website private instead of public. How do I do this?

    If you do not know how to do my previous question… Is there a way to change the NING content into a private wordpress blog?

  6. I like the cavetor private content sharing site the best, it is unique. I am using it for sharing content with my family. Like a activity board.

  7. I think I have just what you are looking for, Zinglog ( http://www.zinglog.me ) is a private blogging service. You can choose which posts to share and with whom to share. It also servers as an online diary if you wish.

  8. I’m very new to this, not sure what I’mdoing. I’m 39, living in South Florida in a group home/ halfwayhouse. I struggle with alcolism and mental illness, though I have nine months clean and sober. I live with some unusual characters who can be challenging, but I love and care about them all. I may have mental issues, but I’m not slow and in fact haves good sharp mind. I love music to an obsessive degree, enjoy writing poetry, reading muder/suspense novels. I’m very agoraphobic so i don’t get out a lot but I’m working on it.

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