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Scribe SEO Review: Does CopyBlogger Product Deliver?

Blogging has a million moving parts. As if coming up with interesting story angles and writing compelling content weren’t enough, bloggers are also forced to be designers, marketers, public relations pros, metric analysts and more. That’s a lot of hats.

The one item that often gets lost in the shuffle is SEO. Many bloggers add in a few strong keywords and move on to the next post. Guilty as charged. That’s why when I came across ScribeSEO, an automated writing assistant service designed to help you flag down search engine love, I was intrigued. When I read that Brian Clark of CopyBlogger fame was behind it, I was sold.

It’s too early to report any results, (Have you tried Scribe? Tell us below.) but the one thing I really, really like about ScribeSEO is that it gives me confidence that I am doing everything I can to get my posts in front of as many eye balls as possible. It also forces me to re-evaluate my work before posting – an essential component of successful blogging.

The search engine optimization software has plug-ins available for WordPress, Drupal and Joomla, though I have been relying on the Web-based version that can be utilized, irrespective of your blogging platform.

After inputting your post the software will analyze it, generating a score (0 – 100%) on how your post meets standard SEO recommendations. Word count, readability, keyword density, hyperlink count and other factors are examined, all factoring into your score.

After the analysis is complete (it takes mere seconds), an SEO summary is displayed. This can be accessed any time from your dashboard as a Word doc download. The number of analysis queries you can submit depends on the package you choose ($17 – $97 a month).

What I like about the product is that it puts several valuable tools under roof. Can you achieve much of this for free with some legwork? Absolutely. But personally, I never mind paying for a service or a reminder that makes me better at what I do – and makes it easy to get there. Of course there are two sides to every story, and Scribe SEO has its detractors. However, I am from the camp that believes the service is a blessing for bloggers who are technologically-challenged or do not have the time or interest to engage in SEO. What do you think?

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  1. Jonathan Bailey ) says: 9/15/2010

    Having gone through the trial period of Scribe and not picked it up, I’m somewhere between your opinion and that of the detractors.

    For one, I do feel that 17 dollars per month is a bit steep for a service that does what Scribe does. After the deadline parses text in a similar fashion to look for grammar mistakes and is free. I’m not saying Scribe should be free, even for a minimal account, just that it’s hard to justify 17 per month for such a limited account.

    I also agree with the detractors that on-page SEO isn’t very useful, especially compared to link building, but I also know that it does still play a role and Scribe’s policies will help attract more links as well.

    If your clueless about SEO, don’t think 17 bucks a month is a lot to spend for a basic Web service and, it can be helpful. I’m seeing it on several group blogs where most of the authors have no clue how SEO works and that’s a good place for it.

    So, it has a role but it’s not one most people who are reading this common will have a use for…


    • Sean Jackson ) says: 11/19/2010

      Jonathan, thank you for trying out Scribe and we do appreciate your comments. A coupe of quick updates. In the latest release of Scribe version 3.0 (release in October 2010), we have included keyword research and link building suggestions as part of the overall solution. We realize that a complete picture of SEO requires all three.

      We see SEO as four parts – on-site optimization, keyword research, content analysis and link building. With a WP site (using Genesis/StudioPress) you get the on-site optimization which leaves the three remaining elements. Scribe is designed for writers and tries to complete the entire SEO picture from a writers point of view with Keyword Research, Analysis and Link Building all within the writers editing area.

      Thank you again for the review and we always appreciate comments on what we can do better.


  2. Mark Robinson says: 9/15/2010

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  4. Rimi says: 3/3/2011

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  5. Camping reviews says: 7/1/2011

    It is a great post


  6. Lisa says: 11/24/2011

    I really appreciate this review. Was just looking at Scribe last night, wondering if it was something that would be useful in building traffic for me. My site is very niche-oriented, so much so that I’m the only forensic art blog in a sea of commercial sites, and there’s only so many keywords you can use to direct traffic my way!


  7. Chad Agrawal ) says: 8/30/2012

    Hey, I really appreciate an honest review an not just simply promoting a product for commissions. I think I’ll stick with the usual keyword tool for now


  8. Eddie Gear says: 2/16/2013

    I believe that the software as a service package is quite expensive for bloggers while its a great value add for businesses who blog. I did do a review as well, and things did not really seem that excellent for a blogger to spend so much money on a software.


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